next lifetime


< e2012 4 > And speaking of that, next lifetime – so we’re talking about life designing here – next lifetime, what’s it going to be? Oh, I could feel you say, “What do you mean next lifetime?! This is it! Oy! No more next lifetime. I thought that’s what the Crimson Circle was about. It was the exit door. (laughter) Adios and farewell. Nice being here, glad to be gone. Gaia, have fun down there with all the rest of them. I’m out of here.” Really? Really?

< e2012 4 > You could make that choice, but I don’t think this is what your wisdom is thinking. Well, your wisdom’s not thinking, but feeling. I don’t think it’s what you’re going to feel next year. Why? Because you’re going to start to realize, next lifetime… When I say that, you go into, “Oh my God, being born again. What am I going to look like? How smart am I going to be? How much money am I going to have in my pocket? Am I going to have those same goddamn parents I’ve had for the last five lifetimes?! Not them again!! And the brothers and sisters! Why do I keep coming back?!” Maybe they’re coming back to you.

< e2012 4 > Next lifetime. What if it’s totally different? I can tell you are one that enjoys every day. And here’s a hint. The Ascended Masters are coming back now, and they’re coming back in physical body, but they’re coming back different. What if you could come back in physical body by choice – choosing your parents, your situation – but not dumb human choices, not “I’m going to win the ‘bleep’ lottery” choices. That’s a dumb choice. Your soul, your wisdom doesn’t care. It actually has got a good design.

< e2012 4 > It (your wisdom) knows that you’re going to self-destruct with three million dollars. You are. You’re going to self-destruct. You’re just going to intensify any feeding that people are doing on you right now. You think they’re feeding now? You haven’t seen these octopuses put their arms around you until you’ve got three million dollars. Then you’re going to wonder if you know what to do with it. You’re going to make the worst investments in the world.

< e2012 4 > What if the next lifetime maybe wasn’t even totally physical? What if you could be here when you wanted to? You didn’t go through birthing. You followed the Tobias example, you didn’t go through the birthing. What if you weren’t even resident here? What if you did as I do? I just take up with a dog once in a while. A real dog, not a … they let me hitchhike along with them, a bird once in a great while, never fish, or I’ll manifest the illusion of a physical human being for a couple of days. A couple of days is about all I can tolerate. Then I start getting headaches and nauseous and realize, “Oh, I’m acting so human” and then I evaporate that illusion.

< e2012 4 > Why wait for your next lifetime? Why don't you just start your next lifetime right now? You can. Get rid of the old anchor points and start it right now. But be a little patient, because you still have a physical system that was designed a long time ago. There's still a lot of mass consciousness around. It takes a while, but actually, it's already working right now. Simultaneously, you are also on the New Earth. You're having about sixteen dreams right now as you're sitting here, smiling at me, knowing what you did to me. You're kind of searching into potentials.