< Creator 10 > It is not because you have this great desire or need to process. It is not that you need to always be - how to say - resolving your issues. It is because this is an attribute of the lightworker, to continue digging within and then digging more and considering and pondering and thinking and doing more digging. Each time you do this you are making a pathway through a tunnel of consciousness. You are digging the tunnel further and further. That tunnel leads to enlightenment and understanding. That tunnel creates a passageway for your divine vibration and your divine energy to come through.

< Creator 10 > What you were really doing dear friends, was building a tunnel between the old energy and the new energy. So those that come in today are here, they are laughing now; they are having a good time with you. They are here to honor the work that you are doing. But more important, they are here to bring back a message to other celestial councils that there is something happening. There was a change in energy in this room today that allowed a melding that was not possible before.