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Bon:  It would be like a hologram, like a fabric, but not a physical fabric, like the hologram that is prevalent everywhere where consciousness goes. It is a way of consciousness of perceiving and experiencing itself. It is a hologram onto which the consciousness is able to see, feel, experience to know itself. That is the core of everything in all of creation. 

< WalkOn 2 > You do not move through time and space. Time and space moves through you. Absolutely a contradiction, absolutely a revelation, revolution from current thinking. Time and space are moving through you right now; you're not moving through it. In fact, there are no objects that actually move through time and space. The current thinking is that an object goes through time and space. And we'll treat time and space as a melded unit. We'll call it Timespace, as a singular thing. You can't really have one without the other. You can, but the whole thing collapses. So we'll call it Timespace. And the current thinking is that an object moves through Timespace. Therefore, the rate that the object moves through determines the time and determines the space itself. And the fact is, that is not true.

< WalkOn 2 > In actual physics, quantum physics, it is actually Timespace moving through you. When you threw those paper airplanes before, they were not moving. It was time and space that moved. So everybody has a perception of reality that there is a single Timespace, and a movement of an object through that timespace creates gravity. And that is not true. It is actually the object – you, your consciousness now solidified in a human body – with Timespace moving through it.

< WalkOn 2 > Look at it this way. Some of you know what the old-fashioned film projectors were like. They had the reels of film and it looped down through and there was a light and the light passed through the film and projected onto the screen. So it is the same in this case, the fact that timespace is moving. The timespace would be like the … (he draws) Let's say we have our projector with the light here, and the film would run down through. The projector isn't moving. The projector is not scanning down the film. The projector, the light is stationary; the film is moving, going through and creating the illusion on a screen somewhere of a moving picture. But you – consciousness, light – are actually not moving.

< WalkOn 2 > So when I am moving Cauldre's arms, you say, “Well, isn't that movement?” Actually not. Actually not. It's a perception that something has moved. Human would believe that the arm is moving, and actually it's Timespace that is moving. Hmm. Hmm. So you could say, in this analogy here, that the film that's already come through the loop is the past; the film that is going to be going through the loop and getting enlightened is the future; and right here, that one clip that is making its way down through the gears and the reels and about to be illuminated, that is the Now moment.

< WalkOn 2 > So you could say that you are always that Now moment, but the problem is, with some of the old understandings of time, space and physics, that you're actually not here. Most people are not operating here, right at the projection level. They're up here (future). They're thinking about, “Oh, what's going to happen as the next film clip comes through?” and “Oh! Terrible things” or they're worried about it or fearing the future. And then they're also down here somewhere in the film reel that's already gone by, saying, “Oh! I shouldn't have done that, and I regret doing this, and poor me, I was a victim to all the circumstances.” So they're not here. They're not right at the point of projection, the point of consciousness, anymore. So it's very easy for them to believe that they're moving through Timespace. But, in fact, they are not. In fact, you are not.

< WalkOn 2 > It's a very interesting concept, but a reality as well. Timespace is moving through you right now, and as it does, it is creating a gravitational effect. When I used the word gravity, I'm talking about more than just Newton's gravity, something falling to the ground. Gravity in this case is a suction. It condenses. It creates density. So as time and space are moving through you right now, it is creating a gravitational effect, and the gravity is not just physical. It's not just on your body, for this true gravity actually holds in, traps thoughts and emotions. Imagine for a moment your thoughts and emotions just like it was a physical object being sucked in by the gravity. So you begin to believe that things that have happened in the past are real, and they're not. Not the way you perceive them. They're very, very different, but the gravity is holding these things in.

< WalkOn 2 > The gravity holds in belief systems – individual belief systems, cultural belief systems. It holds in religious belief systems. So time and space moving through people right now is not only creating the physical reality, what you call the 3D, and causing people to believe that this is the only thing that's real; this gravitational effect causes people to say, “Well, this is it. The world is flat. This is it. It's stupid to think that the world would be round. The people on the bottom would fall off.” So the gravity of time and space not only holds in physical objects, but beliefs, thoughts, limitations and everything else. It's absolutely amazing, this gravitational effect, how it keeps everything together. It keeps it held in. It keeps things solid. It keeps things from changing.

< WalkOn 2 > The gravity of time and space helps to create experiences, what you would call solid, real experiences. It helps to keep you focused in your eyes and your ears and your physical senses, rather than the knowingness that you have that there is so much more. This gravity – as Timespace moves through you, activated by consciousness, activated by consciousness, the gravity that it creates – holds all of it in. And you've been trying to break out of it the whole time, through what? With your consciousness – with your limited consciousness – of the mind. You've been trying to break out. The knowingness says, “There is something outside this cage that I live in.” But as you think about it, as you try to figure it out, Timespace moves through you faster. Timespace causes more of a gravitational effect that holds in the fact that you are trapped.

< WalkOn 2 > And this is absolutely profound. You're going to be experiencing it in your own life. It's radical physics, but it's also basically true physics. Most have the perception that if this is time (he draws a box), that they are moving through it (drawing a line through the box). And they count it on their watch. Most people think that Timespace is a defined, undeniable, almost unchangeable thing, and it's not. It's not. Your life on this planet is ruled – has been ruled – by Timespace. You've fallen into it. You've accepted Timespace, that you're moving through it. You go from today to tomorrow through time and space, and it's very linear. But the fact is it's not.

< WalkOn 2 > The fact is that it's not time that's defining you, that's defining your movement, your past, present, future. It's not time that does that. The reality is that here is consciousness, with a circle with a dot; here is consciousness and Timespace moves through you, and in doing so creates gravity, G, that holds everything in. Timespace is not solid. It's not a constant variable. It changes. Your Timespace is different than other's Timespace. The Timespace that's moving through you, is determined by your thoughts, your belief systems, your physical actions and the level of consciousness that you are allowing; that determines the flow or the movement of Timespace through you. And it's different than other's, because your thoughts are different, your actions are different.

< WalkOn 2 > And you go, “Oh, hang on, Adamus. I thought Timespace was a constant and I thought gravity was a constant.” Nope. And when you can let go of that – the fact that there is a force or a power that is determining your level of life, your gravity, your flow into life; when you can let go of the fact that there is a time god out there, a Timespace god out there, which there is not, when you let go of that fact that there is some power beyond you – you start experiencing freedom.

< WalkOn 2 > It is all individual. It is your individual Timespace, gravity as motivated by consciousness, and it is yours as well. But there has come to be, due to the gravity of Timespace, there has come to be a mutual consensus, a common understanding. It's like a communal Timespace. Most people are just going to accept the fact that when a ball is thrown like that, that it is simply moving through time and space, and time and space are a constant, because you throw the ball back and it has a predicted and very determinable speed, arc, everything else in it. But that's just because there is a common, oh, it's kind of a mass consciousness hypnosis about time and space. And it's true. It is true and also at the same time it is true that you have your own.

< WalkOn 2 > When you begin to understand the implications of this, that's when you can be invisible. You simply go out of time. You still exist. You still have a physical body. You still have your I Am. But you simply go out of their time. You simply remove yourself from the mass consciousness variable. It's amazing because it's magical, because you can still observe them, you can still be with them, but they won't see you. They won't know that you're there unless you choose to be. You manage, you own your own Timespace.

< WalkOn 2 > Now, watch as I throw the ball in the air, and take a moment; step away from the old belief of ‘we're all suspended in Timespace,’ the Timespace god, and watch as I throw the ball up – and just look at it from the perspective that Timespace is moving. The ball actually is not, but Timespace is moving. It's shifting to accommodate the consciousness that has chosen to throw the ball. It is shifting to accommodate the desire to throw and to bounce the ball. Weird at first, but suddenly, as you let it set in, you'll start seeing it and perceiving it different. And one of these days soon you'll go, “I get it now. I get it.” That's a quantum shift, and suddenly life becomes playful, because you realize it's not Timespace, this continuum that is often talked about, that is controlling you at all. It is serving you, and there is a profound difference.

< WalkOn 2 > What is Timespace? That's an interesting question, and how far does it reach? Well, there's a better word actually that we use for Timespace, because that's a relatively limited word. The word we use for Timespace is bon. B-o-n, bon. B-o-n. Bon would be like a hologram, like a fabric, but not a physical fabric, like the hologram that is prevalent everywhere where consciousness goes. It is a way of consciousness of perceiving and experiencing itself. It is a hologram onto which the consciousness is able to see, feel, experience – not see with the eyes, but feel, experience – to know itself. That is the core of everything in all of creation. It's not a substance. It's not measurable by anything in current science.

< WalkOn 2 > Scientists don't really, eh, they don't even know about it. But to help you to understand, at the core is bon and that creates then what your scientists do know a little about – plasma. Plasma. Not plasma, as in blood, but plasma as in that substance that is the most … do you realize plasma is the most prevalent substance of anything in the universe? But very, very little is really discussed or known about it. A dark hole is basically highly, highly, highly condensed plasma. So from bon comes plasma. From plasma comes things like the ions, the way neutrons and protons and atoms and everything else works. But bon is at the very, very core of it. You could say that bon is the Timespace, but it is more than just time-space that you know as humans; time, space, both being linear.

< WalkOn 2 > Bon is kind of like the stage for consciousness, or the screen for consciousness on which to play. Bon or Timespace exists in all realms. You have this thing called time-space that is pretty unique to the human journey, but if you go into another dimension, there is a form of Timespace. It has to be. But it's bon. It's not time, as in the watch and space like as in a size. It's simply a parameter, a variable that is there to serve consciousness, because consciousness is not energy. Consciousness is not physical reality.

< WalkOn 2 > Consciousness chooses to have something, a core something which to experience itself. Your greatest experience here on Earth is time-space. It allows you to do everything you're doing – time, space and gravity. So bon exists everywhere where consciousness journeys and experiences. It changes from dimension to dimension, in a way. Its effect, the way it allows consciousness to experience is different, but the basic element is still there. So it could be said, in a way, that a form of Timespace exists in all the dimensions, but not necessarily in the same fashion that it exists here. A form of gravity or suction or attraction exists in all dimensions, but in a different flavor than what you have here.

< WalkOn 2 >
Q: So then energy would be nothing more than a perception?
A: Energy is a perception, but very, very real. Energy is a form of bon that is serving you. You could say – and again, here it gets a little tricky – but you could say that bon is what some would call Unified Energy Field. But there are some misunderstandings about it. There is the Field, the reservoir that's right here and everywhere, of energy potential that is an absolutely neutral state. It has no positive or negative charge to it. It is waiting for consciousness to activate it. It is waiting then to turn into activated energy, positive or negative energy. It is waiting to turn into plasma. It is waiting for the activation, ultimately, into atoms and molecules and everything else in your reality that is enabled by gravity. Gravity, once again, being time and space.

< WalkOn 2 > The Timespace element is kind of like a funnel or a venturi. A venturi dealing with fluid dynamics. Basically, if you have fluid flowing through a vessel and that vessel then is constricted at a point and then opens up again at a point, there is a flow of a fluid. There is an amount of pressure. There is time and space in here. This is called a venturi. It deals with liquids, but it could be applied to other things. As it flows through here and it becomes constricted, what happens? It goes faster. Higher pressure and greater energization, greater energy potential, you could say caused by the pressure and the speed, but deeper into it there is more energy within that very same fluid as it goes through venturi, not because of just the speed and the pressure, it is activated now. It is activated.

< WalkOn 2 > Timespace works similar to it. In a sense, it's like a funnel, and out here it's moving at a different rate and it has a different energy attractant potential out here than it does here. Now, what would this (narrow part) be? This is the Now moment. This is the past and this would be the future. So this is past, Now and future. And that is one of the principals of Timespace movement through you.

< WalkOn 2 > If you are present, if you are conscious – not of time but conscious of yourself, aware of your awareness, “I Exist” – the flow rate of Timespace is different. Not necessarily faster though. As a matter of fact, you're going to begin to understand it actually appears to go slower. It actually doesn't. Everything else goes slower, but the perception is that things slow down. When you're in the Now moment, the flow of Timespace is more harmonious, it is more compatible, it is more serving to you than when you're hanging out in the past or hanging out in the future. That's the physics reason for being in the Now, not just it's nice airy-fairy, but it has a dramatic effect on you. On you.

< WalkOn 2 > Let's take a moment and go back to the principal. The ball actually did not move. Timespace moved, and when I throw that ball, Timespace is moving and it's creating gravity, a suction that will hold in physical matter, emotional matter, belief matter, and it creates reality. That is beautiful, just the ability for you, as consciousness, to have this happen. When consciousness doesn't have arms and legs or a brain or eyes, for you to have this happen as a result of your consciousness is truly amazing! And, when you can also learn to step out of mass consciousness Timespace into your own Timespace, when you can learn that you're no longer dependent on time-space god, that you are truly a sovereign being with their own bon, with their own plasma, with their own everything, then you are free. Interesting.

< WalkOn 2 > And I'd like you to feel, sense – really sense right now – this time and space moving through you. You're the constant. Your consciousness is the constant. It's always there. It is always, always, always, always in the Now moment. Consciousness cannot be out of the Now moment. Selfish me human, it can be out. It can go in the past and the future. But the Now moment is consciousness. Consciousness is the Now moment. You are the constant. You are that light, that projector light that I talked about.

< WalkOn 2 > You are a being of consciousness, and that consciousness activates energy. You create because you are consciousness, and the creations activate energies. And the energies call forth this element of Timespace, or what I prefer to call bon, and the river starts flowing. The river moves. This river, the beautiful river of life now flows through you. Your heart isn't moving. Oh, there's the perception that it is, but the reality is Timespace is moving. You are constant. When I threw the ball in the air, what was really being warped, changed, moving was Timespace. The ball, in a way, in its own Timespace, creating its own gravity, perceived by your human eyes that thought the ball was moving. But take a look at it now, feeling, sensing what was really happening – the movement of Timespace.

< WalkOn 2 > When you're in that chaotic state, Timespace acts very, very different. It's serving you, still. It's not trying to work against you. It's just behaving different, responding differently to your consciousness. And the Master understands that they can command bon, Timespace, this hologram; they can command this hologram to serve them. Suddenly, the Master, in the Now moment, realizing that Timespace is responding to them, the hologram is responding to their consciousness – not their thoughts, but their consciousness – suddenly, the level of panic and anxiety gets less and less. The resonance, the freedom one has with themselves and the ability to let this hologram serve them, rather than the other way around; suddenly, everything changes.

< WalkOn 2 > In this space, feeling the I Am, allowing this hologram, the bon, to serve you, suddenly you realize “I Am a creator.” Suddenly, all the little me human issues are so unimportant and you wonder why you've struggled. You wonder why all the battles. You wonder why things so often didn't go your way. Then you realize you were trying to be an object moving through time and space. You were subservient to the time-space god, but no more. Now it goes to work for you. In this realization, you actually reassess all the things that you thought were important, or not important. You realize that anything is possible. You're in the Now moment. You're back in consciousness. It is simple. It is not complicated. It is not linear. It is the I Am.

< WalkOn 2 > Now, there's one big, big difference. When you realize that bon moves through you, this hologram is moving for you; when you realize that, gravity changes. That's kind of the bottom line: gravity changes. In the old scenario of you being the object moving through time and space, the gravity was very rough. Gravity was deep and thick, hard to get out of. It held you in. But the variable of gravity changes when one realizes that they are the constant and Timespace moves through them. The element of gravity that used to confine you in your thoughts, in your body, in your dreams and aspirations, in everything; the gravity that made the body old; the gravity that kept you on incarnational cycles suddenly changes. The G-force is different. When one allows or realizes Timespace is there to serve them, the effects of gravity, of attraction, of holding things into reality suddenly change.

< WalkOn 5 > But you forgot all the time there's a ninety-degree angle that you take that requires no effort. Instead of making it happen, you allow it to. Making happen still is real. So here you use effort and force to make something happen. You think you're moving things along in your life, whether it's studying and getting a degree and getting a job or just cleaning your garage.  You think you're moving something in life. You are denying the very essential fact that everything is moving in spite of you. Everything is already in motion because of your light. So you think you have to effort, force things to happen in your life. You're screwed, because you're using five human senses and effort. There is another way to do it. Not to replace this, not to suddenly ascend in a linear way. You don't do that. It's the “and.” You suddenly realize there is the absolute no effort, no force, no trying.

< WalkOn 6 > The first thing you're going to notice in the Master Sense, and some of you already have been, the very first thing is the disorientation in time. It could make you nauseous. It could make you absolutely feel like you're falling apart, that you have no reference points anymore, and it could absolutely make you feel like you're going crazy. You take away certain basic things that you've held yourself in with – time and space, being one of the most basic – you start to shift that and you could think you're going crazy. What I'm telling you now, dear Masters in being, what I'm telling you is let that be okay.

< WalkOn 6 > Time and space are like the river. It was a big kind of a leap coming to the understanding that you're not going through time and space; that it's flowing through and around you. And now in this example, in the river, feeling it against you, it kind of makes sense – “Ah, yeah, time and space are the things that are flowing.” And if you move your hand in the water or your leg, time and space – or in this case the water – responds. You're not running through the river. You're not pushing the river as you go. It's flowing around you. That's really the way the whole principle of TimeSpace works.

< WalkOn 6 > But what happens is now there is a constant – the flow of the river. It's constant, always there, to the point you forget that you're even in the river. You actually start forgetting that there's a flow. You forget that there is kind of a force. You can feel the current. You forget that there is a resistance or a friction. It's a constant. It anchors you, and actually the flow of the river really never changes, nor the temperature, nor much of anything. It's always there. So pretty soon you just come to accept it. Never to question it, never to wonder what it's like not to have this. It's always there. It's a connection. This is what it's like, it's what it's been like for you – the flow of time and space. Move a leg, move a hand in the river. Dip yourself down. Put your head under the water. It responds to you. It flows around you. This is time and space. And this is what humans do.

< WalkOn 6 > That's what you've been used to. But, as you already have started to notice, it's starting to change. It's starting to change, and here's an example of the difference. For the typical human, the river flows to them, through them and away. They won't even recognize that. They think they're going through time and space, but they're in the river. What happens as you come into your Master Sense, suddenly you have a different situation and it goes like this. Now, you're in a big, warm, beautiful swimming pool. Just you. Nobody else. Nice clean warm water, and you let yourself go underwater, submerge, just kind of float. This great big pool, beautiful warm water, it's right at about body temperature, so you don't really notice the water.

< WalkOn 6 > And it's not moving; it's just there. There's no pressure. There's no force. You're just kind of floating. Let yourself feel that for a moment. This is kind of like timeless. That water is in the Now moment. It's not pushing against you. It's not going anywhere. You are in a pool of potentials, timeless potentials. It's just there. You're just there. This is timelessness and the first thing that you're going to realize as a Master, “This is nice, but what am I supposed to do with it? Sooo … I'm just floating in a pool of warm water. What am I supposed to do?” First, allow yourself to be aware of the difference between the moving river and now submerged in this pool of warm water. There are some similarities. They're both water. But everything else is kind of different.

< WalkOn 6 > This is timeless, what I call the Ineffable Moment, the Ineffable Presence. Ineffable means without description. No trying to quantify it. No trying to define it. Just floating. Not being pushed here or there. Just floating. The Ineffable Presence, the I Am, surrounded by this ocean of potentials that exist beyond time and space. That's what that water is – all potentials. It's also time and space, but it's very different than the river, because the moment you choose now to experience something, the moment you choose to be creative, the moment you choose to express yourself, suddenly that nonmoving water, that time and space, which is not moving, suddenly gets activated. Suddenly. Then it moves in absolute perfect response to your desire. But unlike the river, it doesn't just flow for an eternity. You can change it. You can move it. You can adapt it or it rather adapts to you the moment you choose something. And it's out of time and space.

< WalkOn 6 > It doesn't matter if you're here in this pool of water, this nonmoving time and space. It doesn't matter if right now you're choosing something that the human in the river would have thought was in their childhood, because there is no time and space, Master. There is no past. There is only the Ineffable Presence. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter here in this pool of time and space potential if you are choosing to experience something that the human back in the river thinks is in the future – thinks is upstream somewhere, not here in this pool – because it's timeless. To the human that's mindboggling. “How can that be?” The human's been in the river for lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes and it doesn't know anything other than the river. It relies on the river. It depends on the river. It uses the river to justify its existence. But here in the Master Sense, it's just you in this warm pool of TimeSpace potential.

< WalkOn 6 > That child that you were, that child that was unsafe at some point is here right now, along with the Master. The Master that some of you would call from the future. But it's not. They're here in this pool with you right now. Those aspects of you that you've struggled with, they're in this pool right now, along with the fully integrated Self that you are. All right here, fully integrated. You know, there doesn't have to be linear time and space. You don't have to stand in the river anymore. You can be in this pool. That child that you were that felt so unsafe can be here right now in the absolute safety of this pool, right with that Master. That Master that you're trying to become is right here. There's no separation. There's no distance. They're all here.

< WalkOn 6 > And suddenly, a very funny thing starts happening, a very profound thing starts happening. You see, they've always been here. Always, always. They've always been together, and suddenly, that child, that wounded unsafe child realizes it is also the integrated Master. Also. And. The human that you think you are right now, trying to make its way through the river, trying to become the Master, suddenly realizes in this timelessness that the Master is already here. There is no separation anymore, and they all can be here. They all can share this Ineffable Presence.

< WalkOn 6 > And suddenly everything changes. Suddenly, that unsafe child is no longer unsafe. That adult that failed in some things is no longer a failure. That person that's trying to become a Master is no longer trying, because suddenly all the potentials are illuminated in this place without time or space. You're already there. You don't have to heal the child. You don't have to justify the mistakes. You don't have to try to be the Master. They're all here.