new oneness

new unity; re-melding; re-uniting;
re-uniting of the source; expanding unity; expanding Home;

< New Earth 2 > Do you remember when we said that from the source - from the Great Central Sun - there was a split that created opposites? It sent waves of separation out into your realities and consciousnesses. Within your recent time frame, my friends, the original seed (Oneness) that had been split (the King and the Queen) has re-melded. it has joined together again. it is in unity. But it is not like what it was before the split. The Oneness is expanded, with greater consciousness from all the work that has been done. From the very, very essence and center of all things, where this original split occurred, there has now been a melding.

< New Earth 2 > Now that unity has returned to the core of All That Is, and now that both of the poles of opposites have come to their full circle and have reintegrated into a new oneness, it is now possible for you to release the consciousness of duality. That is why we started on this day talking about the most difficult, the most clinging, and the most fearful of things that challenge you in your life. The thing that you most want to leave. That is why we told you on this day that is now possible for that to happen. With your intent it will begin dissolving … rapidly!

< New Earth 2 > This is indeed a time of allowing, a time of releasing. More so than before. You can directly tie in to this energy of unity, what we will call the expanding unity. You can bring this into your life. You can, in a sense, dissolve the veil that has been around you that has kept you from understanding who you are.

< New Earth 3 > Your emotions are learning to handle this new energy. Your emotions have not been used to this. Your emotions have been used to duality for so long. The acknowledgement of that comes from all of the aspects of your past lives who gather here with you tonight. Your past lives understand even more than you the heaviness of the veil. Your emotions are now learning to accept a new Oneness. Within you, you are beginning to accept a lightening of the veil.