< NewEnergy 8QA > Indeed… what makes it so hard is not only the addictive qualities, but also the emotional qualities of the smoking… the ability to - how to say - hide yourself… and, more than anything else, the ability to limit yourself. You do this smoking thing. And, then you buy into all of the negativity, and you beat yourself into the ground. And, you don't allow yourself to be a Divine Human.

We don't care if you are a Divine Human… or a divine smoking human (some laughter). It doesn't matter to us. But, you have accepted all of this negative energy to allow yourself to think of yourself as something less than God also. There are times, you know, even God would like to have a cigarette (much laughter).

In order to release this from you, understand it is a releasing of the fear from deep within about who you truly are. So, we want you to imagine yourself in your fullest glory, your fullest expression of life. We want you to imagine yourself about who you truly are - a teacher, a teacher who can help others go through energetic corridors, energetic corridors of their mind, of their psyche. You are an expert at this. You have practiced it in other lifetimes. You work on it even on our side of the veil. Funny that you should fall prey to your own things that you teach, things you work with others on.

So, we want you to imagine yourself as a fully expressive, fully exposed human. Don't worry about the whole smoking thing right now. Don't force it or struggle with it. It will win if you try to beat it that way.

Then, we want you to start breathing, taking conscious breaths. It doesn't matter if you are doing it as you smoke or not. Take the conscious breath. Rediscover what it is like to truly breathe. We even encourage you to work with some here who are experts in breathing. There is breathing, and then there is breathing (some laughter).

So, we want you to re-establish what it is like to breathe again, to bring your body back to life. We want you to use your body in physical ways with exercise. Get your body rejuvenated once again. You hold the belief that smokers can't be exercisers. And, there is no reason why they cannot be, other than this is what society places. You have accepted all this.

And, the final thing, after you have gone through all of these other stages - and don't use April 1 as a date for cutting off - terrible day! (audience laughter regarding April 1 being April Fool's Day) Don't use any prescribed date.

But, after you've learned to imagine yourself in your full divine glory… after you've learned to breathe once again… and after you've gotten your body back to exercising once again… then ask yourself what do you choose to do with this? Ask your body what IT chooses to do. Ask your body if it is ready to release this or not. You'll be very surprised at the answers you get.

And, this is for all of Shaumbra, including Cauldre, who also partakes in this thing. Do not battle it. It will win. You are playing here in a field where you are set up for failure. There is a different way to do it.

And, we ask others here who… smokers or nonsmokers… to help start teaching the release, the release of smoking in a whole different way. It is not through struggle and fighting - you will lose that way. It is not through games such as these gums or these patches. Those are temporary.

But, it is through fully breathing. It is through fully living. It is through exercising… bringing yourself back to life… and not buying into all of the negativity associated with this. Dear friends, all the negative energies associated with smoking have done more damage than the smoking itself. It is time to release that. You may find that your body would simply like a few a day, or maybe not want any at all. But, go through these other processes first. Thank you for being the last question, for we wanted to have that discussion.

< Clarity 6QA > Indeed, and this is one that touches close to Cauldre, so we're going to ask him to back away for a little bit. First of all, we have to say there is a tremendous overlay about smoking. Now, I have to say that smoking is probably not the best thing you can do for your body, but your body does know how to assimilate all of the smoke and anything else that you take in.

But what is happened because of the overlays - actually, the conflicting overlays and hypnosis that are taking place, it leaves the smokers who are trying to quit in a dilemma. Plus you add the fact that nicotine, in itself, is perhaps one of the most influential ingredients on Earth. Nicotine can lead you to believe anything - can reinforce belief systems very easily. It can be used to reinforce a belief system that smoking is bad or addictive.

So when this is fed to you through media or through other people, even through quote/unquote "scientific studies" that smoking is addictive and it's bad, the nicotine responds to that, because it is a belief system that you at least, in part, hold for yourself. So now, you're deep in the trap of this whole thing of smoking.

The best thing, actually, if you're trying to quit smoking is to start smoking, and to stop trying to quit. You have to go ask yourself why you are quitting … because you've been told that it is bad … because you don't feel energized. For whatever reason, you have to go into these. You should not try to quit smoking when you're trying to quit smoking. You should go in and understand the reasons first.

Come into the Shaumbra Service Center, then allow us to work with you in the crystalline realms. Allow us to work with you and observing the smoking. You're going to find out when you started, how you started. You're going to find out the little trigger that has now grown into this huge issue of smoking. You're going to find out that you can let go of these overlays and that, when we get down to the core level, if you truly want to quit, you'll be able to. You'll be able literally to just walk away. We see so many of you struggling with this and beating yourself up, and it's truly not worth it. The damage that you do through this negative belief reinforcement is greater than the damage from smoking as itself - if there is a damage.

So … there is a very interesting energy here, because you have on one hand sources saying that's smoking is bad, and some of you even here believe that it is just terrible. It is no worse than any other thing that you bring into your body. On the other hand, you have the tobacco industry itself glamorizing smoking, making it so that it seems that it is very, very glamorous, that it is very relaxing. That is an overlay in itself.

I want you to look back. It was not that long ago, perhaps in the last 100 to 150 years where people smoked and they didn't get addicted to it. They could smoke … the first nations, the American Indians and other indigenous, have used tobacco for a long time, and it wasn't addictive.

So when did it become addictive? When did the overlays get so strong? When did you fall into that trap? And how can you get yourself out of that so you can make a clear and free choice, rather than one based on fear and overlays.