people who remain in the old energy

energy holder; energy balancer;

< New Earth 1 > Many humans will choose to leave their physical bodies at this time. They know at their soul level that they are not ready to cross the chasm. And they know that you will need the balance of energies with them leaving the Earth. They will create a balance outside of your third dimension to supply you with the energies that you will need. Yes, you could indeed say that they give of their lives to help you move forward. They know in their hearts that they are not prepared to walk through the challenges to bring in the divinity as each of you will be doing.

< New Earth 2 > It will be hard for many to accept that unity is now possible. Many will continue to choose to live in duality and in conflict.

< New Earth 2 > And as we have said, there will be some who choose to continue to live in duality for they feel that there are unresolved issues. There are those even, my friends, that you will encounter that will be fearful of returning to Oneness. They will feel that it is evil. They will feel that they must continue to live in conflict and pain. They must continue to fight the wars that occur within and outside.

< New Earth 4 > For those who do not move forward into this new energy world that exists side-by-side with the old energy world, we ask you to honor each one of them. We ask you to understand they are still walking through their paths and their understandings, and that is appropriate. It is truly appropriate for some to stay in the old energy, for they also continue to be an anchor of the energy. For it is not appropriate for all of you to shift into the new at this time, for that would cause an imbalance. So there are those who are agreeing to stay in the old energy to continue to balance, and continue to anchor.

< New Earth 5 > There are those who appropriately have decided that it is not yet time for them, for indeed understand that there must continue to be balances. For if all had chosen at a single time to go into the New Energy, this would have caused an imbalance. So honor those who have not yet come over, who have not yet decided.

< New Earth 9QA > First you must understand that the relationship that you are in is appropriate at this time. There are no mistakes about this. There is no holding of one (person) or the other back. Now it may be that your partner chooses not to walk in the new energy at this time, and it may be appropriate that only one of you does so first. There could be imbalances that were caused if both went through at the same time. This is not a rule, so to speak. There are couples that will find it appropriate to walk through together, but in many other cases, they provide a counter-balance to each other. If you are in a relationship that is no longer appropriate for your soul, that relationship will change on its own. This is part of the allowing process. There is nothing you need to do, for it will change on its own. The energy will find its own level.

< Creator 4QA > As these two energies move further apart, as you are exploring the new earth energy in greater detail, many have mates, spouses or partners who have chosen to remain in the old earth energy. They have chosen to remain there to be a balance for you, to hold an energy for you. For even as you are going off once again, into new areas that have yet to be defined, there is always a 'tether' to the old energy.

We used the analogy of the two mountain climbers. While one was secure and fastened and had his grips into the side of the mountain, the other would then go forth with a tether. One would be there for safety and balance and the other would be the explorer. That is much of how relationships are coming to be now. You may have a spouse or a partner who has remained in the old energy, to hold the energy for you as you explore these new areas.

And in many cases, dear teachers, in many cases it is no longer appropriate to be in that relationship on a daily basis. We are pointing out an energetic dynamic that is taking place. Now it is up to you and up to your being to know if it is time to remain or time to move forward. But if you choose to move forward, if you choose to disengage that relationship on one level, understand that many times they are holding the balance of energy for you on another. Honor them and thank them for that. While you may dissolve the human ties of the relationship, love them for what they are doing for you, allowing you to move into the new energy.

< Creator 4QA > It will take conscious effort on your part to stay on the other side of the short wall. You will continually find yourself pulled back into duality. Right now you are experiencing here the energy of the Two Earths moving apart, you are experiencing relationships moving apart that are no longer appropriate. You are hearing chattering in your head, because you are still connected with them in many ways. Know my friends, that as the energy of the new earth moves to new levels, these old chains that connected you to the past will dissolve in love. They will dissolve slowly and surely. You traumatize yourself by the chatterings of your mind. Simply understand that is part of the releasing and letting go process. When you have these discussions in your mind, simply stand behind the short wall and honor these people, even though they have caused you much friction and challenge in your life. Simply honor them. As you consciously do this, the last vestiges of the old energy will dissolve.

< Creator 5QA > Handle this through compassion and understanding. Understand that you are living more and more each day in this new energy Earth. Understand that there is great honor for those who stay in the old energy. There is the need for those to tether and to balance the old energy. Not all of you can move into the new at one time. This would cause a tremendous energy imbalance. Honor the ones you see along your way each day that are in the old energy. Bless them and know that one day you will be their teacher. It is time for you to set the example. While it appears that you will be increasing the chasm between the old energy Earth and the new, there will be a bridging of this chasm that comes here in the years ahead. You will be the ones who help guide the others across that bridge.

< Creator 5QA > There are millions. There are many, many, many who are assisting each other, one at a time. We use this story of the mountain climber to help you understand how one holds the balance and the stability, while the other moves forward into new territory. But if you choose to look down below, you will not see just one other, you will see millions and millions who all follow, who all assist, who all at certain times have the role of the place holders, the energy holders. Others have the role of explorer and the adventurer. You have traded roles over eons of time, but now you, Shaumbra, are the ones who are the explorers and the journeyers. Thank those who hold the energy for the work that you are doing.

< Ascension 4QA > First of all, it is not to be so concerned that these events did not impact you immediately. There are always those humans who are there as a grounding force, to be a balance for the others for a period of time. You are simply one of these who held an energy of balance. You could not all go off on a transformation at the same time! It would cause tremendous imbalance. But, now it is catching up to you. Now, you are working through your own issues. You are honored as one who stayed in a grounded and balanced place during all of this.

< NewEnergy 11 > Many of you have recently lost dear loved ones. Many of you are in the process of losing loved ones right now. Many will lose loved ones, ones who are close, in these next few years. We do understand how difficult it is. We ask you, though, to understand there are reasons, and there is love in all of this. Many of the ones who are leaving now are choosing to do so for specific reasons related to the times that you live in, the changing energies of the planet.