crystal cave


< freedom 6 > You created it back a long time ago when you first came to Earth. When you came through the Order of the Arc, you came into this thing called Humanity, you embedded a gift for yourself. When the Earth was being embedded with crystalline pure energies to give it life force – which later became the real crystals of Earth, the stones that you hold, which provided energy for the Lemurians and the Atlanteans – you embedded this thing called the Illuminated Fund. It had a little bit different name back then, but now what we call the Illuminated Fund.

< freedom 6 > And you said when the time was right on Earth, you'd be able to tap into this. There are twenty-one caves, caverns, deep into the Earth that hold a reservoir or a balance of crystals, valuable crystals – some of what you would call your valuable jewels right now, but some that have never been seen by humans before on this planet; never – twenty-one locations around the Earth and one central core crystal at the center of the Earth. It's not molten lava. Let the scientists be distracted by that so we can do our real work here. I love distractions. Have I told you that?

< freedom 6 > You're not going to go there; it's going to come to you. It will come to you when you're ready for it. It will come to you when you are clear about your dream, and the dream must be for you alone. Only for you. The dream may ultimately involve other people, but it cannot be one of the requirements at the front. Your dream, for yourself. The dream is already there. You suppress the dream. You pretend it's not there. You're not sure. Maybe because of your conditioning as an energy holder – always serving everybody else – that the dream has to be for others first and then you later. Not at all. This fund is only for your dream.

< freedom 6 > This fund is crystalline, brilliant, expansive. It contains more energy than what you could ever, ever possibly consume. It's unlimited. It is literally backed up by crystals in the Earth. You could say they have a monetary value, but they'll never be cashed in, ever. We're using them for balancing and flowing of energy. We're taking something that is in the Earth, now of the Earth, using it to flow energies, including what you would call New Energy. You could say that this is the primary portal now for New Energy, energy that you helped to imagine and create that comes through the other realms, through these twenty-one portals, caverns. It's available for you right now.

< freedom 6 > Is the dream new camera equipment? Why not? Is the dream something intangible, such as the integration of your aspects? Why not? Is the dream to travel this planet Earth and see all of its amazing countries and natural wonders before you conclude this last lifetime on this planet? Why not? Is the dream to create a financial abundance for yourself so you never have to worry about money again? Why not? Can the dreams be multiple dreams? It's up to you. It's not limited to one dream, but the dream must be for you.

< freedom 6 > Now, if your dream, your happiness, is truly setting up a school to really teach – because you are a teacher at heart – to really teach consciousness; if that is your passion being done for you, not for anyone else, then that qualifies. But the moment you say, “I need to do it to help everybody else,” forgetting about yourself, this will not work. Will not work. You'll never find it – or it will never find you.

< freedom 6 > It is and always has been there to support your dreams. It becomes yours. The reality is once you embody it as a Master, the radiance that you have literally expands it for future generations for those who are ready to accept their sovereignty. The dream, brought to life. It is monumental. It is incredible. It is gracious. It is with such ease and grace it'll be amazing. But, you will doubt it. You will question it. You will wonder if you are worthy. You'll wonder what the trick is. There is none. That's the trick. There are no tricks. It is you, ready to accept. That's it. That simple. A dream, a sovereign being, and the energy to support it.

< freedom 6 > As you allow your knowingness and the essence of your dream to come together, it calls forth the energies, the crystalline caverns that hold the illuminated and free and sovereign world funds. It is the knowingness, the dream of the human and the soul come together, that opens up, unlocks and allows these energies from twenty-one caverns around the world to now come forth. These energies are attracted by you, the love of yourself. You have been undreaming for a long time now. And when the soul and all of its facets dream once again, the energies will come forth in divine service. Life as you know it will change, but life as you know it has been the undream, the no dream. And now the dream may begin, the energies radiate out to start filling that dream, like the experiences of your aspect have filled your soul.

< freedom 7 > I talked in our last Shoud about this Illuminated Free World Bank, this fund that is actually based on something real. Not just on talk or rhetoric or tense trust between humans, but is literally energy that has been brought from the other realms at your request. You've been asking for it, but you've been holding it off in the other realms. You're saying, “I want energy. I'm choosing something better. I'm choosing enlightenment. I choose to walk on this planet as an Ascended Master, so bring forth the energy that is going to be needed by me.”

< freedom 7 > It got a long way through the dimensions and through the realms. It came from the cosmos. It was attracted and brought very close to this reality through these crystals. It's not the crystals themselves that have value. They're simply a storage focus and distribution mechanism for all these tremendous energies that have come in. These energies got here. They came very, very close to this reality. But you, for whatever reason, held them a little bit a ways away, didn't think you were quite ready yet, so you kept them in the ethereal realms.

< freedom 7 > But something happened on December 21st, the end of an old era, you finally – part of you – said, “It's time bring that in,” and at that moment these reservoirs of jewels and crystals that have been attracting energy from the cosmos, not just from the physical reality, but through all the cosmos. These crystals that have been attracting the energies and storing them suddenly opened up to make them available, to make them available to you for your life, for whatever you want. This isn't just talk. I would not tell you this unless it was absolutely true and could be brought into your life, making your dreams come true.

< freedom 7 > Now, with the opening of these 21 caverns that hold the energy, this isn't just a metaphor. It is very real. These energies I'm talking about aren't for somebody else. They're for you. What happens – and the real shift for you, not necessarily for the rest of the planet, but for you – is something that Tobias talked about a long time ago. And you're going to resist it. You're going to think about it too much. You're going to do everything other than just let it happen, until the point you get tired of some more suffering and struggling. But the concept is very simple. Henceforth, it comes to you.

< freedom 7 > This is the New Energy. This is also the way these crystal caverns work. Simply, they attract, they store, they distribute energy. That's all. That energy is going out right now as we talk, but you're still riding your bike down the road trying to find something. But now it is take a deep breath, you get on that bike and it comes to you. It comes to you. Whatever you need. Huge volumes of energy, energy that will manifest in a variety of different things.

< freedom 7 > So back to the point. There is a tremendous amount of energy. You got that? You understand that? It's in twenty-one caves. Pretty simple stuff. It's crystals. It's really pretty, a lot of colors. You're not going to go take the crystals. They are a mechanism for attracting appropriate energy, storing energy, distributing energy. That's what they're here for. Secondly, it comes to you. When we talked last month about it I basically said Make it for yourself. Nobody else. Whatever you're choosing. Don't be afraid of it, but don't limit it to little things like “I need $1,000 to fix a car, buy a computer,” or anything else. That's so minuscule. Let that energy come in big.

< freedom 8 > Crystalline energies do trump Earth and cosmic [energies]. In other words, they can rule over. When they rule over, they don't dominate, as in enslaving cosmic and Earth. What they do is, because of their efficiency, they can very rapidly align cosmic and Earth's energies with it. The cosmic and Earth respond very quickly. They change their physics, their dynamics, everything about them, and they align into the crystalline. When I talk about twenty-one crystal caves of the Earth, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Exactly. These are storage mechanisms and distributors of crystalline energies.

< Emergence 9 > A little while back I talked about the crystal caves. I was kind of disappointed, and I'd like for you to give it away for free, I don't care. Ninety percent of the Shaumbra who went there were treasure hunters. They went there wanting riches, and you know what was there in those crystal caves? It was the whole reminder of the passion to undo what was done back then. That's it. The crystal caves, which are very, very real, by the way, what was there was the passion. What was there was the reminder of your massion in this lifetime. Your mission, call it that. 

< Emergence 9 > The eleven who came to me recently said, “Tell them to let their massion come up, not to be afraid of it anymore, not to be distracted,” and I say, yes, distracted by things like freedom. Freedom is one of those elusive things until you've really done what you came here to do. I'm not saying you're trapped. I'm saying that massion, it comes before the freedom. Oh, it'll eventually bring the freedom. Right now is the time to let that massion come up. And right now is the time for each and every one of you, let's go back and visit the crystal caves, but now as mature beings, wise beings, not just beings who are trying this little alchemy trick, searching for riches.

< Emergence 9 > And what's here in the caves, well, even the reminder of the angelic beings who first seeded this planet with the crystals, with the energy. What's here in these crystal caves is living energy. What's here is the potential for New Energy. The potential for you to use energy in a different way, and as one said, they'll never understand what's really here, never really understand these crystal caves until they're ready to understand that energy can be used very, very differently on this planet. And the core of that, the core of really understanding that is right here. It's not about the worth of the gems that are here. Here is the potential for New Energy, for letting energy serve you now as a Master, as a wise being. That's what's here.

< Emergence 9 > And what's here is the reminder also of Atlantis, of the energy of this pure crystal state, which could alter the mind and the body for so very long. It created a hypnotic effect. You see, crystals are a very clear energy. I'm not just talking about a physical crystal, but the essence, the Christos, clear. So, there's the reminder of the Atlantean headbands, of all the, well, it's just hypnosis. That's all it was. It so deeply hypnotized the mind and then the body. But right here is also the release from that. Here is where your potential for the new relationship with energy is grounded in the Earth, grounded into the physical reality.

< Emergence 9 > Come here for clarity, and for a reminder. You come here to remind yourself of your massion, why you came here, why you chose this lifetime, what you're whole journey has been about. And, you know, the mind's had a wonderful way of scrambling that all up and burying it and everything else. But right now is the time of the massion – your mission, your passion – to come back. You're the ones that I call the headbangers, the very ones that kind of initiated all this headband technology. That's why you're the ones that have chosen to go back through to be the first out of it. Here in the crystal caves allow yourself to feel that passion.