The Wings Series SHOUD 8 - Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Presented to the Crimson Circle
April 7, 2018
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I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

Ah! Good to be back and hopefully with some good coffee this month. Hopefully, we don't have to resort to tea. Hello, are you signaling me?

LINDA: Oh, yeah. You're so handsome (he takes a sip of coffee).

ADAMUS: So, speaking of that, at the Ascended Masters Club, they've started referring to me not just as St. Germain but as St. Peacock (laughter).

LINDA: What?!

ADAMUS: St. Peacock, because I walk around so proud like a peacock (someone says, “All right!”). So proud of what we're doing here together (audience applause). What we're doing here together, it's truly amazing.

You know how many people left the Crimson Circle after last month, after the rather direct, but …

LINDA: Ten thousand.

ADAMUS: … honest statement? “Ten thousand,” Linda says. Do you know how many actually left? How many were so offended by what I said – “It's time to be willing to allow energy to serve you.” How many do you think? Anybody (someone says “None”). None. No, not none. Twenty-seven. Twenty-seven. Not too bad.

LINDA: Twenty-seven? That's impressive.

ADAMUS: Twenty-seven actually got so mad …


ADAMUS: … that they threw away and burned all their Crimson Circle books. They tore up their membership card.


ADAMUS: They threw away their cape and their vest and said, “No more Crimson Circle.”


ADAMUS: Now, I had actually thought it would be a lot more and some of the other Ascended Masters thought it would be a lot. They were kind of licking their chops thinking, “I'll pick up some of those ones who have left the Crimson Circle. I'll get them into my group.” But, eh, the 27 that left, they didn't want (some chuckles).

So, there's only 27 that left. That made me feel so proud, because, yes, it was a bit of a hard message, and it was very clear. I said, “If you're not ready to let energy serve you, get out. Leave now for the sake of everybody else, because where we're going there's just no room for that.” There's really not.

It's been an interesting month of watching those 27, but all of you really contemplate where you are, where you're going, how you're dealing with energy, really look inside and say, “Am I willing to let those old issues go?” Not to process them, not to fight them or think through them, but just say, “I'm done. That's it. I am willing to let them go.” And just that willingness will change everything. And actually, the beautiful thing is, you don't have to do much. That willingness opens the door for the wisdom to come in, for the Master to come in and say, “Edith, I'm going to take all your stuff” – and you've still got some, my dear, but, oh, you've come so far – “I'm going to take all your stuff. Now, that you're willing to let go, I'm going to …” (he takes her scarf) “I'm going to wisdomize it. I'm just going to squeeze all the old issues out of it (wadding up her scarf). I'm just going to wisdomize it and that's it.” (He tosses her scarf away.) That's it. Oh, she hated that scarf (laughter). She really hated it.

Your willingness to let go of the issues allows the Master, which is the wisdom of all of your lifetimes, it allows that Master to come in and wisdomize all the rest of the stuff – your issues with money and relationships and health and self-worth; brings it to wisdom. You don't have to do anything. Just get up in the morning, have your coffee, do whatever you want to do the rest of the day. That's it. And have fun. Enjoy life. That's it, and that willingness is everything. That's it.

You don't have to think your way through all this. You cannot. I can't emphasize that enough. You cannot think your way through all this. Some of you at some point are going to be tempted to write this book, you know, “My Journey” in 4,221 pages, “My Journey into Enlightenment.” (Adamus makes a barf sound.) It just …

LINDA: What was that? (Adamus make the barf sound again.)

ADAMUS: It was a little – (barf!) – not a big barf. Just – (barf!) – a little barf. And you're going to realize that, why? Why? I mean, it's all a bunch of stories, and you can't think your way out of this, but you can allow it. You can allow it. You can allow abundance and relationships and everything else into your life. That's it.

So, yes, St. Peacock. I'm just kind of struttin' in the Ascended Masters Club and, yeah! (someone shouts “Woo hoo!”), and – “Woof!” – the feathers come out (laughter). Get this. I don't have to say a lot of words. It's just, “I let my plume out (more laughter). I'm proud of Shaumbra.” (someone shouts “Woo hoo!” again) We're unconventional at times … (audience applause) and I'm proud of you too.

We're unconventional, most of the time. Unconventional, because we have to be. Unconventional, because we had to get out of the old patterns, and it's not easy to do, because you know what you do. You're trying to get out of an old pattern and you develop a pattern for getting out of the pattern. It doesn't work so well. So today we're going to start at the end. I like starting at the end. It's still linear, because we'll kind of go in a reverse direction, and then we'll kind of jump around a little bit, which absolutely drives Linda crazy. She and some of the others like a very direct message with a beginning, a middle and end that doesn't take real long.

Today, we're going to bounce around. We're going to start at the end. So …

LINDA: You bounce around all the time.

ADAMUS: As Adamus. As St. Germain, I'm really boring (laughter). I have more fun with Adamus. As a matter of fact, when we recently filmed Master's Life 7, I Am Creation, the first parts were done by me as St. Germain. But then, even I got tired of that. I had to finally break in as Adamus in the last session and have some fun. You don't realize how difficult it was just to stand here for six sessions, seven sessions, “And, therefore, you should be creation …” (in a monotone voice; Linda scoffs) “Allow creation to …” I finally had to break out of that and be Adamus, which is you. Which is you. It's a persona created by all of us.

LINDA: Sounds like a multiple personality disorder!

ADAMUS: Sometimes you love it. Sometimes you hate it (more chuckles).


No More

Let's start at the end today. And – if you wouldn't mind, just turning around, taking a look at the staff's reaction – let's play the credits video (Linda gasps) to start with.

LINDA: Oh, I like that!

ADAMUS: Yeah, why not start …

LINDA: Yeah, go for it!

ADAMUS: Why not start at the end?

LINDA: Yeah, why not?

ADAMUS: Now, before you do, before you do, I want to point out one thing. I've been trying to get a point across to you and sometimes, yes, I do kind of go in cycles. I repeat. I say it this way one month, that way another month. Six months later I say it another way until it finally soaks in. And sometimes I know you think it's redundant and you like coming here every time for new information. But until the old information is really assimilated, really felt, there's not a lot of room for a bunch of new information, because then it would get really confusing.

So sometimes I have to repeat things over and over. I spend hours talking about it. We do the audience interaction thing. But then once in a while something comes along, it was brought to my attention. It was the perfect five-minute summary of everything I've been trying to say. Everything. So, it was going to be on the credits video, but it really deserves to be at the end up front right now. That's what we call the Future Now. It was going to be in the future. Now it's in the Now. So that's the Now from the future here with us in the present, if that makes any sense (laughter).

So, let's play the credits video. Lights down, and yes, some have called this me being channeled by the one they call Bob Newhart. Lights all the way down.

(credits videos begin, followed by a skit from The Bob Newhart Show)

Thank you for adding your energy to today's Shoud
Now presenting Bob Newhart (channeling Adamus…?)

KATHERINE BIGMAN (patient): Doctor Switzer?

DR. SWITZER (Bob Newhart): Yes, come in, I'm just washing my hands.

KATHERINE: I'm Katherine Bigman. Janet Carlisle referred me.

DR. SWITZER: Oh, yes (audience applause). Fear of being buried alive in a box.

KATHERINE: Yes. Yes, that's me. Should I lay down?

DR. SWITZER: Oh, no, no. We don't do that anymore. Just have a seat and let me tell you a bit about our billing. I charge five dollars for the first five minutes and then absolutely nothing after that (laughter). How does that sound?

KATHERINE: That sounds great! (she chuckles) Too good to be true, as a matter of fact.

DR. SWITZER: Well, I can almost guarantee you that our session won't last the full five minutes (laughter). Now we don't do any insurance billing, so you would either have to pay in cash or by check.

KATHERINE: Wow, okay.

DR. SWITZER: And I don't make change.

KATHERINE: (chuckles) All right.

DR. SWITZER: And … go! (laughter)

KATHERINE: Go, what?

DR. SWITZER: Tell me about the problem that you wish to address.

KATHERINE: Oh, okay. Well, I have this fear of being buried alive in a box (more laughter). I just, I start thinking about being buried alive and I begin to panic.

DR. SWITZER: Has anyone ever tried to bury you alive in a box?

KATHERINE: No. No, but truly, thinking about it does make my life horrible. I mean, I can't go through tunnels or be in an elevator or in a house … anything boxy (laughter).

DR. SWITZER: So, what you're saying is you're claustrophobic.

KATHERINE: Yes. Yes, that's it.

DR. SWITZER: All right. Well, let's go Katherine. I'm going to say two words to you right now. I want you to listen to them very, very carefully. Then I want you to take them out of the office with you and incorporate them into your life.

KATHERINE: Shall I write them down?

DR. SWITZER: Well, if it makes you comfortable. It's just two words. We find most people can remember them (laughter).


DR. SWITZER: You ready?


DR. SWITZER: Okay, here they are. STOP IT!! (laughter)

KATHERINE: I'm sorry?

DR. SWITZER: Stop it!


DR. SWITZER: Yes, s-t-o-p. New word, i-t!

KATHERINE: So, what are you saying?

DR. SWITZER: You know it's funny, I say two simple words and I cannot tell you the amount of people who say exactly same thing you're saying. I mean, you know this is not Yiddish, Katherine. This is English (more laughter). Stop it!

KATHERINE: So, I should just stop it.

DR. SWITZER: There you go. I mean, you don't want to go through life being scared of being buried alive in a box, do you? I mean, it sounds frightening (laughter).


DR. SWITZER: Then stop it! (more laughter)

KATHERINE: I can't. I mean, it's been with me since childhood.

DR. SWITZER: No, no. No! We don't go there. Just stop (laughter).

KATHERINE: So, I should just stop being afraid of being buried alive in a box.

DR. SWITZER: You got it. Good girl. Well, it's only been … it's only been three minutes, so that will be three dollars (more laughter).

KATHERINE: But I only have a five, so …

DR. SWITZER: Well, I don't make change (laughter).

KATHERINE: Then I guess I take the full five minutes.

DR. SWITZER: Fine. All right, well what other problems would you like to address?

KATHERINE: Uh, I'm bulimic. I stick my fingers down my throat.

DR. SWITZER: Stop it!! (laughter) What are you, a nut of some kind?! Don't do that!

KATHERINE: But I'm compelled to. My mom used to call me fatty …

DR. SWITZER: No, no! No, we don't go there (laughter).

KATHERINE: But I've been having these dreams … (more laughter)

DR. SWITZER: No, we don't go there either.

KATHERINE: But my horoscope did say …

DR. SWITZER: We definitely don't go there (laughter). Just stop it! What else?

KATHERINE: Well, I have self-destructive relationships with men.

DR. SWITZER: Stop it!! You want to be with a man, don't you?

KATHERINE: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yes.

DR. SWITZER: Well, then stop it (laughter). Don't be such a big baby (more laughter).

KATHERINE: I wash my hands a lot.

DR. SWITZER: That's all right (laughter).


DR. SWITZER: I wash my hands all the time. There's a lot of germs out there. Yeah, don't worry about that (more laughter).

KATHERINE: I'm afraid to drive.

DR. SWITZER: Well, stop it!! (laughter) How are you going to get around? Get in a car and drive, you kook! Stop it! (laughter)

KATHERINE: You stop it! You stop it!

DR. SWITZER: What's the problem, Katherine?

KATHERINE: I don't like this! I don't like this therapy at all. You're just telling me to stop it!

DR. SWITZER: And you don't like that.

KATHERINE: No, I don't!

DR. SWITZER: So you think we're moving too fast, is that it?

KATHERINE: Yes. Yes, I do.

DR. SWITZER: All right. Then let me give you 10 words that I think will clear everything up for you. You want to get a pad and a pencil for this one?

KATHERINE: All right (laughter).

DR. SWITZER: Are you ready?


DR. SWITZER: All right, here are the ten words: Stop it, or I'll bury you alive in a box! (audience applause)

ADAMUS: So, dear Shaumbra, I couldn't have said it much better myself. No more! No more. “Two words,” as Bob Newhart said, “Do you want to write them down?” Do you need to write them down? Two words: No more. No more or you'll come back for another lifetime of the same or bury you in a box, one of the two. No more. It doesn't need a lot of processing. You could tell by the Shaumbra woman, I mean the woman in the skit, that we're not going to go back to the childhood. We're not going to go the horoscope or anything like that. Just no more. That's all you have to say. No more. But it's amazing how many people hold on to their issues.

That's all it takes. “No more. Stop it, whatever. I'm done with it.” No more abundance issues. We're going to today go into the next level of how energy really serves you. No more. No more! And if you insist on holding on, making excuses or saying, “But I've tried,” stop it. No more. It's not about trying, and I know, I would say maybe about 42 percent of Shaumbra in the last month said, “But I've really been trying.” No you haven't. You've been thinking a lot about it, your issue. You've been maybe wondering how it got there and wondering how long it's going to be around, but we're not going to go into that. It's just simply “No more. Done.” Then you take a deep breath and you allow the energies to go to work. You take a deep breath and you realize you really are willing to let go of that old issue of suffering.

In your mind, a lot of you are saying, “Oh, you know, yeah, I'm ready to let that go.” But you haven't. You haven't. It's still there, and it's still there because you want it to be there. Be pissed off at me, I don't care. You still want it to be there. It's like a comfort blanket. It's like part of your identity and, more than anything else, it's a great big fat memory. A great big memory, and you're just not willing to let it go. You use excuses. You say, “But I don't know how to get rid of it.” It's real simple – “I'm willing to get rid of it. No more. I'm done.” Walk on. That's it.

So, when this classic skit was brought to my attention, I thought I couldn't have said it better. The whole setup, the whole… you know, most people that go for counseling really – you can agree or disagree with me on this one, Sir Gary, Dr. Gary (a psychologist in the audience) – most people that go for counseling really do not want things to change. Maybe get just a little better and they need somebody that's going to listen to their dreary stories, but they really don't want to get better. They really don't. It's a fascinating thing.

Modern human psychology has been around for, I don't know, what, 120 years, approximately, 150 years, and it serves a purpose to an extent. It brings a level of awareness. But yet the energies get very stuck in any counseling. It gets into a deeper pattern. It sets up a belief that, “I really am wounded. I really am a victim. I really can't make any money. There really are conspiracies.” And then you go into those experiences, that reality, and then you believe it. And, of course, when you're in that reality and you believe it, what's going to happen to energy? It's going to absolutely support it. It's going to 100 percent support it.

So we get to this point and we simply say, “No more. Stop it” And you'll hear me saying that from time to time, “Stop it! Stop it!” That's it. That's all it takes. Stop it, and then we move on.

Let's take a good deep breath with that.


Trash Days

You're going through a tremendous amount of changes in your body. Your DNA is changing, and science is now understanding it can change. It wasn't so long ago that it said, “No, DNA is always going to be DNA, not going to change.” It changes.

Recent research, by I believe it was NASA, found that when one is in space, when they're out of gravity for a while – figurative, literal gravity, metaphoric gravity – when they're out of gravity, the DNA changes. It responds to basically a change in consciousness.

Your DNA is changing right now as we talk. Your entire body is changing, and I know you want that glorious light body right away, but you're going through a lot of changes at a pace that is not going to overwhelm you.

Your mind – remember that thing? (Adamus chuckles) Your mind, it's going through a lot of changes, and remember what I've said so often, “Everything that you're going through right now in your life is all about embodied Realization.” It's not that you're unhealthy; it's not that you're losing your memory and getting old. It's not anything like that. It's not that you're becoming more mentally ill than you were (a few chuckles). It's none of those things. Everything right now is about embodied Realization. Everything. And when you understand that, at a core basic thing, and you stop worrying about, “What's wrong with me, and am I going to die tomorrow and, you know, what have I don't wrong?” you take a deep breath. Let that all go. Let it all go. It's all about embodied Realization.

The level of changes you're going through right now is off the charts. And that's why I said last month it's a surprise you're still alive, because of what you're going through. You have a wonderful way, kind of a coping mechanism that not everybody has. You're willing to put up with a tremendous amount of discomfort, physical pain, lack of mental facilities and all the rest and you've conditioned yourself, you kind of like have – what do they call it when they give you a shot – Novocain or anesthesia or whatever, so it's not totally unbearable that you're able to go through some of these changes leading to embodied enlightenment without going crazy or your body failing. So that's really kind of almost a miracle in itself.

What you're going to see happening, now that you've said you're willing to let go of all these old issues, is that you're going to go through kind of a cycle, not a tight pattern, but just kind of a cyclical thing for a little while, over the next couple of years, where every approximately – please don't mark it on your calendar, but this is approximate – every 14 days you're going to have an adjustment period. It could last a couple hours in a day, it could last a couple days, probably not more than 48 hours.

You're going to go through adjustment. You've been doing this for a while, but it's been a little bit more often than every 14 days, and it's going to be a day or maybe two of just feeling bad, lack of real focus, can't find the right word, can't find your car keys, can't find your name or anything like that, and it's going to be a day or maybe two of kind of an internal chaos. You're reordering yourself. You're going through that period, and it extends into your sleep also, where you're really allowing some very fast changes to occur over a period of 24 to 48 hours, and then you go back to enjoying life or whatever you were doing. Then you're going to go back to your new normal, but the new normal is going to change about every two, maybe three weeks.

So, I ask you to allow this process. Don't get all panicked. Some of you have had it happening every day. Some of you, kind of with erratic patterns; you'd go through a week maybe of really, really rough waters and then things calm down.

We, the Crimson Council, has been working with you and saying what is appropriate right now for where you're at, energetically in your body, in your mind and everything else? What's appropriate right now, and actually working with all of you and kind of creating that kind of an adjustment period. And as it turned out about every 14 to 21 days. Sometimes it'll be 14 days. You'll go and then have 18 or 20 days where it's just smooth and much more graceful, and then – boom! – you hit the wall.

It's not taking a step back at all. It's the process of embodied Realization, your body and your mind need some time for this makeover. It's like you're checking in for rehab, but this is like rehabilitating the body and the mind to a whole new level. Oh, what your mind is going through right now is amazing. I'm surprised you haven't really lost it. Well, some of you have (some giggles), but it is amazing what it's going through. Oh, and the mind is afraid and it's rebellious and it's holding on for dear life. It's doing all of these things, but what you're going through right now, truly amazing.

So remember now we're going to kind of balance this out about every 14 days and be okay with a day or two of internal discomfort, maybe a little bit of pain, but there's really no pain. There's no such thing as pain. There's no evidence of pain. It's all in the mind.

You're going to go through some pain. You're going to go through, “Who am I? What am I supposed to be doing here? Is this embodied enlightenment really real?” and all the rest of that. You know, it's garbage days, just garbage days. You know, once in a while you've got to haul out the trash. You don't like doing it. It smells. It stinks. You get rid of it, and that's what these are going to be, your one or two garbage days every 14 to 21 days.

And knowing that it's coming, knowing that you're kind of scheduling the pickup of your trash (some chuckles) makes it a little easier. Instead of having trash … you know, what you've been doing up to now is you're hiding that trash all around the house. Not literally your house, but your physical, mental house. You've been hiding the trash, you know, like, “Oh, god! What do I do with this? Oh, I'm just going to put it over here,” and then you try to ignore it. “What am I going to do with this?” and you put it over there and you put stuff in the cupboards. And then you put it in your washing machine, your internal washing machine, your cleansing machine. But then you forget to turn it on, add detergent and it really stinks and you've got all this stuff. And the whole house, the house of human self, starts to really smell up after a while.

What we're going to do, we're going to have trash day about once every two weeks or so. It'll vary individually, and yes, for the one who just asked, Kuthumi is driving the garbage truck (laughter). So, and he's taking great joy in it. And he's looking for somebody to ride shotgun with him. We haven't figured that one out yet (Adamus chuckles).

So, all as a way of saying you're coming to the place now where we can just do this every once in a while. You don't have to go through those days all the time that you've been going through mentally and physically. Trash days. Okay. Feel free to share it with others, talk about your trash day. Talk about what is being thrown out and everything. But the good news is that in between you're going to really start living like a Master. You're going to really start living like a Master.

So whatever you're holding on to, whatever issues – abundance, relationships, health, self-worth – let's all say it together, two words:


ADAMUS: Good. Thank you. And just in case you didn't get the message up front where we played the credits video at the beginning, we will play it again at the end.

LINDA: Oh, boy.

ADAMUS: So just stop it! If Bob Newhart can say it, so can I.


Shaumbra Wisdom

Let's take a good deep breath and go into our next segment. Feel the energies shift. Isn't it great to know trash day is coming up every two weeks or so, three weeks maybe? But you're not going to have to go through all this constant agony and stress. Yes, and Linda's already asking, “Does it tie into …” what is your favorite astrological event? Neptune rising or …

LINDA: Mercury retrograde.

ADAMUS: Mercury retrograde. It has nothing to do with Mercury retrograde.

Let's take a good deep breath. It's one of my favorite times where we have questions and answers, where I ask the questions and you give the answers. It's time for Shaumbra Wisdom.

(“Shaumbra Wisdom” video plays and audience applause and laughter)

Beautiful (Adamus chuckles). You deserve it. You deserve a really brilliant intro into Shaumbra W-… you want to see it again? (audience says “Yes!”) Eh, let's play it again. Yeah, Shaumbra Wisdom. Lights down and let's see it again.

(“Shaumbra Wisdom” video plays again)

Good. Yes, so we either do this or we can just sit around and doing yoga for a while (some chuckles). I love the irreverence.

So, lights up, as Linda goes into the audience for today's Shaumbra Wisdom question. As soon as she finds a victim, I'll give the question.

LINDA: Oh, you want the victim first.

ADAMUS: The Shaumbra Wisdom first.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Who gets to be first today with Shaumbra Wisdom?

LINDA: Well, I'm sorry to say…

ADAMUS: Oh, let's have a big hand for Andy.

LINDA: He's so ready! He's so ready! (audience applause)

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Good. Andy, this is a very appropriate question, very appropriate for you. What is intelligence? What is intelligence?

ANDY: (pausing) The ability to reason?

ADAMUS: The ability to reason. That makes sense.

ANDY: It sounds good.

ADAMUS: Yeah, it sounds good. Yeah, you sound very intelligent when you say that (Andy chuckles). And you took that appropriate pause. Instead of just blurting it out, you contemplated for a moment and you said with great confidence, “The ability to reason.”

ANDY: It looked good, didn't it?

ADAMUS: Eh, watch the video. It wasn't that great, but … (laughter)

ANDY: I'm working on it.

ADAMUS: Yeah, you're working on it. So, Andy, are you intelligent?


ADAMUS: What's your I.Q.?

ANDY:  I … they said it was very high. I forget the number.

ADAMUS: Who's they?

ANDY: My high school whoever.

ADAMUS: Girlfriend (laughter).

ANDY: Yeah, probably! (they laugh)

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: Yeah. “You're so smart, Andy (Adamus chuckles). You picked me.”

ANDY: Yeah.

LINDA: Don't throw the mike at him.

ADAMUS: So, are you intelligent?

ANDY: I consider myself intelligent. Yes.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Compared to the rest of the populace on the planet, where would you fall, in the top 90 percent, 95 percentile of intelligence?


ADAMUS: This is considering everybody.

ANDY: Yeah, probably so. But remember intelligence is not everything.

ADAMUS: Really? I'm just saying. Okay.

ANDY: I think …

ADAMUS: Not everything. What is there instead of intelligence?

ANDY: Oh, feelings!

ADAMUS: Feelings, okay.

ANDY: Oh, they're much better than intelligence.

ADAMUS: But haven't your feelings betrayed you sometime where you think, “I'll never do anything that stupid again?”

ANDY: Yes, but my intelligence has also betrayed me.

ADAMUS: It has, how?

ANDY: Well, you logically deduce that this is the right road to go down, and I'm going to go down there and make things happen and …

ADAMUS: You should have listened to your girlfriend.

ANDY: I should have listened to my girl- … my feelings, because …

ADAMUS: “Don't go that way, Andy!” Yeah.

ANDY: Yeah, you know, you're laying in the mud and going, “Oops, that didn't work.”

ADAMUS: Yeah, right.

ANDY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Good. Okay. And one other question. Where does intelligence come from?

ANDY: (pausing again) Well, I'm thinking probably the brain.

ADAMUS: From the brain. Yeah, but did the brain just kind of invent intelligence one day? Was it just there? Did it come from your mom and dad? Were your mom and dad intelligent?

ANDY: Yeah, I believe they were.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So where did intelligence come from?

ANDY: I'm not sure if it's evolutionary or given as a gift.

ADAMUS: As a gift from the Intelligence Committee?

ANDY: From Self, Spirit, you know.

ADAMUS: From Self, Spirit.

ANDY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Oh, so what you're thinking is perhaps Spirit doles it out, is like, “Whoa! Andy's going to be born in a couple days. How much intelligence should we give him? Let's give him a lot, because he's going to have a lot of other crap in his life. We'll give him some intelligence.” Does it come from the committee, the Council for Grander Intelligence?

ANDY: No, I think it's more of a – I believe it to be more of an internal thing.

ADAMUS: Internal.

ANDY: Yeah.

ADAMUS: The internal council.

ANDY: Yeah. It's kind of like, how do you say, Spirit gives you things but is not always in communication with the human, because the human likes to run around and do …

ADAMUS: Right, right.

ANDY: Weird… yeah.

ADAMUS: So Spirit sometimes is out of communications with you …

ANDY: Ehhh …

ADAMUS: … because you're so intelligent.

ANDY: Well, I don't Spirit – Spirit's always there, but the human doesn't always listen.

ADAMUS: Oh, good, good. So does that make the human stupid or intelligent?

ANDY: Oh, both.

ADAMUS: Both. Okay.

ANDY: Both, because …

ADAMUS: So, is it for intelligence that one does not listen to Spirit or for stupidity?

ANDY: Again, it's both. You have to remember it's the adventure of being on Earth …

ADAMUS: Right.

ANDY: … is where the thrill is, you know, because if you're just robotic and going through every day …

ADAMUS: Right, right.

ANDY: Yeah, that gets pretty old. So you mix it up.

ADAMUS: Right.

ANDY: And Spirit is famous for throwing curve balls at you. So that you wake up one day and your arm's broke or, you know, an event occurred …

ADAMUS: You just wake up, “Oh, crap! How did that happen?!” (laughter)

ANDY: You get drunk the night before…

ADAMUS: “I went to sleep, I was fine, and I woke up and goddang it, Spirit! Stop breaking my arm!” That sounds stupid.

ANDY: Okay.

ADAMUS: Okay. Thank you, Andy, and I'm deliberately messing with all of you today.

ANDY: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Does anybody's head hurt? Take a deep breath, relax.

LINDA: Thank you, Andy.

ADAMUS: It should. Good. Next.

LINDA: This is going to a straight outright pirate.

ADAMUS: Oh, good, good. Good. Ah! What is intelligence? You heard Andy say that it was reasoning. That's a good answer.

ALICE: That's close. When you asked that I was thinking about artificial intelligence, what makes them intelligent. And so it really is kind of the reasoning, the logical thing. Where does it come from? It had to start somewhere. Like, if you think about a computer, we had to tell it one plus one equals two.

ADAMUS: Right.

ALICE: Two plus two equals four and so on. Where did we get our intelligence? I'm looking at it not at all as intuitive or anything like that.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm.

ALICE: So I'm thinking, okay, well, we're born, we get taught. We learn right away – this is human intelligence, in a sense – we cry, we get fed, we smile, we get patted on the belly, you know (Adamus chuckles). So that's the way I was looking at the word intelligence.

ADAMUS: Yes. So, in summary, in three words or less, what is intelligence to you?

ALICE: Step-by-step (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Step-by-step. Good.

ALICE: Learning (she chuckles again).

ADAMUS: Learning, right, okay (Adamus chuckles).

ALICE: Four.

ADAMUS: Step-by-step is just one kind of word, kind of tied together.


ADAMUS: Learning, okay. So it's somewhat evolutionary?

ALICE: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: You evolve. Your intelligence evolves. Why is it that some people then they're born in the same culture, generally the same circumstances, but one will have an outstanding intelligence and the other will not? What makes that difference?

ALICE: Yeah, I was thinking about that, and I don't want to go to the toilet.

ADAMUS: No, no. Of course, not (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: And now we have a special feature for those who go to the toilet (she's chuckling). Yeah. Can we play that just so they know what's coming?

LINDA: Oh, the warning, the warning.

ADAMUS: Yeah, do you have … this is what happens if you say, “I don't know.” Do you have that?

ALICE: Not ready yet.

ADAMUS: No. Okay.

ALICE: Yeah, sweet!

ADAMUS: You're lucky (she chuckles). So, and do you consider – you're a doctor, I believe?

ALICE: Retired, but yes.

ADAMUS: Retired. What kind of doctor?

ALICE: Obstetrician, gynecologist.

ADAMUS: Obstetric- … okay. And do you consider yourself intelligent?

ALICE: By my definition, yes.

ADAMUS: Which is?

ALICE: That I did step-by-step learning.

ADAMUS: Excellent. And in what percentile would you be in, in the world population? Top two percent?

ALICE: Ten. I know doctors in general are in the top ten percent.

ADAMUS: We hope so.

ALICE: Yeah (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Nothing worse than a stupid doctor (Linda laughs).

ALICE: Yeah, yeah. But I'm being really …

ADAMUS: They attract stupid patients. Yeah. Yeah.

ALICE: No, I'm being really strict in my definition of intelligence.

ADAMUS: Sure, sure. Okay.

ALICE: So I'm not including …

ADAMUS: Where do you think intelligence comes from again? The core of it.

ALICE: Learning. So, so …

ADAMUS: Learning. But where did it come before learning? Andy says Spirit, who is going to break his arm every other day (a few giggles), just to keep in line. I think that's you're wife, not Spirit (Adamus chuckles).

ALICE: Yeah, but …

ADAMUS: Where does it come from?

ALICE: … animals learn. We learn.

ADAMUS: Yes, yes. Where did it come from? Where do the animals get their intelligence?

ALICE: God farted (laughter). I mean, really seriously. That's as good an answer as any! Right?

ADAMUS: (chuckling) Yeah, okay, the gift of God or gas of God (more chuckles), no matter how you look at it, but from God. Okay. Wow. Then it begs the question that I almost don't want to ask, does that make God smart or stupid?

ALICE: Farty.

ADAMUS: If all this …

ALICE: Makes him farty.

ADAMUS: Yeah, farty.

ALICE: Very gassy! (she laughs)

ADAMUS: Now, if all this human intelligence came from God, do we consider God smart or …

ALICE: I don't think it came from God.

ADAMUS: God doesn't mind. You can say.

ALICE: Right.

ADAMUS: No, you can say God is stupid.

ALICE: But then I'd have to acknowledge that there is a God.

ADAMUS: Ah! Interesting. Interesting.

ALICE: There are many gods and …

ADAMUS: Many gods.

ALICE: … we're all stupid (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: You're like ten thousand gods, like …

ALICE: Sorry, guys! They're going to send me to the toilet! (she chuckles)

ADAMUS: Like a hundred thousand Hindu gods. How do you even begin to remember all the names? You have to carry a cheat sheet with you, you know.

ALICE: David god.

ADAMUS: Okay, so you don't want to acknowledge there is a God.

ALICE: No, it's not that. I just … (she sighs) The reason I used intelligence in such a small focused definition is because I don't think there is an origin for it. I think we just showed up somehow, God farted, whatever it is, and we started to learn. Dogs showed up and they started to learn.


ALICE: Horses showed up and they started to learn.

ADAMUS: What do you think is the smartest animal on the planet?

ALICE: The planet. Whales? Dolphins? Probably something like that. Pigs?


ALICE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah, pigs are pretty smart.

ALICE: Yeah.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Yeah. Isn't it interesting? Dolphins and whales and then pigs.

ALICE:  Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Kind of … yeah. Yeah. You wonder what pigs …

LINDA: They eat their young. Really?!

ADAMUS: They're hungry, they're smart. They don't have to go very far.

ALICE: That's pretty smart sometimes. Should have eaten mine! (she chuckles) No, just kidding.

ADAMUS: So, good.

ALICE: Sorry, guys. They're not listening.

ADAMUS: Okay, well, thank you for the wonderful answers. Yeah. A couple more.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: What is intelligence?

LINDA: (whispers) I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

ADAMUS: Oh, she's saying she's sorry.

LINDA: (continues whispering) I'm so sorry.

ADAMUS: Oh. Ohh! Oh!

LINDA: (bumps her head on a TV monitor) Owee! (audience says “Ohhh!”) It didn't hurt, just sounded bad.

ADAMUS: God hit her

LINDA: “Oh, it hurt so bad! Oh, boo hoo hoo!” It didn't hurt.


ADAMUS: And she keeps doing it.

LINDA: I said it's too big!

ADAMUS: That's not very smart. So intelligence, what is it?

CHERYL: I think it's a combination. I would say that it is intuition.

ADAMUS: Intuition, okay. 

CHERYL: Besides learning and besides reasoning.


CHERYL: I think it's more of a combination of things.

ADAMUS: Kind of an intuitive blend with some learning, accumulating information.


ADAMUS: Okay. So what's the ratio of intuition versus the learning portion?

CHERYL: For me?


CHERYL: I would say it's probably 50 percent.

ADAMUS: Fifty percent of what? (she chuckles) I just want to see if she's awake.

CHERYL: Fifty …

ADAMUS: Fifty. Which is 50 percent?

CHERYL: Fifty percent of …

ADAMUS: Intuition or … they're all asleep.

CHERYL: Intuition is 50 percent.

ADAMUS: Intuition is 50 percent. Good.


ADAMUS: And what's the other 50 percent?

CHERYL: The combination, I would say, of reasoning and learning.

ADAMUS: Good. How much is reasoning then? What percent?

CHERYL: My first answer would be 25 and 25.

ADAMUS: Okay, good. And do you consider yourself an intelligent person?


ADAMUS: In the top what percentile? (she pauses) Come on! I mean, really, like really let's … (she chuckles) It's between you and I, you know.

CHERYL: All right, true answer.

ADAMUS: True answer.

CHERYL: About 90 percent. In the top 90 percent.

ADAMUS: Oh, no. I want you better than that. I know you better than that.

CHERYL: Well, I mean the top 10 percent, excuse me.

ADAMUS: I'd give you maybe, what – how would you feel if I said top two percent?

CHERYL: I, um … I would be very complimented.

ADAMUS: Oh, she has a problem with that. It was like, “Oh, uh, really? Okay.” Yeah, and that makes you intelligent and everybody else kind of stupid (they chuckle). But no, I would say in the top two percent.

CHERYL: Oh, thank you.

ADAMUS: Well, it's not necessarily a compliment (laughter), as you're going to find out!



ADAMUS: Well, no …

LINDA: Boom!

ADAMUS: … it is. It is, but it's not. It works for you and it works against you.

CHERYL: And against you. Of course.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Where did intelligence come from?

CHERYL: (pauses) Okay (she chuckles).

ADAMUS: Remember, the bathroom is right over there.

CHERYL:I know. I started and I …

ADAMUS: Yeah. I could feel it (she chuckles again). Where did it come from, intelligence?

CHERYL: (pausing again) I believe the intuition part of it is a gift that we give ourselves as divine beings.

ADAMUS: Where does intuition come from then? (she pauses) I always love this. I can feel the tension in the room and online and all over. Where did intuition come from?

CHERYL: (pausing) It was a gift we gave ourselves.

ADAMUS: Where'd you get the gift? Go down to Macy's? You order online? (Adamus chuckles)

CHERYL: It came from the learning process.

ADAMUS: The learning process.

CHERYL: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: Okay. Ah, gosh! I know, Linda, you're so busy, but I almost would like to write some of these down. But we won't. Remember that, the learning process. Okay, thank you. Good answers.

CHERYL: You're welcome.

LINDA: I'll do whatever you say, mostly (some chuckles).

ADAMUS: Are you talking to me, Adamus, or are you talking to your husband, because there's a huge different there (audience says “Ohh” and a few chuckles).

LINDA: There's a line.

ADAMUS: Good (more chuckles).

LINDA: There's a line.

ADAMUS: A big line. Next.

LINDA: Okay.





ADAMUS: Should have expected that. Yeah. So what is intelligence to you?

HENRIETTE: (pausing) I really can't add any more to what's already been expressed.

ADAMUS: Why? Is anybody stopping her? (some chuckles) God, are you stopping her? Nobody's stopping you. You can add more.

HENRIETTE: It's knowing.

ADAMUS: Knowing. Okay. Do you consider yourself intelligent?


ADAMUS: Really? Top what percent?

HENRIETTE: Never thought about that before, but perhaps in the top ten.

ADAMUS: Top ten. I'd give it top two.

HENRIETTE: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Well, it's not necessarily a compliment (laughter). It's not so smart. They keep giving the same answer expecting me to say something different. But I've got an issue with you.


ADAMUS: Yeah, “Uh-oh” is right (they chuckle). So, you have this constant battle within yourself about intelligence and you work with smart people.


ADAMUS: Yeah, and they make you sometimes – not intentionally – but you feel around them that you're not as intelligent, because you can't sit and program code and do all the rest of that stuff. So, you're in a dilemma about your own smartness. You make up for it in different ways. You've told yourself that, “Well, I'm not textbook smart,” as some of the rest of them in the environment you're around. “I don't have some of these deep skills that they have.” You make it up in different ways.


ADAMUS: You circumvent what I would call the intelligence or smartness and use other methods to get where you're trying to go, to live your life.


ADAMUS: So, in a sense, there is almost a resentment against some of these intellects that you work around. Why did you put yourself in that situation?

HENRIETTE: Learning.

ADAMUS: Learning. Learning what? From them? Ain't going to happen. They're geeks.


ADAMUS: And I don't mean that in a negative way, but learning what?

HENRIETTE: Learning to integrate.

ADAMUS: Integrate what?

HENRIETTE: Really integrating all things. Adamus and the teaching here is …

ADAMUS: Makyo.


ADAMUS: Okay, we're going down makyo trail here, right?


ADAMUS: Okay, let's just admit it. So you've got this conflict and you're going to find out something today that's going to give you a huge sense of relief.

HENRIETTE: Good. Thank you.

ADAMUS: And you're not going to have that internal battle. And you are like many others. You're like, “Well, you know, I don't know if I'm that smart.” And you're even hesitating to say you're in the top 90 percentile of intelligence. You're like choking. Eh, probably all of you anywhere in the top – oh, I've got to check in there (a few chuckles as he looks into the camera) – you're in the top, most all of you, 96 percent. Yeah. That's pretty good. But it also makes you wonder, “Well, geez, that doesn't say much about the rest of the planet, does it?” (laughter) “I'm up there?” No, you are.

So next question in this. Where did intelligence come from? (she pauses and a few chuckles) Just make something up.

HENRIETTE: Energy is the word that comes to mind.

ADAMUS: Intelligence comes from energy. Okay. So you think the energy particles have a built-in intelligence that keeps things in some sort of form or pattern.


ADAMUS: Okay, good.

HENRIETTE: All things have intelligence.

ADAMUS: All things have intelligence.


ADAMUS: Okay. Animals?


ADAMUS: Okay. The air around you has intelligence?


ADAMUS: Wow. Okay. So it's a very intelligent reality that you're within.

HENRIETTE: Intelligent universe.

ADAMUS: Mm hmm. The universe is intelligent. How would you feel about being in a dimension or a reality where there wasn't intelligence? What would that be like?

HENRIETTE: My stomach already feels very ill.

ADAMUS: Oh! Oh! Nauseous. Why, why, why? Could you imagine taking a little – let's say we develop this artificial intelligence mechanism that would shoot you off into a dream world that seemed very real – I think this is a movie – but you were in this and you went on this dream vacation to a place where there was no intelligence. What would that be like?

HENRIETTE: A bad dream.

ADAMUS: It would be like Fort Lauderdale (laughter).

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: (chuckling) I make myself laugh. Nobody else is laughing, but I make myself laugh. Okay. So what would that be like, being in this place without any intelligence?

HENRIETTE: It would be unreal.

ADAMUS: Unreal. Unreal. Do you hear that? Unreal to have no intelligence. Okay.


ADAMUS: Good. Next. You're all giving very smart answers.

LINDA: It's a pretty big setup.

ADAMUS: That's not necessarily good. One more.

LINDA: Pretty big setup here.

ADAMUS: Big setup. You know it's a setup. Yes.

MATTHEW: It's me again, hello (he chuckles).

ADAMUS: Cheers! Cheers! Yes.

MATTHEW: Thank you.

ADAMUS: Yeah, good to hear from you.

MATTHEW: (chuckles) The guy with the accent.

ADAMUS: Before we get into it, what kind of work are you in? (Matthew sighs) Ohh! Oh!

MATTHEW: So what you're talking about is making a reality across the world with Ambient AI, artificial intelligence working with some of the biggest companies in the world to reshape society into a more conscious society leveraged in technology. So that's why …

ADAMUS: You're doing this with software?

MATTHEW: No, with all sorts of different aspects.

ADAMUS: All sorts of different aspects.

MATTHEW: Working with some of the biggest companies in the world.

ADAMUS: Wow! Wow! So you sound like you're smart. I mean you talk like you're smart. You might be faking it, but everybody here is going, “Oh, my god! He's so smart!”

MATTHEW: Yeah. I'm classified as a smart person, I guess.

ADAMUS: You're classified, by who? The CIA?


ADAMUS: “He's a smart person. Watch out for him.”

MATTHEW: Mm hmm.

ADAMUS: What's your I.Q.?

MATTHEW: I have no idea.

ADAMUS: Come on! You do.

MATTHEW: I tap into Source, so it's infinite. There we are.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah, what's your I.Q.?

MATTHEW: I don't know.

ADAMUS: Yes, you do.

MATTHEW: No, I don't.

ADAMUS: You have an idea.

MATTHEW: I do have an idea but I'm not going to share it now (they chuckle).

ADAMUS: I won't say unless you're willing to state it first.

MATTHEW: I'm not going to tell you.

ADAMUS: Good. So you're a very intelligent person. You have big dreams, goals. You have tremendous understanding, which is good. What percentile would you put yourself in?

MATTHEW: Top .1 percent.

ADAMUS: Yeah, good, good. I'm glad he was …

MATTHEW: As is everybody else here.

ADAMUS: Just says it. Top one percent, and he's not embarrassed about it.

MATTHEW: Point one percent (correcting Adamus).

ADAMUS: Point one percent! And he's not embarrassed. Good. Next question is where did intelligence come from?

MATTHEW: Source.

ADAMUS: What source?

MATTHEW: The Source.

ADAMUS: The Source. Where is the Source?

MATTHEW: The Source is …

ADAMUS: Did you say sauce or source? (much laughter) With that delightful accent, we're never really sure!

MATTHEW: I love your sense of humor. The Source.

ADAMUS: The Source.

MATTHEW: As in the Infinite.

ADAMUS: The infinite. Where is that?

MATTHEW: Where you came from, where I came from, where everybody came from here.

ADAMUS: You came from Source?

MATTHEW: I certainly did.

ADAMUS: Were you, like, birthed by Source? The cosmic fart?

MATTHEW: Well, you could say that, but basically it's that Source created all our higher selves, whether it's in this universe, this reality or other realities.


MATTHEW: We are divine.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Are you ready to let go of that?

MATTHEW: No, because it's true.

ADAMUS: (slight pause) I like that. I like his, kind of his attitude. But you're going to find out something today that's going to spin you into your 14-day garbage cycle today (laughter).

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: Kuthumi driving up! Beep!

MATTHEW: Touché. Touché.

ADAMUS: For any of you, be willing to let go of anything.

MATTHEW: Yeah, of course.

ADAMUS: Truly, and I'll explain why in a moment.

MATTHEW: Yes, of course.

ADAMUS: But, yes, you are very smart. You're doing great work also, but the energies aren't, you know, pulling in like you'd like them to.

MATTHEW: That's correct.

ADAMUS: You know why?

MATTHEW: I'd love to know.

ADAMUS: You're thinking too much. Ow! Because you're too smart (Linda sighs).

MATTHEW: I would disagree with that. Actually, I use …

ADAMUS: You can disagree with anything.

MATTHEW: I use the emotional intelligence to guide everything.

ADAMUS: Emotional intelligence.

MATTHEW: Which is tapped into intuition, which is tapped into my higher Self, which is tapped into Source.

ADAMUS: Garbage truck. I hear it coming right now, “Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!”

LINDA: Ohhh!

ADAMUS: Backing up.


ADAMUS: No, be willing to …

MATTHEW: I'm happy to. I'll go with you, seriously.

ADAMUS: You're smart. You're very smart. And that's good. It's probably the most revered and honored of all human traits and attributes right now. Used to be brute strength, but now it's intelligence. And you are intelligent, but there's something more to realize. That's why you're here today.

MATTHEW: Well, yes. And also, I think everybody else here is just as intelligent. We all have the same Source.


MATTHEW: It's just a matter of trusting that divinity.

ADAMUS: Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! (laughter)


ADAMUS: That truck is backing up.

MATTHEW: Shall I stop now?

ADAMUS: You know that sound that they make. No, it's okay.

MATTHEW: We could go all day, seriously (he laughs).

ADAMUS: But actually … we could (they chuckle). We could. And it's a very wise person that allows the changes in their perception about reality, and that's what we're doing here. And you're integral in helping change that, here and in the work you do.

MATTHEW: Yes, I'm here because there's still so much to learn.

ADAMUS: Or not.

MATTHEW: And that's why I'm here, to listen.

ADAMUS: Yeah, or not.


ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Maybe we just have fun. I contend actually that you come here simply to take your catnaps, to sleep. You realize half of them watching right now are so out (some chuckles), sleeping so deeply, because it's the one time they really get a good nap (more chuckles). And they'll go back in about a week and watch this and go, “Oh, I think I was there, but I think I better listen to this again.” No, actually a big reason for coming here is simply the distraction to allow a natural process to occur.


ADAMUS: A process that you can't think through.

MATTHEW: Yeah, I agree.

ADAMUS: Yeah. Good. Thank you.

MATTHEW: Thank you very much.

ADAMUS: It was a delight. And by the way, I'm hanging around with you more than you may realize.

MATTHEW: Wow, I am so delighted. Thank you. I need your help.

ADAMUS: I'm not going to help you. I'm just hanging around! (laughter) Sometimes laughing, sometimes …

LINDA: Thank you for not throwing the mike at him.

ADAMUS: One more.

LINDA: One more.

ADAMUS: One more.

LINDA: You have something in mind? Anyone in particular?

ADAMUS: I am leaving it open to the universal intelligence.

LINDA: Oh, god. Somebody raised their hand. Oh, shit.

ADAMUS: Yes. Intelligence, what is it? What is it?

HORACE: Intelligence comes from the sense of Focus.

ADAMUS: A sense of Focus. Okay. How is that? When things are focused, it, like, squeezes and makes intelligence? (some chuckles)

HORACE: I was watching a movie last year.


HORACE: And I was looking at the …

ADAMUS: Ahem! Pardon me a moment. We have a rude interruption here (Tad's phone is ringing).

LINDA: (gasps) Ohhh! (lots of laughter as she tries to sneak out)

ADAMUS: I don't even have to do a thing anymore (more laughter). I'm just standing here minding my own business (Adamus chuckles). I hope they caught that on video. That's a classic. Shaumbra bloopers. Yes, so what is intelligence?

HORACE: I was watching a movie and I felt very focused on the movie, and suddenly my I Am Presence shifted back into a feeling of a big group.


HORACE: And I could perceive that everything is moving in front of me. I'm not moving. And I realize that that's kind of … the mind is not only here. Our mind is outside, actually, of us, like in a big frickin' field, and that's intelligence itself.


HORACE: Intelligence …

ADAMUS: So is intelligence kind of a group thing?


ADAMUS: A flock type of thing?

HORACE: No. It's something that you gather throughout the lifetimes and you keep bringing into your energetic body.


HORACE: And it transfers.

ADAMUS: Okay. He's saying so you keep accumulating intelligence. At what point do you have enough? At what point do you say, “I've got everything that there is to learn on the planet.”

HORACE: I think …

ADAMUS: Have you memorized the Bible?

HORACE: I think I'm at that point. We are at that point. We've had enough of intelligence. We want to go beyond it.

ADAMUS: Right, right. Okay. Okay. So how intelligent are you?

HORACE: I think I'm shifting from intelligence to wisdom. I'm getting out of the sense of intelligence.

ADAMUS: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Where would you put yourself?

HORACE: The same as the others. One percent.

ADAMUS: Top one percent. Good. Good. And where did intelligence come from?

HORACE: It's a sense. It came from experiencing inside a sense of Focus.

ADAMUS: Okay. Good. A sense.

HORACE: We accumulated experience and then by going back into this hologram that we kind of have, we kept building upon it.

ADAMUS: Okay, good.

HORACE: But not cognitive, but energetically.

ADAMUS: Energetic, okay. Good. Great answers. Great answers. Linda, with the microphone.

Let's take a good deep breath with that. Intelligence. A lot of very interesting answers on this.

And, by the way, you realize what we're all doing here, really, in addition to being entertained and distracted. You're just writing the guidebook for the others who are going to come after you. So they're going to come to this point and have to address the issue of intelligence. What is it? What is it?



I contend that intelligence is, well, let's go to the root word, the core word. Intelligence, the original root word meant 'remembrance.' Remembrance. The ability to remember, and then it kind of evolved into 'understand' (laughter, as Tad sneaks back to her seat). Welcome back (Adamus chuckles). So subtle. So subtle. Anything to get on camera these days (more chuckles).

So initially, the word intelligence came from a very ancient word that basically meant to remember, and then it evolved to understand. In other words, you remember, and you attach a meaning of some sort to it. That's intelligence. And intelligence over a long, long time has grown to be the most important attribute on this planet, actually more sought after even than being rich, because one would figure, in their intelligence, that if they were intelligent, that then therefore they could be rich or whatever they wanted. So, it's a huge attribute.

When one is asked to let go of their intelligence, they panic. When one is asked to let go of the mind, all the accumulated knowledge and information that they have, when one is asked to let go of the thing that is the very core of their identity, the very core of the one thing that keeps them connected, their own kind of like a golden cord connecting them to this reality, when one is asked to release the intelligence, there's panic in the house. That's what we're doing here today.

I contend that intelligence is not real. Intelligence is not real. It is a made-up attribute that humans have gotten so ingrained to that they actually believe it's real. And then they try to build on their intelligence. The answers that you gave are all very interesting and accurate. A lot of intelligence is memory. Memory, being able to remember, being able to rehearse and recite facts and figures and information.

A lot of intelligence comes as a result of studying, lifetime after lifetime. Not wisdom, not the experience, but studying facts and figures and information; about maybe 80 percent of it absolutely inaccurate, absolutely not true. And to use the classic example, there was a point where you believed, you studied or you lived a flat Earth, and that was your intelligence at the time. Now you've evolved past that.

So, 80 percent or so of all information that you've acquired in the past is not accurate, not true. Even what you've learned here on your spiritual journey with our Crimson Circle gatherings, a lot of it is simply not true where you're going. It might have been true back then when the Earth was flat, but where you're going, it's not true. And if enough believe it's flat, it's flat, because that's the way they act out until somebody says, “Well, let's make it round today, because flat was really boring. Let's make a round Earth and let's all worry about being in Australia and falling off.” (Adamus chuckles) Sorry. It was a joke. You've heard the joke so many times.

Intelligence is so revered on this planet that they're now creating artificial intelligence. I contend that intelligence is artificial to begin with. So now you have artificial artificial intelligence. It's derived from human intelligence, which really occurred back – let's go all the way back to Lemuria – when you were coming here to this planet as angelic beings, beings mostly in light body, coming here to experience nature, Earth, being in Focus. You were absolutely right, Horace, being in Focus.

They came here to experience – not to learn, but to experience – being in Focus, but they came in … they were like wisps, you know, they weren't real solid. And then they tried to hitchhike, integrate into the whales and the dolphins and maybe pigs, I doubt it, but whales and dolphins. They tried to integrate into that and maintain their balance within this reality.

Now, this reality, if you're looking from the outside, is like super compression. Like compression you couldn't even imagine. Billions and billions of psi, pressures (pounds) per square inch. Trillions and gazillions of psi condensed really tight, and to try to come in here as a butterfly being – you know, flying around in the other realms and then you (Adamus is tugging on a butterfly hanging from the ceiling) come to Earth (he finally pulls it down; some chuckles). It took a little yanking to get you here (a few chuckles). You come to Earth; you dive bomb down into this compression, into gravity, into this density and now you're in Focus. You're in the sense of Focus and it hurts like hell for a little while. And then it pops you back out (he tosses the butterfly away). You die, if you've been in a physical body. You can't hold being in that tight of a focus. It would be like being in a really, really, really, really hot bathtub and you step in and it's so hot, you've got to jump out right way, otherwise it hurts like hell. It's the same thing. You float down here in your angel wings and float down to Earth and it was so hard to stay in.

So, what did you do? You started to think about what were the things that helped you to stay in that last experience before you got squashed? What was it? Oh, you've got to eat some food. Not because you need the energy; because it integrates you into this reality. You've got to eat some food to keep you here. And you've got to make sure you don't step out in front of the dinosaur, because the dinosaur is a lot bigger and you're just this little wispy being. It's going to stomp on you. So you start remembering all that, and you start remembering things like brush your teeth three times a day. Not in Lemuria. They're all asleep today!

You start remembering things like you don't walk off the ledge. Right now you think, “Well, yeah, of course.” Not when you're a little wispy being. Not when you're a butterfly trying to become a human so you can go back to being a butterfly again. So you start remembering and it was actually the sense of Focus – compression, gravity – that caused you to start thinking, that created a remembering, that created this whole thing called logic, all based on qualia, all based on association. “Do not put hand in fire. It hurts like hell.”

So you start accumulating this. That eventually has turned into what is called the intelligence of the human. Reasoning, rationalizing things, but at its core is just remembering information. That's it. That is it, and none of it is important (a few giggles).

For one thing, you could never be fully intelligent. You couldn't. There's too much to remember. The mind doesn't have the capacity, but people try. They try to be the most intelligent.

Now, let's take that human intelligence and I said you're all in the top, what, four percent of the human intelligence scale. Let's stop for a moment here, because you're still approaching your life, this planet and your energy with intelligence.

The I Am consciousness has no intelligence whatsoever. None.

If you do not hear or feel the presence of the I Am, if you've been running around saying, “Well, where is it? Where is it?” it's because you're trying to connect with your intelligence and it has none. Why would the I Am, pure consciousness, pure awareness, have intelligence? There is none.

Shocking. Overwhelming to the human, because the human wants to believe in a higher intelligence. The human feels naked, raw, insecure when one says, “There's no higher intelligence. You're about as high as it's going to get.” Scary, but true.

The I Am has no intelligence whatsoever. It doesn't store information and data. A lot of you think that angelic beings, Ascended Masters, the I Am knows everything. Not at all. You ask the I Am to solve a relatively simple mathematical problem, it's like, “I don't know. I don't care. Why would I care?” You know, what's the square root of 10 or 50 or 1,000? The I Am is like, “What is wrong with you? You keep asking these stupid questions like I'm going to answer. I don't know (someone says, “Stop it!”). Stop it! Yes (Adamus chuckles). Stop it!

But yet the human feels there has to be a higher power. There has to be an intelligence in God. They even talk about the universe bringing them things. That's really dumb. The universe doesn't bring anything. Nothing! The universe doesn't break your arm. The universe doesn't bring you anything. The universe does not know nor care. That's kind of disconcerting to the human who really wants to believe in a higher intelligence.

But let's stop for a moment and just feel into it. There is no intelligence in the I Am. That is freedom. And once the human begins to understand that – that intelligence, it's okay up to a point. It's okay to have the memory, the understanding, the facts and figures, “Do not take hands off the steering wheel” unless you have one of those self-guided cars, but even then. “Do not put hand in fire. Do not drink gasoline,” at least right now.

There are certain things that are good in the human journey and that you're going to bring with you into embodied Realization. There are things that are important to have in that memory. However, your memory base is going to be relocated. It's like saying your entire database, like if you were a computer, your entire database is going to be taken out of your computer and put somewhere else. And, of course, then you say, “Well where? A bigger computer?” No. It's like in Nowhere Land. It's going to be in the ethers. It's not going to be in a place. It's just going to be in what I called the Now Future, Future Now, either way. It's going to be there, but it's not going to be there. It's no longer going to be housed in here (brain), because there's no need for it.

And I know, using computer analogy you would say, “Well, it's going to be in the cloud.” Nah. Nah, because the cloud is someplace, and this is going to be no place, but it's going to be there. And then the intellect kicks in and says, “Well, I've got to know where it is, how far away and how long does it take to get there and how big …” That's intellect talking. That's intelligence talking. We are so going to go beyond intelligence.

The I Am has no intelligence whatsoever. It does not need it. Does not need it. It is simply the awareness, “I Am that I Am. I Exist.” Not that “I exist and I'm smart. I exist to become smarter. I exist to know more.” None of that. None of that applies. Feel into the beauty of that. Feel into the freedom of that. There is no intelligence in the I Am. That's a great thing.

You know, if you were walking along one day, you were walking down the street and suddenly you met your I Am, it would be such a relief to know that the I Am does not need intelligence. And then you're going to start feeling really stupid for trying to be so intelligent, and you're going to go, “Oh! You know, here we were in this compressed state of Focus trying to remember everything so we didn't keep burning our hands from lifetime to lifetime or walking off cliffs or anything like that. And all this time I realize I really didn't need all that intelligence. It's not that important.”

And you start realizing, “You know, the energy essence of all these things I learned – do not step out in front of a car that's going really fast – all these things I learned, I don't need to retain anymore in my brain.” It frees up the brain. They're like energy imprints, like little energy essences that are always there available for you, but they don't have to be stored in here anymore. It is truly amazing.

Let's take a deep breath with that.

There is no intelligence in consciousness, and therefore, my dear friends, you will continue to have access to the information about how to live in this reality, but no longer be relying on it to guide your life, to make your happiness, to bring you what you are choosing to create. It has nothing to do with intelligence.

Next step. There's no intelligence in energy. That's really kind of scary. There's no intelligence in the energy, and when I hear somebody say, “Well, this is the way the universe handed it to me,” no. No. The energy is not intelligent nor should it ever be. Could you imagine what would happen if energy was given that responsibility of having intelligence? It would be frightening. It would do what humans do, destroy everything.

There is no intelligence whatsoever in the energies that are coming into your life right now. Doesn't need it, doesn't care about it, doesn't have it, never will. So sometimes when you rely on the outside and say, “Well, what does the energy want me to do?” the energy's like “What do you mean? We're not intelligent. We're really actually stupid. Dumb energy.” And that's the way it should be. Energy is just there to serve you, not to tell you what to do. Not to bias you, not to make you go left or make you go right. It's just there to serve you.

But yet there is this commonly held notion that there is a higher intelligence. There's not. There is not. There is the commonly held notion that energy has intelligence. There's a commonly held perception that humans put themselves way, way, way, wayyy down here at the bottom of the scale, like, “I'm the stupid one and energy has intelligence and God has intelligence and aliens and Pleaidians have intelligence.” They don't! Pleaidians are … (Adamus sighs) They're not halfway as smart as humans. They got one things though. Humans are really stupid about letting somebody else tell them what to do. Humans are a lot smarter except for that one little flaw, like “Oh! God, save me. Pleaidians, save me. Soul, save me. Universe, energy.” None of those. There is no intelligence in it.

Intelligence is often thought of as order, structure, pattern, and humans have gotten into that because you're in deep in the sense of Focus. You're deep into that all that and the mind has come to like order. Everything in its neat place. Two plus two equals four. That's actually not true. It really is not. It's so much more. It's four negative, it's four this way, it's four that way, and sometimes two plus two is just nothing, not even zero. Nothing.

Once you start realizing there is no intelligence in the I Am, in Spirit, in God – God is really kind of stupid. Why? Because God is a human creation. Their intelligence created the superintelligence outside of them. But in what you call Source, there's no intelligence.

Imagine for a moment tapping into that, but from your Self, from the I Am that you are.

Imagine for a moment tapping into the energies who have no intelligence, who have no bias. They don't care if you get hit by a car this afternoon. They really don't. It's just serving you. There's no intelligence in it.

And imagine letting go of the need for intelligence as you've known it, putting it kind of over to the side now, saying you've got this reservoir of understanding facts and figures, but a lot of it's getting wisdomized right now. A lot of it's getting thrown out. Every two weeks the trash truck is going to come and pick it up. Truly.

And imagine now, instead of an intelligence, instead of smartness, you simply come back to the basics, the “I Am that I Am, I Exist,” the ability to be aware.

You see, the I Am doesn't need intelligence, because the moment the I Am wants to be aware of whatever it is, it is. It is. So the I Am doesn't carry around facts and figures, doesn't give a crap about your name in a last lifetime or who did you wrong or anything like that. Doesn't care. But the I Am can be in the awareness of it, if it chooses. It's the same with you.

You don't need intelligence. It's just now a matter of the awareness. And please, don't start labeling what I have called knowingness – I've called it that for a long time – it's not intelligence. There's no smarts in it. There's no bias in it. You see, the reality base that you have, your entire perception of reality is based on old garbage, on old facts that aren't even true.

Intelligence, which you pride yourself in; intelligence, which you would fight me tooth and nail if I tried to take it away from you, because that's been a source of your identity; intelligence is just a bunch of facts and figures that aren't actually true.

Intelligence is a lot of qualia, meaning the mind associates something with everything, and nothing is new anymore in the mind of intelligence. Nothing is new. It doesn't like that. It loves patterns. It doesn't want anything new.

We're going past that right now. We're going past that. We're now kind of reassigning what you would call intelligence. We're just calling it remembrance, but without all the facts and figures, and it's available to you any time so you don't go sticking your hand in the fire.

But the new guiding influence in your life is not intelligence and not the I Am, God intelligence or anything like that. It's simply you in the moment. Your awareness. You're going to find that you don't even have to think through things anymore, and it's going to be really frightening, because you like thinking through things, pondering things. You like putting a logic to things, and where we go next is in the human you'll still have the remembrances, but not stored within you. You won't have all the detail and the weight of all that. But yet something amazing happens and things are just there, and you have assigned that to either energy, which has no intelligence, or the I Am, which has no intelligence.

Suddenly, you start realizing you're living in this divine grace state of being. The mind is going to rebel. It is going to scream. It is going to, right now, as it's doing for so many of you, spinning things around and you're getting a little blurry and you're trying to think through this right now. All of you, you're trying to think through this.

Stop for a moment and let's just allow it.


Merabh Beyond Intelligence

Let's have the lights down, some music on and let's do our merabh.

Take a good deep breath. Yeah. Oh, I know right now the mind is just jumping here and there. But the important thing is that there is a part of you that really understands, but not logically, not linearly.

(music begins)

There's a part of you that's like, “Ah, I knew it all along, but I don't know how I knew it.”

Let's take a good deep breath and … we're moving so fast. We're moving backwards so quickly, meaning from the future. We're bringing it into the Now.

Indeed, intelligence is, well, it's not actually real. It's kind of like power, some of those other things. It's not really real. But enough humans play the game and, well, then it becomes kind of real.

I ask you right now to feel into the I Am, not the source of all things, because there is none.

It's hard for the mind to grasp, but you were never created. You were never coughed out of Spirit's womb as a souled being. You always have been. That makes no sense to the mind, to intelligence, but actually it is so liberating, because if you were never created, you can never be uncreated.

The I Am, it has no intelligence to it. Feel into that for a moment.


Your I Am, it is just pure awareness.


And energy, which is the passion of the I Am – I like to say it's just super passionated consciousness – has no intelligence. This is absolutely liberating.

For intelligence is one of the things that's gotten many of you in trouble. Having too much of it – getting too logical, getting out of touch with your true nature – or never having enough of it, feeling that you were stupid, that others were smarter, feeling that you somehow you missed out.

So, in our journey now, we really transcend this whole intelligence issue. We put it over in the side, in other words, memories, but not things that are guiding your life. Not things that are telling you what to do. They're the intelligence, which is just the memories. They come back to serve you, not to tell you what to do.

You know how when you have a memory that says, “Don't do this,” a memory says, “Don't do that.” Sometimes the memory has the voice of a parent or a teacher or a minister, “Don't do this, don't do that.” It changes now. Instead of those memories being the ones that tell you what to do, the memories of everything – the intelligence, as it were – comes back to serve you.

In the coming months or so, you're going to stop hearing those old voices. They were just memories that you held on to to make your journey on this planet in the human form a little bit easier, a little safer. But now that's going away. You don't need it anymore.

There is no intelligence in what you call the universe. There's not. It is not an intelligent universe. It doesn't need intelligence. It doesn't need to store data. You know, when the whole goal is to store data – you know, experiences, memories, when the whole goal is that – you never get beyond. You always stay in that trap of intelligence, just trying to get more intelligence, but never getting out.

Once things are reassigned, once intelligence is put over on the side only to support you, not to tell you what to do, suddenly you have a whole new sense of freedom. And you'll never get intelligence. I mean, we're not going for superintelligence here or divine intelligence or anything like that. Intelligence becomes subordinate, secondary.

Feel into the I Am right now. Awareness. “I Exist.”

Who needs all that intelligence as the guiding force? You realize that it was the intelligence that judged, intelligence that said you're smart or you're stupid or you're good or you're bad, you're dark or you're light. It was only intelligence that did that.

These voices will cease as you come back to your true natural Self – a being of awareness, a being who can create. Create entire realities and then go play in them for the sake of experience only.

Really feel into this fact that you're free of intelligence, the need for it, and that the universe has no intelligence. It is just – the universe, as you define it – is just energy. It's like this big pool of energy. That's all it is. Don't think of the universe as being stars and black holes and solar systems and suns. No. The universe is a pool of energy, actually, that you never need to tap into again. You never need to tap into that, because you are your own energy.

There's no need to go collective anymore, going out to the universe and its energy. You are your own energy, and every moment as we sit here right now, as you're feeling into the I Am and the passion just of being, you realize that you're bringing forth more of your own energy. It doesn't belong to the collective. It doesn't belong to God or the universe. It's your own.

There is no intelligence whatsoever in the I Am, in consciousness, in energy. So now what are you going to do, dear human? Wow.

Well, it's time to retire the brain. It's time to retire it so it's not sitting as the judge and jury over your life. It's not making you think that the universe or it is handing out energy. That's a thing of the past.

It's going to feel very strange, letting go of intelligence, but what comes after that – ah! – is beyond words. So let's just feel it.

You know, words come from intelligence. That's why it's so difficult to explain certain things. At a certain point, eh, words are just vocal intelligence. You come to a point like this where you realize you're free of intelligence, you're free of its control, its power over you. Ha! Even energy. You're free of the fact that it has intelligence.

Suddenly, there is such a sense of freedom.


The mind is going to say, “Well, what do I replace intelligence with, super smarts?” No. Just the I Am.


And in the I Am there is no power. There is no intelligence.

It is just the I Am. That's it. Let's leave it at that.


In this merabh, in this shifting of awareness, you might even feel that what you called intelligence, which is just memories, facts and figures, it's shifting right now. It's no longer the board of directors of your life.

And the mind is going to rebel. It's going to say, “But, you know, I have to know mathematical figures. I have to be able to do my job at work and know all this.” No, you don't. Not the way you've done it in the past. It's all shifting. It's making way within that body, within that brain, it's making way now simply for awareness.

And should you need facts and figures, should you need to remember, should you need data, it'll suddenly just be there. It will not tax your mind when it comes to you. In other words, you're not going to have to think about it. You know how you do sometimes, you're trying to remember something and you get that frown on your face and you think about and you stress in your brain? No. No more of that.

You take a deep breath.

It simply comes with the I Am and the wisdom of the Master.

So that's the change that you're going through right now and the realization that there's no intelligence in I Am, in Spirit, in the universe or in energy.

Now, this is going to cause a lot of disturbances in your intelligence. A lot. Remember, that garbage truck is going to pull up pretty soon. Maybe you have to have two or three in the first round (a few chuckles), because you're going to be turned upside down. Oh, your mind is going to rebel and then you're going to go thinking that you're just going crazy and you can't remember shit and you're going to … and then you're going to stop and realize there is no intelligence in the I Am, in energy.

This is the life of an embodied Master.

Let's take a good deep breath. Good deep breath.

What a day.

You're making shifts so fast here. So, so extraordinarily fast. We're having a hard time keeping up with it in the Crimson Council.

So just kind of remembering what we've been through today, just so there's no confusion about it, just so there's no confusion, stop it! (laughter)

If you can't remember that, remember seven other words – if you have to, you can write these down – seven words before I leave that sum everything up: All is well in all of creation.

Thank you, dear Shaumbra. Thank you (audience applause).


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