passion + mission

< Emergence 9 > A little while back I talked about the crystal caves. I was kind of disappointed, and I'd like for you to give it away for free, I don't care. Ninety percent of the Shaumbra who went there were treasure hunters. They went there wanting riches, and you know what was there in those crystal caves? It was the whole reminder of the passion to undo what was done back then. That's it. The crystal caves, which are very, very real, by the way, what was there was the passion. What was there was the reminder of your massion in this lifetime. Your mission, call it that. 

< Emergence 9 > Freedom? Not so much right now, because you have something more important in your heart, in your beingness for being here. So, I started out by saying, “What should you be doing when you shouldn't be doing anything?” In other words, human get the hell out of the way. Allow this happen. But I'll amend that and say right now is the time to unleash your massion. Your mission for being here on this planet at this time was to break out of that crystal headband, out of the Land of Blue. That is the passion. That's what will give you so much reason to wake up in the morning. You watch, as you allow your massion, how energy changes all around you.

< Emergence 9 > You're afraid of that massion. You can think about it maybe, but you'd rather say, “No, let's have freedom.” We're not going to get there until we address the very reason why you came to this planet in this lifetime at the Time of Machines. You're not going to have that freedom until we get past this one. So right now, freedom? It'll come. Don't worry about that. But right now it's time to bring back that massion, why you came to the planet, why you're going through the incredible challenges in your life, why sometimes it seems to be an overwhelm of issues that you just can't seem to get past, why you've experienced just when you want to break free, you get more in there. It was all part of coming back to the, “Okay, here's what was done and here's the group that's going to break out of it.”

< Emergence 9 > We're going to do a merabh in just a moment, but I want you to really feel into that. Take everything we've talked about and Tobias talked about for the last – how many years – 20 years or more, and it all comes kind of down to this simple thing: You came here to break an old pattern, first for yourself and then for others. Are you ready for it? No, you're afraid of it, and I would be too, because it changes everything. Is the planet ready for it? Doesn't really matter right now. Doesn't really matter. But at least as you break out of that old headband programming, it's going to present the potentials for others.

< Emergence 9 > The eleven who came to me recently said, “Tell them to let their massion come up, not to be afraid of it anymore, not to be distracted,” and I say, yes, distracted by things like freedom. Freedom is one of those elusive things until you've really done what you came here to do. I'm not saying you're trapped. I'm saying that massion, it comes before the freedom. Oh, it'll eventually bring the freedom. Right now is the time to let that massion come up. And right now is the time for each and every one of you, let's go back and visit the crystal caves, but now as mature beings, wise beings, not just beings who are trying this little alchemy trick, searching for riches.