South America


< Teacher 2QA > As we have said before, any political leader is simply the reflection of the consciousness of the people in the area. So often people will blame the leader for what is going on, but they have to accept the blame themselves. So in the part of the world that you are speaking of (South America), in general, not in all cases but in general, there is a very heavy overlay. And the overlay has to do with exactly what we were talking about earlier: giving away your energy balance or what you would call power.

< Teacher 2QA > This was a particularly strong and - what we would say - sacred and very mighty part of the world, centuries and centuries of time ago. There was a type of energy abuse that took place... and we are speaking here particularly with the Incas and the Mayans, and there was another culture that lived there by the name of Abosa, they are not heard of or known of these days, they are a culture that vanished... but there were abuses with all of these different cultures and, as we speak about in one of our schools, this virus tends to get in... this energy abuse virus tends to get in, infiltrate every part, and it worked its way even into the most sacred parts to the point where these empires, which once had been very sacred, became very energy-unbalanced.

This opened up the door for another energy to move in at some point, and this energy came in with all of its new rules and regulations and rituals and power feeding. You also know this as the Catholic Church. But as we say, energy tends to beget its own type of energy. A virus will simply flow into one area and then move to the next of its kind.

So this energy virus has been prolific in this area of the world and so many of the people who live there are used to giving away their power constantly. If they're not giving it away to some culture, they're giving it away to a church and now they're giving it away to leaders who are just power-feeders themselves who claim to be working for the people, but the evidence on the table says they are really only working for themselves and a small group of the people.

< Teacher 2QA > We see that as the world focuses on bringing up the energy of countries, particularly of Africa right now... there is going to be an intense focus of energy in Africa that's going to improve the economy, the health, the consciousness, everything else. It has been suppressed for too long and there are some - what we would say - brilliant energies at work there right now.

But what's going to happen is the South American regions are going to become the next impoverished and energy-stealing areas. We see that, while the shift takes place in Africa, it's going to put a new heavy energetic burden on South America.

And I'm going to make a statement here regarding what I said before with not wanting Cauldre and Linda to go there at this time: they will be going there, but right now there are some other things needed to be done. We're not trying to purposely avoid it, but we're monitoring the situation there.

But what you have now is a large number of people who see the storm rolling in. They understand the changing energy - and not for the better - that's coming into these lands and they see potential for great wars there, but not wars based on religion, wars based on rhetoric and wars based on energy feeding. So the immigrants, the ones that you're talking about, they are sensing that something's going on. They may not understand it in their brain but they are sensing that a dark era is coming over this land. So they are trying to leave right now and that is why you see the surge in the immigration, and if it can't be into America it will be into Canada. If not Canada, Australia, or a variety of the different countries, because they're sensing what is going on.

So it is leaving many other countries with an interesting dilemma. How much do you open the borders and how openly do you let the energy flow in or out? And for that we don't have a specific answer. The humans will have to answer that one.