< NewEnergy 4 > They have been separated. Don't you see? They have been separated for a long, long time. The core energy of separation is the male and female energies, the Adam and the Eve. Ever since you left Home, you see - ever since you began exploring Self - you divided yourself. You do it now in physical form, male and female. There is a masculine and a feminine energy, a yin and a yang. That is all the Star of David is… separated, pulled apart (like a diamond split in half). What happens when these two are brought back into alignment together? Instead of six points, there are four.

< NewEnergy 4QA > But, for those Shaumbras who are in this land of Israel and any of the neighbors surrounding that land, it is a time for the realization that this can be healed. It is a time to bring back together the Star of David, which originally was the shape of a diamond - four points - to bring these back together in this New Energy of four. It is time to bring this together for all of you here - even in your own lives - to provide the melding of these two pieces back together, as we spoke of… the male, the female, the light, the dark, the divine, the human… to bring these all back together.

< NewEnergy 4QA > One of the things that you will see occurring in your life soon thereafter is a constant reminder of the diamond. Yes, some of you like this very much! (some audience laughter) Just as you have seen sequences of numbers over these past few years - the 11:11, 12:12, and all of these other numbers - you will start to see a whole pattern of the diamond come in. The diamond… so precious, so clear… the diamond, so strong on its own… but all integrated, all integrated. You will see this symbol of diamond come to you over and over, whether it is in a sign in the ad, in little things in your life… a constant reminder of the melding together of all of the pieces.