spine / neck / shoulder

also see: ascension symptoms; biology; physical body; aches and pains; readjustment;

< Teacher 11QA > Any issue that you have with your back and your spine is a very solid indicator of the readjustment work in the New Energy, because literally you are talking about your physical backbone. You're talking about the structure that gives you some of the greatest support that allows your spirit energy to be here.

Right now both the bone and the neural networks are being reworked, but again it's being done so gradually as to not totally shatter the old systems that you had in place. You're literally building the new system while the old system is still there. It causes a degree of stress and sometimes pain in the physical level because of the work that's being done. But understand ... use this as an indicator that truly you are letting the New Energy process help to remake your biology at this time.

< Teacher 11QA > Any time you have issues in the shoulders, in particular, have to do with the movement of what we would call your responsibility energy or things you've been shouldering in life, responsibilities that you have taken on for your past lives, for other people in your life and you are shifting that so you are going to feel it in your shoulders and your neck. The breathing that we continually talk to you about allows that energy to keep moving, allows all of the things that have compacted in your shoulder/neck area to now move through. It's a wonderful process of releasing.