< Embodiment 1 > Imagine from this day forward - no right or wrong thing. There is only "thing." There is only "beingness," no more "doingness" in your life. Can you possibly grant yourself that it can be this simple, the gift of simplicity? Ah, yes, indeed, if you possibly release this Old darkness, this Old battle, and this Old story about yourself, and more than anything, Shaumbra, can you allow yourself the gift of re-immersing into humanness? Ah, yes, the baptism of the New Energy… re-immersing yourself now back into the humanness.

< Embodiment 1 > Now it is time for re-immersion into the humanness. But, when you re-immerse, it is different. It is new. It is balanced, and it is safe. It is a safe energy. It comes with a new understanding of the light and the dark. It comes with a full embodiment. It is much like a baptism. You see… after Yeshua went out into the desert, he came back to the river Jordan where John the Baptist was performing his baptisms, and he allowed this baptism to take place, not to wash away the sins, quite the contrary. And, he did talk to John afterwards and explained that it wasn't about washing away the sins or washing away the evils. It was about the re-immersion of himself into the human body, into the physical plane, the full embodiment of Spirit into humanity.