Your Commitment

the commitment at the Temples of Tien in Atlantis;

< NewEnergy 6QA > In the past several days we had done a Shoud for the group that was gathered for the celebration. And, we talked to that group specifically that they had been together in the Temples of Tien in Atlantis. These were - how to say - phenomenal temples where we were studying human nature. We were beginning to have just a glimpse of divinity, just a glimpse of God. We did not understand God as you do today. We did not have religions back in those days. We were much more scientific and much more practical. But, we began to have some sort of enlightenment that there was more than just humans on Earth. There was a guiding force.

So, in the Temples of Tien there was a group. Many Shaumbra were there back then. If you allow yourself, you can feel the connection - if you were there - into the Temples of Tien. There we made a commitment. And, I was there with so many of you. We made a commitment to the time that we would come to understand the divine. We would come to understand what you now call God. We made a commitment that we would follow a path that would bring us to the point of connecting human and divine together.

We understood this whole concept of cycling through lifetimes. We understood what you now call reincarnation quite well. But, as odd as it may seem, our concept of God was very infantile, very immature, compared even to what you have now. We made a deep, deep commitment through months of sacred ceremonies, intense ceremonies, that at some point we would bring this together, the divine and the human. And, that is a path that so many of you, particularly those who were there the other night, have followed. The commitment was so deep that you didn't even recognize it within yourself, didn't even know it was there, just thought it was part of your overall makeup. It was a vow in a way.

So, we challenged the group the other night at the core of their being to release the commitment. It seemed almost sacrilege to ask that they would release something that was so much a part of who they are - who you are, my dear - to release the commitment. When you allowed yourself to do this, it had a profound impact on your energy and will continue to cause - how to say - tremors and quakes within you for a bit of time. But, by allowing yourself to release the commitment - in other words, the understanding that the journey ends, the divine and the human are melding - by releasing that commitment, you have released a great weight, and a burden, and a responsibility on yourself. And, now you can begin to simply live it, rather than to chase after it.

There will be dynamics in your life here that change. You think that the past few years have been filled with change. There are many more coming! But, they are changes of fulfillment, changes of bringing you to a whole new level within yourself first, but then manifesting on the outside. Stay very open to things. And - how to say - Quan Yin is asking us to say this. Hear… hear things. We are not just speaking here with your ears. But, hear the soul of yourself, the soul of the people around you and all humanity. Quan Yin is a master at hearing the song of humans, of their hearts. And, it will be very important for you to hear.

Now, if you find yourself struggling and trying to figure out how to hear, you are going in the wrong direction. To hear is simply embracing and opening up, feeling safe. Be in that safe platform, and hear what is going on all around you.

< QLCeleb 4 > So Shaumbra, you're the bold ones. You're the leaders. You're the ones who gave yourself a commitment - whether it was last lifetime, ten lifetimes ago or a hundred - a commitment that "I will be here for the Quantum Leap. I will be here to set this spark of new consciousness onto the Earth. I will be here on the Earth then to stand behind the short wall, not to get involved in the dramas and the conflict, but rather to enjoy and to celebrate the changes that are coming over humanity." And there will be many, many.