search for God / getting back Home


< Ascension 3QA > Why? … is such a good question, and it is about your journey. It is about your search. It is about your ascension. It is the question that has been asked by entities ever since we left Home. It is about your journey on Earth. Ever since you left Home there has been one basic thing  Ethe search for God, the search for God. When you were in the void and creating this Second Creation, the real question was about where to find God, how to get back Home. As we all matured, we understood it was not about getting back Home. It was about creating something new. But, the search for God continued.

The Order of the Arc was created, it was to help define a very imbalanced energy (duality), an energy that was searching for God. It was an answer to the question "why." It was about a venue and an experience that would enable you, and then ultimately us, to once again know God, but a different relationship than you had with the King and the Queen when you were Jack. The relationship now comes from within you. The relationship is yours to hold personally. It is about integrating your divinity.

Why? If you return to the story of Jack, you will recall that we chose our words very carefully. It was said that Jack was the prince, the son of the King and the Queen. One day he would inherit the throne. But, he wanted one last journey. Why? It was to understand how to bring the energy of Home, how to bring the energy of God, how to bring the divineness into you directly, into your experience and your being. Jack did not have ownership of this when he was in the Kingdom. In order to be a true creator, Jack needed to discover this on his own.

You have been searching for God ever since. You are beginning to understand the dynamics of this and how this works. It is difficult. It does not come so easy. Why? It is the fulfillment of a circle that started the moment Spirit contemplated Self and began a whole dynamic of new creation, of duality, and of experience. It is the completion of Spirit’s quest to know Self, to know of expression by living through experience.

< Ascension 4 > The first human attempted to find God through her intellect. She was an excellent student. She was extraordinarily smart. She worshiped the intellect, for it had done much for her in her lifetime. She read all the books on religions. She read different philosophies, all of this in search for God. It took place in her mind. And, as we said to the group one week ago, she is STILL searching for God.

You will not find Spirit in your mind. Oh, you will learn a lot! You will expand that brain of yours. You will have much information stuffed in there, but you will not find your divinity. You will not find God in the books. You will not find God in your mind.

Your processing, as humans, goes through the mind. Everything is funneled through it. Now you are going to learn a new way. You take what is happening in your life, and you flow it in through your mind when you attempt to talk to us and Spirit. We can see the stress and the pressure on your brain because you are attempting to run everything through there. You have been trained to do this. It is not a bad thing. But now we are going to transform and move to a new way.

< Ascension 4 > Then, we spoke a week ago of the human who searched for God through spiritual rules and the regulations. This one was a minister, and was proficient at understanding the Scriptures. He felt he could find Spirit by following the rules precisely, by doing certain deeds on certain days in certain ways. And as you know, this does not work. That is why we have asked you to release ceremony, other than the ceremony of joy. Do you understand that? We ask you to release ceremony because you become trapped in it, much as this human in our example became trapped in rules. Do you know if you took all of the rules to heart, you could not move? You could not do anything! If you study these rules carefully, you will find they contradict one another. They were based on a consciousness of the time, and they applied to certain groups. If you try to follow these 2000 and some years later, it will hurt, because they do not apply to the energy that you are in.

< Ascension 4 > Then, there was the third human who was searching for God through her emotions. We told the story that she would go to her church service every Sunday, and she would get that hit of energy, and she loved it. But, within an hour or so when she was out the door, it would seem to leave. It would evaporate and dissolve, and it would be gone. During the week she would go to these new age meetings also. (chuckling) She did not care about any particular philosophy. She did not hold to any school of thought. She liked going to meetings. She rarely heard a word. She liked going to meetings and sitting in the energy. She thought she would find God in this energetic hit. But, she wasn't owning her own Self. So it would evaporate. It would leave. She was trying to find God through the emotions, through the energy hits that came about. She is still going to a lot of meetings, and she has not found God.

< Ascension 4 > Our fourth human  Eone so much like all of you  Ehad done the studying, had followed the rules, had gone to the meetings and had found that it had gotten her to a new place. They were wonderful things, but she was ready for the next step. So, she began. She began going within. It is so simple. You have heard these words before. She began going within. She began listening with compassion, first to herself, compassion for herself. What a wonderful thing! What a bold thing, being compassionate! But, what we did not tell at the time, and what we will share with you now today, is how she listened.