tenets (attributes) of the New Energy

1. compassion; accept all things as they are; accept yourself;
2. balance; melding of male and female/king and queen/human and divine;
3. expanding; expanding your consciousness to multi-dimensionally; being all who you are;
4. expressing; giving life to your thoughts and having them their own journey;

< NewEnergy 6 > The first tenet of the New Energy is COMPASSION. We spoke about this at great length in our last gathering… but to have compassion for yourself and for everyone… to stop trying to change the world… but rather to honor each and every individual for their choices and their journey. From this place of compassion it sets up a whole New Energy, a potential for others. You want to be teachers? You want to be healers? You can't do it in the Old Energy way any more. Trust us. Some of you keep trying, trying to go back to Old Energy tools. And, you wonder why nobody comes knocking at your door! From a place of compassion, or acceptance of All That Is… this sets up a potential for those who choose change. Then, they will come to you. They will sense the compassion. They will sense the safe space that you are sitting in.

< NewEnergy 6 > The second tenet of the New Energy is BALANCE… balance… balance, meaning that all of the elements come together harmoniously instead of opposing each other. They now set up the safe platform. Your life is filled with balance. It does not mean that it is not exciting. It means that it always comes back into balance. You body comes back into balance. Your mind comes back into balance. Your spirit balances with the human. It is one of the important energies from now on… the balance. The balance helps to create the safety. The safety makes it possible for you to make a whole new set of choices.

< NewEnergy 6 > As you do, we go into the third tenet of the New Energy. And, that is EXPANSION… expansion… from compassion, to balance, to expansion… meaning that you can expand your energy to be who you truly are. You don't have to live in a tomb any more. You can open up to everything all around you. You can expand your mind. You can expand your spirit. Expand your energy! So many of you live in this tight little energy world. Let it open right now… expanding five, ten feet around you, and then a mile, and a then hundred miles, and then to the edge of the universe and back. And, you don't lose any energy in doing so. Nothing can come in and take it away from you because you have learned how to own your energy. So, you can now expand.

< NewEnergy 6 > And, finally the fourth tenet of the New Energy of this New Year is EXPRESSION… expression. You've gone through all this opening, and allowing, and integrating (cycle of expanding). It is important to express it also, to put it into application, graceful expression of energy from a safe space. What could be more beautiful? Express it in everything that you do… in a job… in a hobby… in your facilitation work. Allow yourself to express.

But, there is an interesting element of expression that comes into play here. It is part of the New Energy. You see… in the Old Energy you thought of expression as being an outward exerted energy, an outward flow. New Energy expression is also the receiving back. That's where we have this whole principle "if-it-comes-to-you." As you express your beingness in your world, in your life, expression comes back into you (reverse wave)… you see. Expression is inward and outward. Expression is the feeding also. It is the coming back.

As you allow yourself to express who you are now from this safe space, you'll be amazed at how the universe expresses back to you… a direct correlation… a direct correlation. The question is, "Can you receive? Can you take in what comes back… all of the gifts?

< NewEnergy 7 > Let us go back to the energy of our last gathering when we spoke of the Four Tenets. Some of you - how to say - felt that there were truly five, even though there were four. Some of you thought you heard five. But, you only heard four. There is a reason for it, for there was one more tenet. It was not time to bring it up. We were not sure if we would need to bring it up.

< NewEnergy 7 > The First Tenet was about COMPASSION… compassion first and foremost for yourself… for every decision and every choice you've made in your life… for you have done these things in order to discover something New. There have never been any bad choices. There have been some interesting ways of doing things. But, who are we to judge, for we do not walk in your shoes?

It is about compassion for every other human, understanding that they are on the journey of their choice, understanding that they are making decisions based on what they want to learn, what they want to experience, and eventually share with others. It is about having compassion for your world, understanding there is truly nothing wrong with it, understanding that every human has planned their own path. It is up to every other human to honor that. This whole thing of compassion… such an important element of the New Energy!

< NewEnergy 7 > We spoke of BALANCE also, the balance of bringing in the energies - formerly of duality - now the New Energy… the balance of male/female… the balance of right and wrong… the balance of up and down… all of these things coming into balance.

< NewEnergy 7 > We talked to you about now feeling safe enough to EXPAND your energy, to open up, to feel safe once again. We know many of you are still struggling with this, feeling that this would open some type of Pandora's box, to open your energies… for what could come in? You have learned how to cope - you say to yourself - you've learned how to survive. You've learned if you hold a tight and narrow space of energy that you can survive.

It is now time to open up and to be all of who you are. There are things that you desire in your imagination, but that you don't allow to come in because you hold such a tight rein on your own life. It is about feeling so safe and so free to open up your energies. Through this you will discover so many New things, not only in the human experience, but on the other realms as well.

You want to be able to talk to us. You want to be able to feel energies. You want to be able to see entities. Then, you have to open up YOUR energy. We are already there… you see. It is about you feeling safe enough to open up, and you will see we have always been there. You will see that there has always been a flow of inter-dimensional energies all around you. You simply had shut down so tightly that you couldn't even perceive them any more. Partly, this was designed on purpose so you could maintain a focus here on Earth. But, partly it was out of fear.

As you open up, you will perceive all of the activities going on on all the different levels, passing through you, crossing through you. You walk through many dimensional corridors every day. But, you simply aren't aware of it because you have been closed down.

< NewEnergy 7 > It is time to express yourself… to play with it and to have fun with it… do things that you've always dreamed of… and do things that you have never even attempted to dream of. Try something New. Energy flows through you. It is not meant to be held in or restricted. This applies to your creativity. This applies to your abundance… to your health… to everything. It flows through you.

In particular, the New Energy flows. It is an expansion energy. It needs to have flow to it. You could hold vibrational energy in a very limited space. It simply vibrated in that tiny space. New Energy is expansional. It needs room. It needs to flow. It needs to have a life of its own.

Truly what you are doing when you are creating and expressing - you are giving life to thoughts, ideas. They are yours. You are the Creator of these things. But, you give them life of their own, in a sense. It is playing the role of a Creator right here on Earth.

These ideas then take on the New Energy attributes. And, they continue to expand in every different direction. They emanated from you, but now they have a life of their own. That's what the New Energy is truly about, dear friends.