time wobbling


< Ascension 11QA > First of all, release the perception that there is no time on our side. We don't know where this comes from. There IS a type of time on our side. It is not like it is on yours. We do not walk around with these watches on our hands. But, there is a progression and order to events that take place. In our energy, on our side of the veil, ALL things are NOT taking place all at one time. That would be so confusing for us. At the extreme end of thought, you are right, there is no time, for you will find that all things are like a circle, all things come back. But, it is an expanding and spiraling circle. Events do not fall back on themselves. So, in a sense, there is a sequence of events.

Now, from your own perception as humans walking on Earth, you have defined your life by time, and this has been appropriate. You should not try to break through the barriers of time. You have better things to do with your life. However, you WILL find your perception of time changing. Some days will seem much longer, some days much shorter. You will have a "time wobble effect," in your own personal lives. And, you will feel this particularly in these next few years. You will especially feel the time wobble as humanity comes to the point of this quantum change.

We know many of you have felt this wobbling of time in your own life. And then, we find it amusing that so many of you try to stop it. You panic. You try to get back on your old timeline. It is appropriate that this is changing and fluctuating. And, it will continue to be so.

< Transhuman 4 > There's something particularly happening with so many of you and it's what I call the shifting of time, the flexibility of time. Have you noticed that, at times, time goes very, very fast? When you think you have an hour or so to do something, to get somewhere, it just goes by so quickly. And you wonder to yourself, were you even there? Were you present? Were you in your body? Were you maybe out in another dimension? No, not any more so than normal. But for those who are coming into their mastery, time loses its rigidity. It loses its very incremental way it's been.

< Transhuman 4 > Your next step is finding that time becomes a friend rather than a foe. So much of your life has been about finding time, keeping in time, managing time, and it's actually really quite an energy stealer, time can be, if you're locked into it mentally and physically. Suddenly, you find time is a friend. Time works for you, and suddenly you also start realizing there really is no time. There really actually is no such thing as time. You go out into the other realms, there's not a great big universal time clock ticking away. There actually is no time. It serves a bit of a purpose here on this planet, having time, and particularly with the rising and the setting of the sun and the movements of the planets, but suddenly you realize that you're not addicted to time anymore. You're off of that. It's a very strange feeling.

< Transhuman 4 > It also gives you a feeling of disorientation, as most of you have felt from time to time, not being locked into that anymore. You suddenly start realizing that this whole concept of a linear life, what I call local linear – of this progression of hours, minutes, days, years – suddenly was a great big illusion. The whole concept of a past life is actually an illusion, or a future life. A lot of you think, “Well, I wonder, if I was going to stay here on the planet, what a future life would be like?” You want to find out? You take a deep breath and you feel into it. It's happening right now.

< Transhuman 4 > It's strange for the mind to understand all of that. The mind thinks, “Well, how can all of this be happening right now?” because the mind is very linear. It's very focused in time. It cannot really grasp the idea that a future life is being experienced right now. But, as you release this whole concept of time, of clocks, of months and years ticking away, you come to the sudden beauty of realizing it's all happening right now. It's all happening. In a way, all of the past and future lives that are happening are independent of each other. They're all independent. They're not linked in such a way that you have to work towards your mastery one lifetime after the other. You can actually be a Master in a past lifetime that's occurring right now and not be a Master in the future. That's the beauty of releasing time.

< Transhuman 4 > To release it you don't need to do anything other than just be aware that it's actually already happening. The only thing I would ask you is not to resist it, not to, as you would say, freak out when suddenly time is different than what the mind wants it to be; to not get so constipated that you have to try to get back to time. You suddenly become timeless, and timelessness is also tremendous freedom. We'll get into more of that a little bit later today, but for right now let's take a deep breath, as we transcend the need for time. Stop feeding on time itself and you become timeless. It's the best of all.