The story of Anna the Fighter


< NewEnergy 11 > Anna was an angel, much like all of you who chose to come to Earth and to take on a physical body and to go through many, many lifetimes - we won't go through all of them today - who chose to go through many lifetimes on Earth. And, like so many of you, she learned that she had to adjust on this place of Earth and this thing called the physical body to the very heavy and harsh energies of duality.

Particularly, in the days of Atlantis, Anna had great desires and ambitions. And, she discovered that in dealing with the inherent energies of Earth - the plus and the minus, or the yin and the yang - that in order to accomplish what she wanted to do - and eventually did do - she had to be a fighter. She had to be tenacious. She had to battle for what she felt was right. She had to battle for her share, literally and figuratively.

In the days of Atlantis, in particular, Anna was in the Temples of Tien with us. Part of her responsibility was to work with the outsiders, to work with the organizations, and the types of governments, and the groups of Atlantis, and in the end days, to work with those who were seeking to consume or to overthrow all of Atlantis. And, Anna learned to become a wonderful fighter, fighting for the rights of those of us who were in the temple, and ultimately fighting for those who were being persecuted by the energies of Azura, who was trying to - how to say - take over all things.

But, dear friends, this quality of being a fighter continued with Anna, even into the lifetime when I was married to her, the lifetime as Tobias. She was a dear and loving wife. She ran the household. She truly, truly wore the pants in the family (audience laughter).

If it wasn't for her, I may have drifted off and never come back. If it wasn't for her, I would probably have been locked up in that lifetime for being a bit of a lunatic, for I liked to conduct orchestras without any musicians being there (more laughter)… as I am still want to do. Yes, I had a bit of an orchestra in my own imagination going on all of the time. And, we would compose music, and we would play it simply for me.

So, Anna was indeed quite the fighter, and she helped - how to say - keep our household straight. She helped to keep me straight in so many ways. And, she would tell people that instead of being a lunatic I was simply brilliant and to look past some of the eccentric behaviors that I had. So, she was also a fighter at home. And - how to say - we had many arguments with each other during our lifetime together, sometimes disagreeing quite - how to say - passionately.

She brought these qualities of fighting and surviving to particular good use when I, Tobias, was blinded by the dung of a bird in my eyes. And, at that time I could no longer travel for the king. I could no longer be the buyer. I could no longer provide for my family.

So, the energy of Anna who was the fighter and the survivor rose up. And, she quickly began doing business with the royalty. Even though we were Jewish, she began doing business for the royal ones, doing the sewing and the weaving that would bring the money into the family, and keep food and a bit of wine on our table. So, this energy of being the fighter and the survivor truly came forward.

Anna is on Earth at this point, indeed not one that most of you know, not - how to say - but she is on Earth, and we have a delightful relationship at this time.

So, dear friends, her energy, this energy of the fighter continued and she relied on it more and more - if this sounds familiar to any of you - she relied on it in so many lifetimes in Europe, in the days of wars, but also the days of - how to say - royalty trying to stab each other in the back in the royal courts, which took place more often than not. She was quite the fighter.

And, she came into this lifetime on Earth where she now lives again with that tenacious survivor energy. She came in as Shaumbra. She came in choosing to expand her own spiritual energy, to move outside of duality. And, she tried to use her fighter/survivor energy to battle her way through this whole thing called duality, battle her way into the New Energy - if that sounds familiar to any of you.

She tried to battle things in her mind and in her body. And, in the process, she truly wore herself out. Even as close as she and I have been, it was very difficult to communicate with her in this lifetime. But, her battles were so intense - her battles in relationships… and in jobs… and in all aspects of her life… but particularly in her spiritual journey… trying to battle her way through… trying to battle the dark side within herself, as we have spoken about in our last gathering… trying to battle her way through her mind.

What happens, dear Shaumbra, was that all of this energy intensified so much that she finally was in an automobile accident and came very close to coming back to me on this side. She was in a hospital for quite a period of time. She was recuperating and had to rely on others to serve her and to bring her the medications and the food. She had to rely on others to empty her bedpan. She had to rely on them for every little thing. Her fighter/survivor energy couldn't do anything. Even when she was convalescing at home, she had to rely on others to take care of her.

And, while she tried to bring back her fighter energy, it simply wouldn't do. She found out that it would throw her healing process off, that her body would go into a relapse, and she would get sicker every time she brought the fighter energy back in. She found that she offended other people with the fighter energy when she brought this in as well. She found out within her own body and her mind and her spirit that she could no longer bully her way through things.

She discovered something beautiful one night literally here when Kathume came to her… because I could not seem to get through. He came to her, and she saw and felt the overwhelming goldenness that came from Kathume. And, she listened… she listened. Kathume helped to guide her in a very simple principle, but one that is profound, one that wants to go to work for you right now… it is so simple. It doesn't require any effort. It is stress-free.