Directive of Fulfillment

a momentum that's not going to allow you to go back;

< WalkOn 11 > You're at a point now that I call the Directive of Fulfillment. You're in – and it's my own term – the Directive of Fulfillment. And what it is, meaning that you've done so much damn hard work and you've been … you know what you have? You have tenacity. You're stubborn. You weren't going to give up. You're really damn stubborn beings, and that's gotten you through. It's not your effort. It's not your hard work. It's your stubbornness, that in spite of all the hard work, your stubbornness got you through, got you to this point. Now what happens in the Directive of Fulfillment, and I used the word “directive” because it's like saying it's like a universal law, but you're kind of making it up for the first time. It's a directive. It's going to happen. Directive, also meaning direction, movement of something. It's also a directive like a command. It's like, “This is going to happen.”

< WalkOn 11 > A Directive of Fulfillment. You've kind of crossed that line to the point where now, actually, believe it or not, you can glide. Yeah. There's been so much inertia, movement, working, pushing, suddenly there's a gravitation – and I use the word gravity not just like with Earth gravity, but a movement, a suction of energy. So the Directive of Fulfillment means that there is a gravitational, an energy force that is now in play – undeniable, absolutely in motion – that brings you into fulfillment. Even if you didn't work on anything else anymore, there is enough momentum in everything that you've done, including and especially including your allowing, that all the forces are bringing everything together into completion, fulfillment.

< WalkOn 11 > You don't have to work at it anymore. Actually, you never did, but you thought you did. You can take a deep breath and watch yourself go into your mastery, your enlightenment. It's pretty phenomenal, pretty amazing. The mind sitting over there would be chattering and saying, “Yeah, but you have to do something.” No, you don't have to do anything. “Well, but you have to do …” No, you don't have to do anything. If you want to do something, allow. But there's so much momentum that it's going to happen. That's the really good news. It means you don't have to work at it. You don't have to mediate it. You don't have to try anymore. You don't have to try to be a better person, a more spiritual person, a more intelligent person, any of that. You have a free pass at this point.

< WalkOn 11 > Don't ask me how long it's going to take, because I know that's your next question. What does it matter? All I'm saying is you don't have to do anything anymore. You don't have to regulate your thoughts, monitor whether your emotions are good. You don't have to balance and check your energies or anything like that. You don't have to do that anymore. The inertia does it. So try this. Rather than trying to resist that natural inertia into enlightenment, rather than trying to fight against it or wonder “Is it real? Is it really going to happen? Is Adamus just telling us …” Just take a deep breath and go with the flow.

< WalkOn 11 > Everything you need is there, because you've done so much. You've created a gravity, an energy movement that now cannot be undone. It cannot be undone. I call it the Directive of Fulfillment, like an official order. It's also kind of now, I guess, it could be your own personal universal law. It's just going to happen. I don't care what forces try to interfere. It's not going to happen, not going to work; if there's external forces, other people, mass consciousness, Pleiadians – (Adamus chuckles) I don't like Pleiadians – it's not going to happen. There's too much inertia, gravity. This ride is for you to enjoy now. I've said it a few times before but I'll remind you now. This is going to be the best time of your life. I know there's an eagerness for enlightenment and all the rest of that, but this is the best time.

< Transhuman 1 > But they had no place else to go, other than the other side, so they just stopped. And when they did, that momentum, that Directive of Fulfillment was finally able to come in. All the aspects, all the parts and pieces, all of the fragments, all the lost parts of themselves were able to come in. And what really happened in that big night of dreams that preceded their waking up in the morning into realization; what really happened was that the singular being that they thought they were and that you think you are, that singular being suddenly really opened up and allowed in the “and.”

< Transhuman 1 > Stop trying so hard. Stop working on your human self. It will get you no further. It will maybe make you think you're doing something. It'll occupy your time. It'll give you a certain sense of a mission, goal, battle. But ultimately the five would tell you, “Just stop it, right now. Be the human and be everything else that comes along.” That's it. And then you'll have a night of dreams and you'll wake up in the morning and you'll have that sense of clear and clean, because that Directive of Fulfillment, that bringing everything together is there.

< Transhuman 6 > There is, as I called it, a directive or a gravity of fulfillment, not because of a head choice, not because of the human choice, but because of the natural evolution and because of a deep soul desire for realization. It's going to happen. It is happening. The fact is that you think you're making it happen. You're not. You're getting in the way. You think that by focusing or meditating or doing some of these exercises or whatever, eating a certain way. No. There is a Directive of Fulfillment from your soul, from the I Am. That is the realization.

< Wings 2 > So you're right at the eve, and this isn't the carrot-in-front-of-the-horse type of thing. You're there. You're in that energy and, as I've said before, there's a momentum that's not going to allow you to go back. It can allow you to feel miserable for a little bit and feel like you're going in circles, but you can't go back. There's a momentum that's there that's going to carry you into the enlightenment. That's why we call this the Wings Series. It's going to carry you into your enlightenment. The Atlantean Dream, the Shaumbra Dream, the knowingness that you have in your heart, that's what's going to carry you there, sometimes kicking and screaming.