behold the song of your soul

be and hold the expression of your divinity (God);

< Ascension 11 > We ask you to BE THE SONG OF YOUR SOUL. Be the song of your soul. It is there. It is singing to you. Your divinity is singing, waiting for you to simply be it… not to wonder what it will be like… not to wait for it… but simply to be the song of your soul. We ask you to hold this song of your soul. Embrace it and to hug it, for it is you. Your divinity is right there. We can see it. It is not in your physical being necessarily. It is all around you and within you. It wants to come forth. It wants the final birthing. You have gone through the labor pains in the birthing of your divinity these past few years. It wants to come through now. It wants you to hold it. It is your divinity, but, in a sense, it is like a child. It wants you to hold it.

< Ascension 11 > Open your hearts. Open your hearts. Behold the song of your soul. This is a melding and an integrating with who you are. Hear it. Feel it. It is there. Behold it, right now, in this moment. It is you. It is you. It is like a child wanting to come forth and express itself in all love and innocence. It is like a wise father with a knowingness that surpasses anything you have experienced before. It is like a loving and nurturing mother, wanting to care for you also. This is your divinity, your divinity within you, wanting to come forth.

< Ascension 11 > As you behold who you are in your own divinity, you will begin to have a new clarity that you have not experienced before. You will begin to understand the headlines when you read them. You will begin to understand things like this Book of Revelations when you read it again. You will have clarity of the people around you and the events that occur all around you. Now, this is a wonderful thing… to a point. At times the clarity is difficult because you will see, and sense, and feel things like you never have before. There will be a tendency to want to shut back down. Do you understand that there are all these filters that you have placed around yourself for a reason? It is because sometimes the energies from the outside are difficult to handle.

< Ascension 11 > In the new clarity that you are coming into, sometimes it will jar old beliefs and thoughts. Sometimes you will not want to see what is before you. With your new clarity you may not want to hear the words that are spoken. With the new clarity that you have from beholding the song of your soul, you may not want to get certain feelings. You may not like that feeling that you get when you walk in the store, and you feel dense and thick and dark old energy. And, there may be a tendency at levels within you to say, "I do not know what this is. I do not know why things around me are so harsh right now, or why I'm being bombarded with energies, and thoughts, and feeling that make me nauseous, or unstable, or unbalanced." And, you might want to retreat back behind the veil and the filters that you had set up.

< Ascension 11 > Understand that this is the part of the process. The new clarity does not always paint the prettiest picture. From your new perspective in the New Energy you will see some things about the Old Energy that might be difficult to handle. It is like the first year medical students who go down into the lab and begin to cut things apart. It is not always so pretty. We want to bring this to your attention, because you will be feeling it and experiencing it in these days and weeks ahead.

< Ascension 11 > Perhaps you will not like it so much, and there may be a strong potential for you to want to shut down. You may say, "What is wrong with this process? What is wrong with my blossoming spirituality? I thought everything was supposed to be rainbows, and cotton candy, and fluffy clouds." Indeed, you will have the clarity that you have asked for, but you may see things that seem rather harsh at first. Then, you will wonder why you have never seen the set-up this way, why you have never seen into the feelings, and the hearts, and the minds of others. It is because there have been filters. There have been veils to protect you.

< Ascension 11 > On the other hand, dear family, as you behold the song of your heart, and you develop this new clarity, you will also be able to have a new, and full, and joyful experience with other things in your life. The clarity will help you resonate with music like you have never felt before. We will help you go into the depths of things like taste. Ah, indeed for the one who is asking over here… yes, sex, making love will be more fulfilling than what you ever experienced. There will be a clarity to it. It will not just be a physical act. It will now be a complete act that involves your physical being, your emotional being, and your spiritual being.

< Ascension 11 > In the new clarity you will be able to talk to your body. You will be able to talk to your cells. You will be able to feel things and know things from them. Do not try to go in and will the cells and the molecules and the atoms of your body to change. How do you know what you want them to change to? Go in with the new clarity and listen. They will tell you. They will tell you something. They will tell you what type of balance is most desired. Your own soul and spirit will tell you how to bring things back into harmony and balance within your body. But, stop going within and trying to WILL that cold, or that flu, or that cancer out of you. When you do that, when you try to will it out, is that you are truly nailing it in place.

< Ascension 11 > With the clarity, go within. You will find you can journey and travel around your body. Have no preconceived notions of what this will be like. Simply allow yourself to go in. You may talk to your body like it was a little teddy bear inside. You may see animated cells. You may see a factory of biology. It will be different for all of you. But, go within and talk. It will tell you.

< Ascension 11 > The new clarity will open up a creative side of you that has been blocked. You are smart, humans, but you forget to be creative! You have locked that away. Your own teachers and parents have taught you to lock that away. They taught you to think rather than feel, and be, and create, and do. In your new clarity you will understand how to open up this magnificent creative side of yourself.

< Ascension 11 > As you behold the song of your own soul, you will have a clarity in your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. As you are opening to clarity to see what type of reactions Shaumbra gets with new clarity, we have seen wonderful and beautiful things, the ability to have deep inner knowingnesses. But, we also see that when you have this clarity, and you see what you would consider the darker, the uglier, the more difficult sides of life, you want to run back in your house and shut the door, close the windows, and draw the blinds, and say, "I want nothing to do with this. I was uncomfortable with my new clarity."

< DivineHuman 6QA > You get a wonderful thought, a wonderful feeling. You are excited about it. You go to bed. You sleep on it. You dream. You are so filled with anticipation and excitement about a new idea that came to you. The next day you get up, and then you get logical. (audience laughter) And, then you start with "what ifs." Then you put down your own self and your own idea. You think that the great idea you had the night before was just an hallucination of a crazy mind. You go about your daily life shuffling your feet, keeping your head down, wondering, wondering when divinity will ever come in. It came in the night before! (audience laughter) And, you ignored it. You "logicalacized" it. (audience laughter) We just made up that word. Dear friends, those inspiring moments are your divinity popping in. It is time to follow your heart. Follow the song of your heart.