Dr. Sigmund Freud

< QuantumLeap 8 > Dr. Freud, as many of you know, was born in the mid 1800s and committed suicide shortly before World War II. Dr. Freud came in to basically open the doors of this thing called psychoanalysis. Dr. Freud was very much in his mind in that lifetime - very much in the mind and not so much in the feelings - and this aspect of Dr. Freud has been very distressed and very, very tormented for a variety of reasons.

< QuantumLeap 8 > First that he felt he was not able to cure himself. When he was on Earth he had these brilliant - at the time - these wonderful concepts and ideas about analysis and about looking back into the childhood, looking at the relationship particularly between the child, the mother, the father, other members of the family, and focusing the analysis on what happened in the youth and how the child-self interrelated to the others. He pioneered work in psychoanalysis, which to this day is still practiced here on Earth.

< QuantumLeap 8 > But when Dr. Freud was not able to heal himself either mentally - for yes, he gave himself a difficult upbringing to give himself empathy for what he would be doing with others on the couch later on - but he was not able to heal his physical body, and he felt that because of that he had failed. In the end he ended up taking his own life, committing suicide. Not just walking out of his body with the feeling of joy and fulfillment, but actually being depressed, having given in to his physical ailments, feeling that they were actually stronger than he and feeling that so much of what he had taught, so many of the principles of modern psychology, were perhaps false.

< QuantumLeap 8 > When he crossed over to the other side, as you could imagine, he went immediately to the near realms. And in the near realms there are many what you would now call psycho wards. These are those who are not only mentally disturbed, but spiritually disturbed. And he found himself in the near realms in what you would call these illusionary psycho wards - mental hospitals - filled with souls who had crossed over who were agonized and tormented, who were still in the mind. Dr. Freud went there and felt he was looking in the mirror at his own life, feeling that he had failed because many whom he encountered he had actually had on the couch. When he saw them on the other side, it truly put him in his own hell. He felt he had failed them and he also felt that if his work on Earth continued with the type of psychoanalysis that he had started, it would cause many, many more humans to end up in the Near Earth psycho wards.

< QuantumLeap 8 > He had been wandering the Earth distressed and troubled, very ghostlike, until finally, not so very long ago, he called out for help. By the way, as any disincarnate spirit can do - any lost spirit - can call out for help. When he did he surrendered such a part of him - the mental part, the analytical part, the part that was focused on his own ego, his own identity - trapped identity - as Dr. Sigmund Freud. In the surrender it allowed him to see that he was surrounded by beings, beings of spirit, by angelic beings and beings who loved him for the work that he did do on Earth, because he helped to change consciousness.

< QuantumLeap 8 > He had been in such a place of self-doubt that he was literally eating away at his own energy. He had been in a place of such remorse over the limitations that he had put on his own work. At some level within him he knew that if he had gone beyond just the regression into childhood and focus on the literal or the physical parent figures; if he had actually taken that to another level and understood the parent, albeit the mother, the father, the child-self, as aspects - aspects that transcend the human and the mental condition; if he had gone beyond just the childhood and into the discussion of past lives, the things that you now know as Aspectology, your past life, the creative portions of yourself in this lifetime; if he had gone there perhaps that would have altered and changed the whole nature of consciousness today.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Dr. Sigmund Freud doubts himself. So we bring him in now to the Crimson Circle to see humans who understand the concept. You see, he did know it at a deeper level, he felt it, but he was afraid to discuss it openly. Dr. Freud discussed the issues of Aspectology and the issues of past life and the issues of nonphysical realities, the issues of the many multidimensional nature of the Self. He discussed this from time to time with a few individuals but he would not step out amongst his peers. He would not step out with the universities that he taught at, and he would not step out in working with his clients to go beyond the limitations of the psychoanalysis that he professed. So that part of him is very sad, very depressed. That part of him has been lost and wandering.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Now, another part of him has incarnated back on Earth right now. You can imagine the conflict that that is creating for that physical entity now on Earth. It feels the sadness and the depression. It feels the doubt, and it feels the danger of getting involved in anything to do with consciousness. Dr. Freud's identity now is a young man living in Switzerland working in a factory doing menial mundane work. He feels a tremendous desire to open up. Every time he hears his fellow workers talking about situations in their life, he wants to jump in and share with them that there's so much more. So much more. There is what you would call basic spiritual principles - easy, simple principles - that can literally launch a being into a whole new level of consciousness, but he doubts himself. Actually, he's feeling the doubt of this aspect called Sigmund Freud, so he won't speak, he won't talk about it.

< QuantumLeap 8 > He limits himself and in that limitation he's living in his own hell. Can you imagine at a deeper level - oh yes, you can imagine, can't you - at a deeper level knowing something to be true but not sharing it, not expressing it? Knowing something to be so profoundly and deeply true, but holding back out of fear and out of doubt? That is living hell. You have to create all sorts of barriers. You have to fool yourself to limit yourself. And that is exactly what Dr. Freud and his entity now walking on Earth are doing right now.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Dr. Freud is here to observe and to learn from you and perhaps liberate himself, perhaps not carry around that doubt and that grief anymore. He sees in you what he felt in himself. There are these things called aspects. There is something called the soul. The mother/father aspects don't have to be the literal biological mother and father. The things that happened in youth, especially those things related to sex, are a virus not a fault. And that virus can be purged out through the simple act of loving yourself. So take a moment, I ask each one of you, to open your hearts and your consciousness to Dr. Freud. Not to feel sorry for him, not to do anything other than to show him who you are, because when you show him your heart of hearts, that will help him to understand that there is - there is - a new consciousness. And there are a group of humans who are working at it, and psychoanalysis today doesn't have to be limited to principles that he helped to establish. It can expand.

< QuantumLeap 8 > And perhaps this liberation of Dr. Freud will help liberate that human incarnation who has closed himself down to life, who is working in a factory when yet he has so much to offer, but who doubts himself so much. Perhaps it would liberate this factory worker, who is not at all happy with what he is doing, to actually join the ranks of Shaumbra around the world. Perhaps this incarnation of Dr. Freud right now will join Shaumbra and become a teacher and will open himself to his truth while sharing it with others. Dr. Freud may hang around for a while, may come around with you. He will have a few angels from our side accompanying him, kind of like in the Charles Dickens story "Scrooge." He wants to observe, he wants to see what you do, how you do it, and he wants to see how you handle your homework assignment. We'll give it early, and we'll remind you again later.