old institutions


< Creator 8QA > We see these clashes continuing to intensify. They will go beyond your schools. They will intensify until there is an acknowledgement that the old ways, the old institutions and the old hierarchies need to come down. Stand behind the short wall and understand these things are all part of the process of moving from the old energy. Love all of those who are involved in these things.

< Ascension 8 > This is what Earth and humankind are going through now. Many shifts, looking for meaning. When the consciousness of Earth discovers that those who have held an energy of leadership and authority and trust have misused that… oh, dear ones, there is much anger… there is much feeling of being intruded upon… there is much mistrust! That is what is happening now. Look at your own institutions and your corporations. Look at the churches. We have spoken of this before. The walls come tumbling down. The trust leaves. That is happening on Earth now.

< Ascension 9QA > Dear ones, the balance is coming now, we are delighted to say. When we read the overall consciousness of women on Earth compared to a year ago when we talked about it, it HAS changed. Some of your challenging situations have put a new focus on the role of women. And, certainly your consciousness as Shaumbra has changed those institutions that were so ingrained in the male energy. Look at what has happened since we talked with you less than one year ago. Look at the changes and at your headlines.

<Ascension spQA> There are also those humans moving into the New Energy who want to change the old institutions. We are seeing this more and more as you become balanced in your own divinity. They want to go back and shake up the old ways. We do not make any judgment of this. It is just an interesting observation.

< DivineHuman 5 > Dear friends, there is a shift taking place on Earth. We have spoken of it time and time again. We have spoken of some of the difficult times that Earth as a whole will go through as the old institutions are no longer appropriate in this New Energy… as they come to a conclusion… as their walls come tumbling down.

< DivineHuman 9QA > It is time for you and for all of the others who have these feelings to begin moving forward. It is also up to each one of you, and perhaps all of you collectively, to create the opportunities for this. There are many Old institutions on Earth which are still appropriate for people who are in the Old Energy. But, we find that Shaumbra is very frustrated in these… whether it is hospitals… whether it is mental health clinics… whether it is conventional schools… or any of these other places. You are becoming more and more frustrated with the confines of these old institutions.

< NewEnergy 11 > While all of this is happening, the overall energies of duality on Earth are swinging back and forth. The pendulum is building up great momentum right now on Earth. It is causing stress and duress in many people who are still so firmly based in duality. It is causing world events to take on a whole new type of energetic dynamic. It is causing - how to say - some shakeups in Old institutions. The pendulum will continue to gain momentum between now and September 18th, 2007. Don't let it throw you out of balance. It is just the duality world doing its thing. You can maintain a safe energy. You don't have to have the pendulum arm hit you and throw you way off.