The ALT Series SHOUD 1
Featuring ADAMUS SAINT-GERMAIN, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe
Presented to the Crimson Circle
October 1, 2022
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I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign Domain.

Ah! I always have to stop for a moment here when I'm in Kona at the Shaumbra Pavilion just to smell the air. Mm. Ah! Just to feel the energy. So different than anywhere else, even different than the studio in Colorado. There's like a thickness, a sweetness, a beauty in the air here. So, I take a moment – I excuse myself for having to take this moment – just to feel a bit. 715

I am Adamus, of course, and we are now entering into the ALT Series. Back when I started working with Shaumbra, I took a look at the trajectory of where things were going, where Shaumbra was at at the time, where we would be going, and I knew that a big part of the work that I had to do with you is to get you out of prison, get you out of the zoo, help get you to realize that you're not trapped in this reality, help get you to your Realization.

We've done that, surprisingly – at times, surprisingly; we've done that – but we've done more than just getting you to your Realization. Even if you haven't realized it yet, you'll realize that you're realized. It's kind of one of those things, you know, you just wake up and realize “I Am. I Am.” You don't work at it anymore. Some of you still doubt it and you play that game, but you suddenly realize, “I am realized,” and then you realize Realization isn't what you thought it would be. It's something totally different, where you're in acceptance of all that you are. No shame, no guilt, no remorse. You're in acceptance. That's Realization. It doesn't suddenly mean you're magical, but you realize there's that potential for magical. It doesn't suddenly mean your body is healed and there's no aches or pains. Actually, probably more aches and pains because you realize that you're in this physical body and that, well, it's sensitive. It breaks down. It diseases. It dies and does all these things. But then you realize that, eh, you already died anyway. I mean, you have died in past lives and, in a sense, you have already died in this lifetime. No sense in worrying about it anymore. Now you don't have that fear. You go beyond it, and now you're free.

And speaking of freedom, getting you out of the zoo into your Realization was truly my goal, my passion. But then there was always that knowingness we could go the next step where you could go back into the zoo, but no longer as a caged animal or a human, no longer trapped there. But you could go back there at will and desire. You could be in the ALT. You could be in the zoo and out of the zoo at the same time or singularly in the zoo or singularly out of the zoo. But you realize suddenly that you're no longer trapped. You can go into any prison. You can go into your crystal prison. You can go into anything and you're no longer trapped. You are free. That's the beauty, and that's why we're in the ALT sessions here.


The ALT Series

ALT, meaning alternative – alternative – meaning that there's no longer just one way. There's no longer just one reality. And as wonderful as that sounds, there are a few cautions along the way and there's a few things that happen as you go into true ALT that, eh, will throw you off balance for a little while. But then you realize one very important thing, that you always have balance. You don't need to work at it. You don't need to go through your mind to retain your balance. You just take a deep breath and you naturally come back into balance, even when dealing with ALT, a variety of different realities.

In ALT, you begin to realize also how truly trapped you were, how uncreative it was just being in this singular 3D reality. And granted, at night in your dream state, you do go out to the other realms. But then you forget about it when you land back in your physical body that's sleeping in bed. Unless, of course, you heed Merlin's advice given at the recent Dream of the Merlin event where you go out one door into your dream or imagination state and then you come back in through the other. Then you'll start remembering. It's very simple. You don't really need to work at it. You just have to remind yourself when you go to bed at night, go out the left door, come back in the right door. That way you complete the circle, the loop, and you'll start remembering what you're doing at night. The mind is going to have a difficult time putting it into its codes and symbols and languages. But you'll know it's there and pretty soon it becomes just part of your natural being, knowing where you were, what you were doing, and the mind will catch up.

ALT. ALT – alternative – also dealing with what Tesla talked about in Dream of the Merlin. He talked about alternating current in terms of electricity, of course, and the work that he did and the direct current that, at the time, Edison was working on. And he said, “Life should truly be like an alternating current. You're going back and forth between the realities.” No longer just on one path. No longer like a direct current. Direct current, as he stated, was like you're here on Earth on this path and you probably don't realize it, but in another realm you're also on a path and they're running parallel, but you're generally not aware of it. You're not aware of the other realm, going into the other dimensions. You have to have that. Even right now sitting here watching, gathering together like this, you're both here and you're in what I've called the “un,” the other reality, the unphysical, nonphysical realms. It has to be, so the ALT is also, as in alternating current, going back and forth, and feeling into the fact that you're not just here.

Now, please understand that sometimes you're like, “Well, I'm not getting it. I don't feel like I'm in another reality as well.” It's because you still insist or have it try to go through the mind for interpretation. The mind is very qualia-based. It has to associate with something that it's done before. The mind is rather literal, and we'll get more into that today. It doesn't understand these other realms. It had to cut itself off from the other realms to experience what it was like to be just in this realm, so it blocked that. It's opening now, but it's going to take a little bit of patience for you to begin to go back to working with kind of a natural intuitive knowingness that goes beyond the definitions of the mind. The mind, again, wants to put everything into definition, into detail.

And, by the way – I have to comment (to Linda) – I love the pearl. Tesla may not like it, but I love the pearl (Linda, wearing a black pearl pendant, giggles and sighs). It's quite beautiful (she sighs again). Yes, very …

LINDA: Geoffrey has great taste, and he's so wonderful.

ADAMUS: Yeah, it's a beautiful symbol, of course, of the whole Tesla talk at the Dream of the Merlin where he didn't like pearls, because he could feel the resistance that created the pearl in the first place. The resistance, the friction and everything else taking place. But in the end, it becomes a very beautiful piece and …

LINDA: Oh, yeah.

ADAMUS: … quite expensive, I'm sure.

LINDA: Oh, yeah!

ADAMUS: So, the mind still isn't familiar with how to interpret it. That's okay. It works out. The mind backs away. You begin to reopen your intuitive understandings where you don't need the words. You don't need the qualia. You don't need to associate it with something that the mind would recognize, and pretty soon the mind does kind of catch up. Never takes over, but it goes into a cooperative mode with your gnost. That's what the ALT Series is about. We're going to be talking about and going into alternatives, and there are so many.

Just as a precaution, going into the ALT, as exciting as it sounds, is also a little discombobulating. It can throw you off, and never, ever get filled with anxiety or worry about it. Just take a deep breath, not trying to pull yourself back into this realm, but take a deep breath realizing you're just going back to your natural state of being. This – the body-mind thing – is not a natural state. It took a lot of work to get you packed in here, into the body, to get you focused into the brain, to get you locked in and to stay that way. Compare it to your Lemuria lifetimes where it was very wispy, very ethereal, very air-ish. You had trouble sustaining yourself in biology and particularly a mind, and there was desire not to go into it, to want to go off someplace else. But eventually, through a series of incarnations, you got locked in.

Now in ALT, we open those doors for both. Not just one or the other, but truly being in simultaneous realities, simultaneous realms. That's where you realize how truly great you are. You know, when you're packed in this human body and the brain and, you know, the body does things, you don't like it and the brain is always trying to tell you what a butthead you are, it's not a lot of fun. It's not very creative, even though you try to make it that way. Oh, people, they try so desperately hard to make it work in this reality. You've done that. You tried to conform. You tried to be “normal,” especially earlier in this life as a child. You said, “I've got to conform with everything else.” And, you know, you can do it for a while, but then you explode. I mean, something has to change because it's not your natural state and it's not what we're here to do on the planet right now. We're going into ALT.

It's probably not lost on you, dear Linda of Eesa, that Alt is also the actual original name for Atlantis – Alt. It wasn't called Atlantis until much later on when there were some writings about it, but it was Alt.

LINDA: I can imagine that.

ADAMUS: Which is kind of an irony …

LINDA: Literally.

ADAMUS: … because in Atlantis, in Alt is where the final lock-in of the body and the mind took place. So it was kind of un-ALT-ish, if anything. But now we go back to Alt. We're not going back to our Atlantean origins, but we realize the importance of the Atlantean lifetimes, and we realize what happened with the headbands. We realize how we intentionally, in a way, really condensed ourself into this realm and only this realm.


Living in ALT

So that's ALT, and that's why we're here. I'm excited about the year ahead of us in ALT. We're going to be going into deeper dives with it in Keahak, in particular. And what's eventually going to happen in this is we're going to, as gracefully as possible, we're going to open the pathways of the mind.


ADAMUS: We're going to put the mind back in its rightful place and position and allow now what you would call the divine energies to come through, living and experiencing in multiple realities. A lot of questions I can already hear people saying, “How is that going to affect my day-to-day life?”

LINDA: Right.

ADAMUS: We'll get into that, but you'll notice things like, you'll be aware when you're talking to somebody, as we're talking now, and you're used to talking to them – and I see your face and your eyes and your microphone thing and that – but suddenly the face changes right before you and it's a little frightening at first. Not your face (to Linda; they chuckle), but suddenly, you're talking to somebody and the face changes, and it might change into a grotesque birdlike type of creature.


ADAMUS: Or it – I will tell you – or it might change into, suddenly it just looks digital and then it starts falling apart, or it might look like an old man …


ADAMUS: … when you're certainly not an old man. Cauldre is, but you're not. So it looks like any old man, and it might shock you to suddenly see that. And you try to pull yourself back together, but don't. Don't, because what you're seeing could be one of many things. You're seeing a past life starting to come through.

LINDA: Right. Right.

ADAMUS: And that's often what Cauldre sees when he's channeling …

LINDA: Oh, right, right, right.

ADAMUS: … and I have his eyes open. He's seeing the different layers that occur.

LINDA: I get it.

ADAMUS: And at first it shocked him, and he thought he was going to die and go to hell. But he realized that, no, it's just natural, because you're seeing beyond the façade energy – what's just sitting right there – and now seeing into the whole being. And it could be like a grotesque birdlike image or shape, because the mind doesn't know how to translate something. It doesn't have the qualia, the association, and you may be seeing an aspect of the soul, of the person's soul coming through and the bird representing freedom, but the grotesqueness really of – the mind is trying to compile all this – the grotesqueness of trying to be in a physical body that's not a human body. So, your mind comes up with a picture that it's this grotesque bird, but it's really not.

The mind will get more and more accustomed and learn to just back away and give you more of a true energetic experience, rather than trying to put things into some sort of form.

LINDA: Well, that's very interesting, but can we do that and still drive a car?


LINDA: Or push a shopping cart through Costco?

ADAMUS: (chuckles) Yeah, very practical. Indeed. Indeed. Now, when these things happen, generally, they're not going to happen when you're driving a car, but it could. And suddenly the entire landscape changes. Here you are driving along in a car and suddenly it just seems to evaporate and dissolve in front of you, and suddenly it turns into just a beautiful scene of water. That's it, just water. And suddenly you feel like you're submerged in a gentle, warm, comfortable water. Now, understand in the ALT, you are there, but there's still that part of you, the human driving the car, that generally knows how to – generally – and is generally paying attention – generally. You see, that's still there, and that's still going to guide you safely, even though over here you're having the experience of being immersed in water.

LINDA: Whoa!

ADAMUS: Yeah, or in total ether, in total kind of – I don't want to say nothingness – but just in expansive space. And, now, you'll freak out at first and grab hold of the steering wheel and probably hit the brakes and then a car hits you from behind, but you'll learn to adjust to it and you'll learn, “Oh, I am equally driving the car, behind the steering wheel, and in this ALT reality.”

LINDA: What's the value?

ADAMUS: The value. “What's the value?” I ask.

LINDA: No, I asked.

ADAMUS: No, but I'm asking back to you. I know the answer, but I want to see if you do.

LINDA: I don't. That's why I asked the question.

ADAMUS: Well, make something up. What's the value?

LINDA: (sighs) Expanded experience.

ADAMUS: Going back to a natural state where you're not just singular in this reality.

LINDA: Okay.

ADAMUS: Opening yourself up to all that you are, opening yourself up to all of your energy flows, opening up to all of your potentials. You come from a creative background, and so often the creativity is overshadowed by the mind. And then the mind tries to pretend it's creative, and it's really not. It's just the mind putzing around and saying, “Oh, look how creative I am. I did a paint-by-numbers.” That's not very creative. And the mind tries to tell you that it's being creative, but it's a false creativity. No, limited. Thank you. I didn't want to say the word “false,” Cauldre did. It's a limited creativity. very, very limited. And suddenly now you're back into your true creative self. What value is there in that? That you're going to be a big painter or a musician or what? What value is it to be back in your true creative sense?

LINDA: (pausing) I'm a little overwhelmed just by the …

ADAMUS: Well, you're representing the whole audience here (Linda laughs) of Shaumbra all around the world, so (Adamus chuckles) maybe they're overwhelmed. You suddenly realize that life isn't just this thing of being in a physical body and getting through each and every day and trying to struggle to figure the answers and make a living and just get by, and now, for so many of you, fighting the battles with the body, the pain and the impending death and disease and COVID.

LINDA: Well, should you even stay? I mean, so does that make it easier to stay?

ADAMUS: Yes, it makes it easier to stay …

LINDA: Oh, good. Okay.

ADAMUS: … because suddenly you realize there's so much more.


ADAMUS: You suddenly realize, “No, I'm not trapped in just this reality.”

LINDA: Ah! There's you go! Yes!

ADAMUS: There's so much more going on, and suddenly real creativity comes in from the divine, from your soul and real creativity is there, and you realize there are so many creative ways now to handle your body. You realize there's creative ways and fun ways to handle everything from abundance to – creativity doesn't just have to be painting, drawing, singing or whatever, and you realize the depth of the true creative experience here on the planet. And that's when staying here becomes …


ADAMUS: … mostly joyful – mostly – which is a segue into what's not joyful (Linda sighs).

The news. The news is not joyful. There are times when I listen in on you, Shaumbra, and you're like, “I'm never going to look at the news again. I can't deal with it.” But the news is addictive and particularly conspiracy news is really addictive. So, you say, “I can never look at the news again,” but then you're back the next day looking at it. That's a tough one, and no matter how enlightened you are, it's still a very tough one, dealing with mass consciousness, staying here on the planet. That's still a tough one.


The Planet & Mass Consciousness

I mean, you look at it and I ask the question to all of you, “Is the world a bigger mess right now than it's ever been before? Is the world a bigger mess?” Feel into that for a moment. And some of you I realize don't go to the news, and you're like, “Eh, it doesn't matter,” but is the world a bigger mess?

I would say not actually. If you look at things like murder and crimes and wars and disease, hunger on a per capita basis, on an overall basis across the planet, there's actually less of a lot of these things than ever before. But there is a hyperawareness of them now that you didn't used to have. What, two lifetimes ago, three lifetimes ago, news traveled very, very slow, I mean, by horse, and it took a long time to get the news that a war was going on in another part of the world, and by then it could have been ended. It took a long time for news to travel about a disease going through or crime or things like that. So, there's actually literally less of these things than there used to be, but there's more awareness. You hear about it faster. You're inundated with it all the time. All the time watching the news and listening to it. And, yes, it is tough.

I mean, first of all, it happens instantaneously – the news – traveling to you. And no longer with the old sources that you went to for news, but now anybody with a cell phone is a reporter; you take a photo, you add a little editorial to it. Any war right now, you're there in the moment that it's taking place. But on the planet right now is a tough one, and mass consciousness is going to be the hardest thing to deal with. Dealing with yourself will become easy. It used to be the other way around. It was easier to deal with the outside world than the inside, but that's going to change.

On the planet right now, you have the war going – many wars, but in particular the one right now with the occupation of Ukraine. And it's gotten to the point – it's very, very stressful, because it's gotten to the point – where there's talk of potential nuclear weapons being used. It's a lot a saber rattling, but that doesn't make it any easier on the nerves, on the mind.


ADAMUS: So, you've got that situation. It's very explosive, in a way …

LINDA: Literally.

ADAMUS: … potentially explosive – yeah, literally – of what could happen. And, again, shut up, if you think I'm taking sides. I'm looking at the overall energies of what's happening within a huge power vortex (more info here). We've had to go in and pull a bunch of Shaumbra from that power vortex, if you know what I mean. They got all caught up in it and forgot “Stand behind the short wall. Don't get out your armament and jump into that power vortex.” I take no sides, but I make brilliant observations about it.

LINDA: Yes, you do.

ADAMUS: No, I do.

LINDA: Yeah, you do.

ADAMUS: It was right here back months and months ago where we did a special session that – I didn't come up with the title, actually Cauldre did – but it was called Saint or Satan, and just a few days ago President Putin basically accused the west of being Satan. So, I was brilliant in discussion, but now it's being used the other way around, that the rest of the world is Satan. And that's a big part of the power vortex. It's using old religious rhetoric. It's using old evil against good and anything it can. That power vortex is getting nastier and nastier, and it's using anything it can. If it can use Satan against God or the angels, it will. If it can use masculine against feminine, it will. If it can use poor against the rich, it will. It's sucking in everything it possibly can, and, as I said, it's explosive.

It could blow at any minute or ALT, and this is where we stop for a moment. Stop for a moment. There are ALTs in this. You might just see one path that it's going on, but this is where you hit the ALT button. And I know you and Cauldre aren't real big about making little devices to sell to Shaumbra, but I think an ALT button would be a really good one.

LINDA: All right!


LINDA: Let's do it.

ADAMUS: Oh, I could tell you're not excited (they chuckle). No, a little ALT button.

LINDA: Why not? It's a reminder.

ADAMUS: Hit the ALT button in your own life, or even when you're looking at world affairs, there's the ALT button. There is a very good chance of it being a highly explosive, destructive situation right now in the power vortex. But Shaumbra – boooom! – hit the ALT button. Shine your light. There are other potentials. There are some brilliant potentials I don't want to get into right now, but there are some brilliant potentials that would not be obvious to most humans right now for the resolution, for this power vortex now to basically collide with itself – I'm giving some hints here – it collides with itself and then it self-destructs.

You see, the power vortex is made up of human consciousness energies right now, specifically around the subject of power. But humans are really good at self-destructing within themselves. You know, they eat themselves up. They go to battle with themselves. They self-destruct. This power vortex could, in the ALT, could self-destruct and then convert all those energies back to natural energies that are in service to those who are ready for the energies to be in service. But I digress.

So, in the world right now, look at the economy. It's going up and down and up and down …

LINDA: It's wild.

ADAMUS: … and down, down, down, down, down, and then a little bit up.

LINDA: Yeah, it's wild.

ADAMUS: It's wild. I mean, it's crazy right now, and it makes it very difficult to stay. You turn on the news and suddenly you see another day the Dow Jones fell 500 points. That's nothing compared to days where it falls 1,000 points. And you wonder, “How is this all going to end? Are we all going to starve to death? Is there going to be global chaos? Economic ruin for everyone?” And there are conspiracy sites and conspiracy people that would like you to believe so, and they feed into that. And it's like, “Yes, we're doomed. It's the end. This is apocalyptic. It said so in Revelations,” which it never did. And they connect dots that aren't ever meant to connect, but they try anyway.

You look at it on the planet and we just got through most of COVID. As I said a long time ago, it would last for a long time (said tongue-in-cheek, Linda softly chuckles). All right, it was my one big mistake, but it's now pretty much coming to an end.

LINDA: It is.

ADAMUS: That's not a prediction. It's – no, people just don't care anymore, so it's going to relatively go away. You've got COVID. You've got diseases and everything else. It's overwhelming. Why stay on the planet? Overwhelming! The weather! The weather, the hurricanes, the droughts, the floods, the …

LINDA: Earthquakes.

ADAMUS: … earthquakes – be careful saying that here (Linda chuckles) – the earthquakes and everything else, and it's overwhelming. You add all these together, you watch, what, 15 minutes of the news, it sounds like a terrible place. It sounds awful. But that's where – boom! boom! boom! – you hit that ALT button. When you hit that ALT button, you're also sending a light, a signal out to the planet that there are other ways to do this. Now, they may or may not go along with it, but there are other ways to do it.

And just with the weather, for instance, there are those who are talking about “We've ruined the planet,” you know, and they kind of get a weird kick out of saying that, “Oh! We've ruined the planet” or the young ones today blaming it on you – I mean, not you personally – but on the older …

LINDA: Our generation.

ADAMUS: … your generation, “You've ruined the planet!” Not necessarily. I mean, it's because Gaia is leaving. And, yes, these things add in and there's more pollution on the planet than there has been in a long time, but there's been times on the planet where the pollution levels have been much, much, much higher as a result of things like volcanoes and fires that consume the planet. Go back to the time after Atlantis fell. That was a bad time. I mean, the whole surface of the planet was on fire. I mean, a lot worse than things are now. But what people don't recognize is that, no, it's Gaia leaving.

Could you imagine if every tree hugger and every Greenpeacer on the planet was to suddenly realize, “Ohh! We have to stop pointing fingers and blaming others and saying that people are awful and they're polluting.” Yeah, there's pollution. I'm not denying that. But if they realize what's really happening, “Gaia is leaving. Oh, let's take responsibility for the planet. Let's stop pointing fingers at everybody and let's say, 'Hey, people! Let's wake up and realize this paradise is ours now. Let's clean it up.'”

LINDA: Do your part.

ADAMUS: “Let's do the part,” but take responsibility. No longer pushing it – Gaia is tired of pushing stuff off on her, because it's your responsibility now. But back to the point. You look at the planet and you say, “This is one messed up place.” It's really actually, no, you're just more aware of it than ever before. But there is one thing that is much worse than it ever was on the planet, and that's mental imbalance.


Mental Imbalance

LINDA: Oh, yeah.

ADAMUS: Mental imbalance.

LINDA: That's true.

ADAMUS: And it's not talked about much in the news. There's a drug epidemic on the planet. People using drugs for whether it's recreation, entertainment, addiction. Pain relief is becoming the new big one in the addiction dictionary. Pain, the relief of pain. Pain's there for a reason. It's to say, “You're kind of taking the wrong way. Go over this way.” But people are now dosing and doping themselves with the pain medications.

LINDA: Yeah, it's bad.

ADAMUS: But what's really not being talked about a lot is the mental drugs, the antidepressants, the antianxiety, and these are being doled out in alarming quantities. You go to the doctor's office for a runny nose and they'll prescribe an antidepressant for you. I'm exaggerating a little bit, but not too much.

What's really happening on the planet right now that you're feeling more than anything, that's affecting everyone, is this mental imbalance. People don't like talking about it. They don't know how to talk about it, is a better way of stating it. Psychology on the planet right now is generations and generations behind really being able to address the issues of what's going on. Psychology has made some strides, but it still tends to be Freudian-based. It still tends to be processing, and it's not doing much good right now with those who have mental imbalance.

So, we have a real issue on the planet right now with the mental imbalance, and right now, based on the trajectory that the global mind is going, I don't see it getting a lot better.

LINDA: Really?

ADAMUS: No, no.

LINDA: They say COVID made it worse.

ADAMUS: COVID made it worse to some degree. To some degree, it helped with some people. They had more time by themselves, but that was a minority. Most people having more time by themselves drove them nuts.

LINDA: Right.

ADAMUS: They needed to externalize. They needed to be in the regimen of going to a job every day and working certain hours and griping about it and coming home, you know, but some actually used it to their benefit. But that's the real issue that I see is the mental imbalance on the planet and the thing that makes it difficult sometimes to stay. You know, I say you look at the news and you see things that are depressing and sad and shocking, and you wonder sometimes “What kind of barbarians are humans?” But there's actually a little bit less of that than ever before percentagewise. You're just more aware of it. The real issue right now, the mind and mental imbalance.

And what potential solutions are there? Somebody having – take a look. It's been stated that half of the population on the planet has a degree worth noting of mental imbalance, a degree to cause concern. I'd say the percentage is much higher. We're talking probably about 75 to 78 percent of the people on the planet have a degree of mental imbalance that should cause concern.


ADAMUS: Yeah. And the other maybe 20 percent or so just aren't bright enough to realize that they have issues in the mind (they chuckle). I mean, I'm serious. They're immune to it, because they're not operating with a lot of consciousness.

LINDA: That's depressing.

ADAMUS: Yes, it is! It's very depressing. So, what do you do? What do you do? Well, what is being done is more medications and more of counseling. But I even look at the counseling and it's all – a lot of it, not all of it – is dictated by insurance or governments that say, “You're allocated this much time.” And, you know, how can somebody who's on the verge of suicide come into the psychologist's or the psychiatrist's office, “Okay, you've got one hour to get over that.” It's like a manufacturing process, the whole psychological industry right now, and it gives some temporary relief, but ultimately, no real answers. That's more of my concern and perhaps the most difficult thing about staying on the planet. I mean, you could say that the psychological imbalances, the mind imbalances are the thing causing wars and causing the power vortex and causing things like hunger and disease, and that'd be a fairly accurate statement.


ADAMUS: But ultimately, the hardship about staying here is mental imbalance. And you know it from dealing with others that sometimes you're like how do you even get through? How do you even relate to them? They're on kind of a dimensional plane that's very mental, when you're getting off that plane of the mental. So, it's an interesting dilemma on the planet right now, which leads to exactly what we're doing – what we're doing here in the ALT Series, what we're doing with Shaumbra right now – going beyond the mind.


Rethinking Mind

Now, it's a funny one, because we talk about going beyond the mind and the mind jumps in and says, “Good! We're going to go beyond the mind.” But the mind is also saying, “No. No. We're really not. We're going to pretend we're going beyond the mind from within the mind, but we ain't going nowhere.”

However, that's kind of old. That's kind of like yesterday with the mind being in command. The mind has had the king's throne for a long time, and the mind put up with a lot of the nonsense that you came up with. But eventually, the mind shut it down, was pretty good at shutting it down and said, “You're just delusional. You're just making things up. You're just dissatisfied with your life, so we'll let you play this little game of whatever it is – your diversions and distractions, your spiritual journey – but the king is going to stay on the throne and the mind has dominion over everything.”

But a funny thing happened. When you were trying to go beyond the mind and you were so committed to your own journey of breaking out, breaking through, bringing divinity into this reality, and you didn't let off of that. You didn't let the mind pull you back in. Once in a while it did, but not all the time, and eventually the mind realized that actually you are right. There is much more.

You could say the mind took a look at itself and did a self-assessment, oftentimes when you were deep asleep at night, and the mind surveyed itself. And the mind said, “You know, I'm this wonderful, powerful thing that sits on top of the shoulders of the human.” And, by the way, when I'm talking about the mind here, I'm talking about both the brain and the mind. They're kind of together. And I know in the languages that you have there's kind of a difference. The brain is this goo on top of your head; the mind is something different nobody knows how to describe or define. They just work together. It's the mental nature of your being that I'm speaking of that runs through the process of your mind.

But this mind-brain took a look at itself, mostly in dream state but you felt the effects outside of dream state, and it looked at itself and said, “Well, I'm a lot of neurons. I'm a lot of electrical pulses. I'm a lot of cells and molecules, and I have what humans call these different lobes of the mind.” And the mind, which loves to manage things – and Cauldre was going to say “control,” but it's actually managing; the mind loves to manage and the mind loves to feel that it is superior to everything – but the mind took a look around the house of the mind, of the mental, looked around and said, “Boy, I have a lot of neurons, but it's limited.” The mind said, “I have a lot of communications going out to nerves throughout the body, but even those are limited.” The mind said, “I have a lot of thoughts, and I can actually make up more thoughts, but even the thoughts are limited, because, you know, as I try to make up more thoughts in my mind-brain, they're all kind of the same after a while. I actually haven't had a new thought in a long time. It's just rehash of the old thoughts.”

And the mind took a really depressing look around, and this has been within the last couple years for Shaumbra, and said, “You know, I'm pretty limited, and I really can't grow much more – not just in size, but in mental capacity. I could study history books and I could study physics and, oh, I can study even the arts, but it's just kind of gotten to be all the same. So what if I can recite more facts and figures or use bigger words or automatically add complex calculations in my mind, so what? It's pretty limited and it's, in a way, kind of depressing.”

And you felt it. Maybe you didn't have these exact thoughts, but you felt the mind at some level going, “Oh, geez. Do I really want just more of the same old thing? I'm having boring spaghetti every night. Do I just want more boring spaghetti, a bigger portion every night? Or do I want to step back and see what happens?”

And then the mind, being the mind, said, “Hell, no. I'm in charge here. We're going to keep going doing what we do. Some outside force is trying to get me off track here. I need to stay in control. I need to manage this thing. I need to sit in the king's throne and I'm never going to be misdirected again. I'm never going to have these thoughts again that I'm limited. That was just something on the outside. It has to be some evil force. I'm going to be in more command than ever before. I'm going to tighten this ship up and we're not going to have any more of these thoughts of some spiritual journey, and we're not going to have these thoughts of other dimensions. That's all a bunch of hooey, and we're just not going to do it.” That's when you hit the wall, I don't know, a year ago? Six months ago? Last week? Because you can feel the compression coming back in again. You can feel the mind saying, “Uh-uh. Nope. We're not going to be fooled, because within the mind, the mind controls, there's safety. We can manage things and we can disregard what we don't need, and we could filter out the other things. But it's the mind. That's the 'me.' The 'me.'”

And then the mind went chugging along a little bit further, and it started to get tired. It started to get real tired, and the mind thought, “Well, I'm just having to work overtime because of all this delusion and distraction that my human self is going through.” But it got more and more tired, more worn down, and it started thinking, “It actually is kind of boring in here in my mind. It's kind of limited and it's just – god! – this is the same story retold a million different ways.” And then the mind said, “Okay, what I'm going to do is I'm going to make my mind bigger, better. I'm going to do some clearing out of things, and I'm going to create some new construction. I'm going to create new parts of my mind.” Just kind of like you'd add on to an old, old outdated [industrial] plant and then you add on to it. The mind said, “I'm going to add on.”

So, it tried to. It tried very hard to, particularly when you were in dream state. It said, “Okay, first of all, flush out some of the old stuff.” But it's not really good at that. The mind doesn't let go. It tried to. It got rid of a few little things, but not much. And then it tried to make itself even more magnificent – bigger mind, better memory, sharper wit. It tried to be smarter than it ever had been before. And a funny thing happened – it failed miserably. It failed miserably, because it was using very outdated, you could say, technology, very outdated thoughtforms to make itself even bigger and better.

It absolutely failed. It was embarrassing. It was terrible, and you might have felt it in your life. It just didn't work. And at that point, not so very long ago, the mind, being tired and worn out, as you probably are aware of, the mind being kind of boring and staid and dull, the mind finally said, “Okay, I'll back away. I'll get off the king's throne here. I'll move aside. I'm not going to leave completely, but I'm going to move aside here. I'm going to move over a bit and see what happens.” The mind said, “I'm going to keep a very close eye on it, but I'm going to see what happens if I just kind of step out of the way.” And that's where we're at right now. That's ALT. That's going beyond the mind. That is allowing.

See, all this time the mind could feel this pressure on it, and it didn't like it. “Allowing, that's evil. It's terrible. We don't allow. We control. We manage. We keep things in order, but we don't allow. Allow what?” It felt this pressure. It felt kind of this vortex coming in. It didn't like it. It felt you allowing, opening up to All That You Are. The mind tried to say, “Oh, this doesn't work. This allowing, it's a bunch of nonsense.” Or the mind tried to say, “I'll let you allow a little bit, but only as much as it's safe, because, you know, you screwed up a lot in the past, and if we do open allowing, this whole ship is going to sink.” So, the mind said, “I'll allow a little allowing, but that's it. Just to appease you, just to kind of make the human happy.” But the mind finally realized that it was worn out. Its time had come. It needed something else, and it was through your allowing that created this opening that got the mind off of the king's throne so you could now take your rightful place. Not your mind. Your mind's going to stay over here – over here – and you're going to take your rightful place.

It's going to be a little weird at first, because you're not necessarily used to it. You're used to the mind telling you what to do and not to do; the mind doing its qualia, constant association with other things to create the picture of reality.

The mind also does a very interesting thing. It composites everything. And when I say “composites,” what it does, it takes little fragments here and here, and here and here, and here and here and here and puts them together in what appears to be a single unified picture, vision, experience. But, you know, the sound that hits your ears and the sights that hit your eyes, they don't occur at the same time. The mind pieces them together. You don't perceive an entire reality landscape. Your mind initially perceives it and gets it in slivers and slices and parts of puzzle pieces that don't necessarily match. But the mind has this phenomenal ability to take even things that don't match and go into place together, pieces of the puzzle with parts that don't interlock or colors that don't even match – a piece of the puzzle that should be over here on that side of the puzzle, but it puts it over here – the mind can do that, put it together, but it's not real. It's trickery – a trickery of the mind – the ability to composite things. The mind has been very good at that.


Back to Your Natural State

So, what happens when the mind goes over to the side? It's still there. It's still functioning, but not controlling. What happens when you're now back on the throne? You, the I Am, the divine being is back on the throne. Well, it's going to scare the hell out of you at first. Reality gets very blurry, if not disjointed, because your natural state is not to try to put all these different sequences or dots together in a unified picture. The common ability is to see all the various layers and levels – to perceive them, not just to see them – to perceive various layers and levels that are occurring simultaneously, sometimes in sync, sometimes out of sync. Doesn't matter. That's your natural state.

But it's also the natural state of when your energy is flowing the best. We've talked a lot in Keahak about flow. The mind doesn't flow. The mind constructs and limits, but it doesn't really have a natural ease and flow to it. So these things start kind of going away, and at times reality is very blurry. At times, you will feel like you're going to pass out. You're going to just – you could be sitting there doing nothing or taking a walk and you suddenly feel like – whoa! – you're just going to pass out. Have you had that feeling ever?

LINDA: Yeah, like right now.

ADAMUS: Like right now (they chuckle). Yeah, that's just because I'm here. But don't be concerned and don't over-grip. I mean, realize what's happening, take a deep breath and let it open up. You're not going to pass out. You're going into, you're passing into other realities, other realms. And there's a very good case to be made for saying, “Well, why not just stay in this realm? Why not be perfect in this realm? Wouldn't life be good?” Well, first of all, you can't be perfect in this realm, and it's not the goal. You'll fail miserably, like the mind has failed miserably in trying to make itself bigger and better.

The real desire is to come back to your natural state, which is multidimensional, which is ALT, the ability to be here right now, for Cauldre to be here in this room with other people, with the cameras and the lights and Belle over here, of course – let's get a shot of Belle. She hasn't gotten any attention so far.


ADAMUS: So, no, Belle is here.

LINDA: She's so special.

ADAMUS: You know, the interesting thing about dogs, speaking of alternative realities, Belle is going to be there to greet Cauldre – I'm just using him as an example – she's going to be there to greet him when he crosses over to the other side, even if she's still here on Earth, even if he goes first. This is not a prediction.

LINDA: Thank you.

ADAMUS: This is just an example. Belle is going to be there to greet him, even if she's here. And you say, “Well, but she's on Earth. How can she do that?” She doesn't have a problem with being multidimensional. Dogs don't. They can be there to greet you, even if they're still back on Earth mourning, you know, like watching over your dead body at your funeral. They go back and forth, because their mind doesn't restrict them. Cats too. Well, cats if they want to. Dogs will, but cats only if they want to. So, they're already doing that.

You know, there's a line in the song, in the movie Wizard of Oz, a line in the song, “Birds fly over the rainbow. Why, oh why can't I?” Dogs traverse – and sometimes cats – to the other realms all the time. It's very natural for them. They don't go way off into the other realms, because they always kind of want to hang around close to you, the human. But, yeah, birds fly over the rainbow. Why, oh why, can't you? But the fact is you can. And the fact is the barrier up until now has been the mind saying, “No way. You can pretend you're flying over the rainbow. You can even sing songs about it. But, eh, you're going to stay right here.”

But now we come to the point in ALT where we can fly over the rainbow. You can be on this side and that side of the rainbow. You can be aware of only one side or you can simultaneously be aware of both sides. And, again, you asked the brilliant question before, Linda, “Why? What's the benefit? What's the good?” Because you're returning back to your natural state, and in your natural state that is more intuitive – it's gnost, it's your Entelligence, rather than intelligence – the answers to your issues are already there.

As a human, you haven't really had access to it. You had to figure it out in your mind and oftentimes you came up short. “What am I going to do about this? What am I going to do? I want to buy a house. I want to get a car. I need this. I need that.” And you struggled then in your mind. You battled. You negotiated. You pleaded. Then you beat up on yourself when it didn't work. In ALT, all the answers are there. It's just a matter of bringing it back in. So as Merlin said, you go out the right door, whether it's in your dream states, whether you're going – you go out the left door, sorry – dream state or imagination or just your reality base and you're out there. You're in the other realms. At first, they don't make any sense, or you're going to even question do they exist, because you're still used to mind and mental interpretation, mental compositing to create a reality. But you do it enough, you go out there and you suddenly realize that you're coming back to a natural sense. You're coming back to where you don't have to do qualia association. You don't have to do mental compositing of pictures to create a reality.

And suddenly you realize, “I'm on both sides of the river. I'm in both realms. I'm a Master; I'm a human. I'm in this 3D. I'm out there, and, hey, I've got an issue going on here in the 3D. My body hurts all the time.” Whereas, before you would have gone through it in your mind and you would have said, “Okay. I need to take some medications, or I need to soak in hot water” or whatever, but now you go out there. You go out the left door, and now you're in both at one time. You're here and you're there. Out there in those realms are all the answers to everything, and they're your answers. They're nobody else's. There's not some Council of Answers out there and there's not an Answer Bank. It's your answers. They're already there. They might be in the past. They might be in the future, but actually they're in neither because there is none out there. It just is. And suddenly you realize that you have the answer and you can bring it back in through the right door.

It's a beautiful analogy that Merlin did but basically saying you're going to go out one way and not try to come back in the same way, because you'll forget, so you come back in the new way. You come back in what we're calling the right door. You're bringing that back with you, but you might not have immediate conscious awareness of what it is. You'll feel something, “I know it's there.” Just be good with that. Don't stress over that. Don't try to make it happen, and suddenly you are going to reinitiate your intuitive Entelligence that has been squashed or put out by the mind, the brain, who's now sitting over there. See where it got it? And suddenly, you'll just know. Suddenly, you'll just know. And a caution on this is it's never repeatable. You're not going to do things the same way every time you go out the door and come back in the door. And the next time you go out looking for answers to perhaps a new pain that's come up in your body, don't try to replicate. Don't try to do it the same way. That's the way your mind did it. That's the way – it always had to have its – everything had to be repeatable for it to be true. Now you go out there and don't expect to get the same answers or go to the same place for the same answers.

Basically, this is … yeah, I'm going to wait on that. We're going to do a Merabh right now.



Gentle Returning – Merabh

ADAMUS: So, let's take a good deep breath. Yes, there's a lot to talk about in this ALT Series. We're just starting, but let's actually do an experience right now in the mind. In the mind.

Let's take a deep breath, as we play some music …

(music begins)

… for this beautiful Merabh.

Oh, for so very long the mind has been in charge, and, you know, let's never look at that as a bad thing, because it gave you a hell of an experience on this planet. And you say, “Well, look how long it took, how many lifetimes, how many sufferings,” but you'll come to realize it hasn't been that long at all. It gave you a hell of an experience of immersing into a reality of biology.

The experience you've had here as a human has given you the ability to embody, and not just in biology, not just into stardust or whatever it happens to be. It's given you the ability to embody within yourself, and that's priceless. To embody within yourself.

Prior to ever coming into physical body, you were neither air or ethereal.

Some would say, “Well, I was spirit.” What does that mean? What does that mean?

You were not embodied. You were the I Am. You were energy, but it wasn't coalesced. It wasn't brought together. In other words, you were all over the place. Heh!

This experience in biology and ultimately in the mind has allowed you to become embodied within yourself, identifying you and ultimately be able to identify consciousness and energy.

Prior to the physical experiences on this planet, it was very difficult to really understand yourself from the inside, to understand your own consciousness even.

There wasn't an understanding of consciousness. There wasn't even a concept of consciousness as you now know it. There was the “I Am, I Exist,” but there was no understanding even of your own energy.

You knew there was something there. You didn't call it energy. You didn't embody in it. You didn't use it in your life. It was just something that was there.

And, you know, all throughout creation there are souled beings who are looking for, you could say, identity, but not in a human sense, not in a human identity. But, well, it's “Who am I?” What is this thing that they don't know how to define, we now call consciousness and energy? “Who am I?”

Your experiences in this human body, as painful as it is at times, and in the human mind, as restricted as it was for so very, very long, it allowed you to embody within yourself. That doesn't mean physical or mental.

It means to bring yourself together. To be able to actually be conscious of your consciousness, to actually be mindful of your Self, and actually have sensory and sensual feelings that could only come from being in the physical form.

Your mind understood that when it did its survey of itself, the mind mapping itself.

You know, some mornings you'd wake up from a long night and wonder what the hell had happened, because you'd wake up tired and exhausted and not particularly happy. And you didn't want to go back to sleep, because that was exhausting, but you didn't want to stay awake either. You didn't know what to do.

That's when the mind mapped itself, and it was actually cued or forced – not forced but cued or encouraged – to take a look at itself by you, by the Master.

When you're able to start calling yourself a Master and that embodiment started to become real, that Master, it went to the mind and with great compassion and care it said, “Mind, you really need to take a careful look here. You've controlled things. You've sat on the throne for a long time” – not that throne (toilet), the royalty throne – “You've sat on the throne for a long time. You need to take a good look at yourself, because, you see, you're blocking the way. And as the Master, even I can't move you out of the way, because you'll come right back. I don't have the right to do that, because you're still busy playing the game. But take a good look at yourself.”

You experienced a lot of this in your nighttime but also in your waking state. Call it what you want – self-assessment, taking a look at what goes on in the mind, in the brain.

And, you know, it was fun for me, Adamus, to watch all this, to observe what was happening with you and to observe the shifts that were taking place, to observe when the mind came back screaming and roaring, “Oh! This is all a trick! Somebody is trying to play a trick or we're being hypnotized!”

No, it was the mind trying to make its last stand. But it finally said, “You're right. This is limited, and even for me, the mind, the greatest of all things human, this is no fun anymore. We're just repeating and repeating. We're pretending it's a brighter shade of red, but it's still red, isn't it? We're pretending that, you know, we're more clairvoyant and more intuitive and psychic than ever, but it's still just mind bullshit.”

That's when the mind said, “I'll move over. Not sure what I'm doing here, but I'm going to move over.”

And, you know, there were these overtones the whole time of your allowing that were causing this to happen. And they weren't mental. They weren't mental nudges or pushes or overtones. They were coming from the Master, coming from your soul.

So, the mind has now taken a seat over there. It'll still be part of your everyday life, but the mind is taking a back seat.

What comes next? That's what we're going to be experiencing, talking about, going through in Keahak and here in the Shouds. The mind – the mind, it's relaxing now.

Let's take a deep breath and feel into this beautiful story, beautiful picture that's taking place right now.

Step back from yourself a moment. Be the observer of yourself, you sitting there or laying there, whatever you're doing, and the mind saying, “I'll step aside.”

This is – pffff – huge. Huge. It's not happening to many people around the planet. This is not a global thing that's happening. This is happening with Shaumbra right now.

If you're here listening to this now or what you would call your future or if you've already listened to it in the past, then it applies to you.


I ask you now just to feel and observe what's going on now, as the mind does its shift, opens the doorways.

It affects the body, yes. It also will affect the body, because the mind has controlled the body. It also limited the light body integration into the physical.

Feel what's happening right now.


It's funny because, in a way, you kind of look over to the mind and go, “Tell me what's happening.” And the mind is like, “Uh-uh. This is yours. You've asked for this, so I'm staying out of it.”

Feel on an intuitive level what's happening right now.

(longer pause)

There's nothing to be afraid of. Not that you were, but the mind was. Nothing to be afraid of, nothing to hold back on.

I ask you to feel into how gentle and graceful this is, whatever it is. Don't worry about defining it right now, but how gentle and graceful it is.


And then the mind sitting over there is wondering, “Hmm, I wonder if anything is really happening?” But you know. You don't need the mind to validate you anymore.

You do not need the mind to validate you anymore. That should go up on the home page of the website.

And you don't necessarily even need a physical reaction right now to what's taking place, because that was all associated with the mind, who's now sitting over there.

Step back and feel.


And the word, the biggest word I'd use to describe it is just a gentleness returning, but there's so much more happening. But a gentleness.


If the mind were trying to manage this, which it's not, there'd be a bunch of fireworks and all sorts of intense feelings. It's not.

What's coming to the chair now, to the throne of your human divine self is your divinity, and it's very, very gentle.

Take a deep breath and feel into what's happening right now.

We're not forcing anything. We don't need to. We're not trying to manipulate energies. There's no need.

If the mind was still blocking the way, perhaps we would feel the necessity to force and to push, but the mind is over there. What happens now is very gentle.


I talked before about your dogs, pets or whatever. You see, they already kind of have this. They're not souled beings but they've always had this pathway open. Their minds didn't dominate.

They've had this ability to have this opening, to be in the other realms and here all at the same time. And then, as you will learn to do, just like a dog – heh! – you'll learn that you no longer differentiate between this realm and another.

It's not just 3D; it's not going off into another realm. It's all the same. It's happening simultaneously. We don't need to even at some point traverse through doors or anything like that. We're doing that now just to get you back into your natural state. But a dog, like Belle, well, it's no difference. It's not different realms. There's no segmentation. There are no doorways. It's all right there. All right there.

See, Belle, is right now. She's both here and there and she doesn't see a difference. She doesn't say, “I'm on this side or that side of the fence.” It's all one great big meadow for her.

And by no means am I saying dogs are better or brighter. I'm just using the example that they are in all realms at all times. Now imagine what you can do.

This is where we're going, and it's a monumental shift. And ultimately, it has other implications that I, as St. Germain, talked about in the Dream of the Merlin, Heaven's Cross.

As you are opening into the other realms right now within your personal life – realms that have answers that are there instantly, realms that have more potentials, more creativity right there, right here – it's now beginning to open the dimensional doorways, what we call Heaven's Cross.

Other humans won't be aware of it for a while, but it's a direct result of what we're doing here, access for this planet and for humanity, into what lies beyond.

What we're doing here right now in this merabh you can do any time. It's an allowing is what it is. It's acknowledging and understanding the mind has stepped aside and now the divinity, the Master that you've always been, it takes the throne.

There's going to be times when it feels very wobbly, times when you want to – heh! – ask the mind to step back in and manage things, times when it seems confusing, because now you're in ALT reality – you're mental and nonmental – but understand that this is all a natural process.

We'll continue talking about it in our Shouds in this series, so to make this transition as gentle as possible, as easy as possible. But for now, just take a deep breath and allow.

It was never possible to get beyond the mind from within the mind. It took the mind having to take a look at itself and say, “It's time for me to step back.”

Let's take a good deep breath here in Shoud 1 of the ALT Series.

And, yes, in answer to the question that some of you have – not in your minds, but in your true Self – when you go out there right now, when we're multidimensional and you're in this flow, there is this thing called New Energy. New Energy. And that's one of the things we'll start bringing back, New Energy. We have a long way to go, but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

With that, it is always a delight to be here with each and every one of you. And as we're getting into this whole new phase of the work, remember that all is well in all of creation.


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