new spiritual freedom


< NewEnergy 2 > It is time for spiritual freedom on your Earth. It is time for the churches to let go of their Old ways, or their walls will continue to come tumbling down. It is a time for humans on Earth to understand that God is love… that God is compassion… that God is creation… that God is deep and true understanding of all of these things. You will see dramatic changes in the churches. The changes will continue as long as they hold onto the Old Energies.

< NewEnergy 2 > It is time for a new spiritual freedom. You are helping to create it. It is a freedom of suffering - no more suffering - a spiritual freedom that allows you to say, "I Am God Also," and to be worthy of it at the deepest level… a spiritual freedom where there is a balance of the male and female… of the human and the divine… of the light and the dark… a spiritual freedom that lets you off of the path of the Old ways of the suffering… of the karma… of the sin and the punishment.

< NewEnergy 2 > John Paul sits here today with you. He asks if you will be the teacher of this new spiritual freedom. You don't have to get into rhetoric or dogma with others when you teach this. You don't have to have rules. You don't have to have lengthy books. You can let the others know that they do not need the suffering anymore. You can teach this in classes. You can teach this one by one. You can teach it as you teach the information about the Seven Seals. It is about teaching each and every human that they can be free. They can have spiritual freedom in their life. They can be free of suffering.