reality anchor & reality sensor

human senses & divine senses;

< e2012 4 > You have tens, thousands – who knows, millions – of reality anchors. Your five senses are a big part of the reality anchor. You have a certain way of looking at things, hearing things, smelling things, touching, tasting things. These are all ways for you to anchor your reality, yourself. It keeps you in what you would call a focus. It keeps you in a dimension. It allows you to stay kind of in herewith only slight shifting back and forth.

< e2012 4 > These reality anchors are the way your furniture is arranged in your room. It's not Feng Shui, it's a reality anchor. You put it there, or it was put there for you; whether you think about it every day, there's a certain pattern or organization to all these things. As you're going through building the new place, you say, “Well, let's put the chair here and the bookcase here.” These become reality anchors.

< e2012 4 > And while they seem insignificant, actually, they're not at all, because if somebody walks in and moves that chair about one inch, you may not notice it right away with your eyes or in your mind, but there's going to be an uneasy sense in that room. “What's wrong with this room? It was your anchor got shifted off a little bit. You anchor with things like your vehicle, your car. You're sometimes sad to give up an old car and get a new one. It was an anchor. Now, you quickly adapt that new anchor into your life.

< e2012 4 > Your emotions are a huge reality anchor. Your emotions – your anger, your happiness, your laughter, your imbalances. Your imbalances are anchored exactly where you put them. The imbalanced emotions aren't wobbling and wavering and all what you would call imbalanced. They're very stuck. They're pillars that you call imbalance. But they're there. They're anchors. Your earlier life experiences are anchors. Your schools that you went to, the teachers, all of these are ways of perceiving reality. All of these are ways of staying in that perception of reality.

< e2012 4 > Humans don't like to move those anchors. So this next year is going to be about releasing the reality anchor. Instead of replacing it with another anchor, something that's going to keep you held down, it's going to be replaced with a sensor. These sensors – the reality sensors – actually are going to be probes for you. They're going to sense the environment, your situation, your reality. They're going to provide you with feedback, but not up through here (head). It's going to be in here (body), feeling feedback, sensory feedback about different potentials.

< e2012 4 > Your reality sensors are going to replace the eyes in many ways. They're going to replace the eyes and some of your other physical senses, or, let's say, be in addition to. They're gong to sense different things that may attract you; experiences. They'll also give you warning, heads up about certain things you're not going to want to encounter. Your reality sensors are going to be co-managed by you and your wisdom, you and your soul. Wisdom is coming in right now. It wants to play. It wants something to do, so it's going to be part of creating these reality sensors.

< e2012 4 > One of the biggest symbols you're going to notice for this year is your hand, because that's going to be the symbol reminder of the reality sensors. You're going to start getting some nice wonderful heat sensations and nice tingling, positive tingling – not numb tingling, positive tingling – in your hands. These are going to be symbolic of your reality sensors. These are not the reality sensors, but they're going to remind you at all times. We're taking away the anchors, the reality anchors.

< e2012 4 > You were choosing potentials based on the past, based on what's come up until now. Take that reality anchor away. That anchor was ‘physical body, limitations, crap from other people.' So you eliminate that and you put out your reality sensor instead, sensing what could life be, without anchoring into things like science or math or anything else. In other words, imagining what could life be? It can be anything. So these sensors go out. But these (the old anchors) need to start coming away. Time to pull them up. Time to set sail into the changes that are coming around next year.

< e2012 4 > Your hands are going to intensify. You're going to notice even changes in your fingernails, changes in whether they're warm. A lot of you have cold hands. They're going to warm up, and then you're going to be wondering why they're so warm. Is there something wrong with you? Do you need to go to a doctor? No! It's your reality sensor, the reminder of it at work out there.

< e2012 5 > It always amazes me that people bury other people in the ground. I never did quite understand that, from an energetic standpoint – first of all, from a pollution standpoint, a real estate standpoint – but from an energetic standpoint. Let's say that you crossed over tomorrow and they placed your bones in the ground. There is an energy that stays there, that doesn't go along with you.

I guess for those who are preparing to come back right away, that might be a good thing. They think they can reconnect with their old dead bones. They don't, because that's not really your next incarnation's energy anyway. As I talked about before, you're not your past lives. It's like a cousin. But let's say that your bones are in the ground, there's a part of your energy, so when you get to the other side, it's not all with you. You're still connected. You still have an anchor point into Earth.

< e2012 8 > You all understand that your DNA is being remade, reconstructed. You're under construction. You're redoing your energy anchors, how you hold yourself in reality, how you make yourself be able to stand, to think, to remember, to go through the motions. You're redoing all those. You're redoing the amount, the levels of light and energy that you can bring into your reality. Even though some days it makes it really intense and you try to shut it off, you really can't. There's tremendous amount of this light and energy.