years of 1960's-70's


< Ascension 1 > As you reflect now back from your deathbed, remember those times of the early 1960's where the Earth - and all that had been built, all that had been cultivated - could have been destroyed with a simple push of a button. Dear friends, there was a moment when all of us on this side of the veil gasped. We closed our eyes, figuratively. We held our hearts. This came within precious seconds of happening. We could not intervene. We cannot intervene. We can simply send love and balance, and we can only do it through you. But when you opened your being to receive this from our side, it added power and energy to your own thoughts of love and balance and moving forward. We tell you, it was within seconds, but it did not happen. There are stories that will come out in the next decade when things are revealed on your side about how close it came.

< Ascension 1 > You knew you came in to be ones who planted energy and love to prevent these type of things from happening. If you had left the planet at that time (early 60's), you would still have done a great service. You would have fulfilled so much for all of humankind, simply by being an energetic presence (ghost) on Earth to help prevent this from happening. Many of you began your spiritual studies in earnest shortly after this, this thing you would call the New Age, your spirituality. Others of you simply knew it was not time. Your energy would be needed again later, and you set out in life, seemingly apathetic to all of this spiritual stuff.

< QLCeleb 1 > There were other shifts. As we are preparing now to pull into the Quantum Leap Station, as you are starting to gather your belongings, you might recall some of the other ones. The shifts in the 60's and the early 70's that so many of you took an active role in. Changing consciousness at its core level. Resisting things called war. Opening your consciousness with alternative healing methods, with alternative consciousness methods, with things like meditation ... a few of you things like drugs ... but the fact is you opened your consciousness! Sometimes it does make the train ride a little bit more tolerable, (laughter) but sooner or later (Tobias chuckles) it comes down to natural rebalancing.

< Master 6 > There were several major shifts in consciousness, one immediately after World War II - a big shift of consciousness - followed by changes in technology. There was another shift in the early 60's - huge shift in consciousness - that opened the door once again for technological advancement. Look what happened in the late 60's and the early 70's in terms of the explosion of new technologies. Sometimes it took a while to get to you, but consciousness comes first and then things like technology and science and business and government come next.