No Place


< WalkOn 6 > If the tree falls and nobody's there to hear it, does it make a sound, yes or no? Yes and no, kind of. But not really, because – we could go down this rat hole for a long time – in order for anything to be real, to exist, to manifest, consciousness has to be present. What I want to talk about now, in relationship to this, is to carry that question forward: Does a space exist without consciousness? Without consciousness. Do other dimensions that are out there, that have never been necessarily visited or been to by souled beings, do they then exist? This is the Master's form of the tree and the sound in the forest. If consciousness has never been there, do all of these other dimensions exist? And the reason why I present that question … by the way, the answer is no. The answer is no. Consciousness has to be present for anything to manifest, to become real; otherwise, it does not exist.

< WalkOn 6 > And I bring this up because the next thing you're going to realize with the Master Sense is that you're going places now – you personally, you as a group – you're going to places that you've assumed existed, you assumed were there. You're going to dimensions; you're going on journeys to places that do not exist. They are called the No Place. They don't exist. Nobody's been there. You're going to be going in your timeless, spaceless state of being to places that aren't in the heavens. They do not exist. And in the Master Sense this will make total sense – to go someplace that is not even there. It makes total sense, but to the human this is a huge challenge. It's the old “Well, if the tree falls and nobody's there, will it make a sound?” If nobody's been there, does it exist?

< WalkOn 6 > You're going to be going to – they're not really even dimensions; they are states of consciousness, states of being. And when you go there, the human mind, the human that's in the river is going to doubt it. You're going to be going there in consciousness, in realization, but you're going to be going to these states of being in kind of your mind. Your mind's going to be aware of it and it will doubt and it will say “Unless it was already there,” the Near Earth realms, your dream states, “Unless it was already there, then how could I be here? If I didn't even create it, I didn't effort into it, I'm suddenly here, but it was never here before, I must be going crazy. I must be making all this up.” And you're not. You're not.

< WalkOn 6 > There are realms that you're going to go to, not archangel realms or spirit family realms or galaxies. There are places that do not exist right now. They're in the great potential of No Place at all. And you're going to be going there, generally on individual journeys, generally by yourself. It's going to be so damn confusing for the mind. It wants reference points. It wants the river of time and space. It wants definition. It wants something, and you're going to be going there in what I call this Ineffable Presence; undefinable, even to – especially to – the mind. Undefinable. And I'll tell you right now, it's going to feel strange and beautiful at the same time.

< WalkOn 6 > And when you think about it, or feel into it rather, you feel into it, you want a reference point. You want something to … I always say the mind is associative. It needs something to associate, but you're going to perceive things that … well, a good example. So you all know what colors are. And you're very familiar with the color spectrum. A lot of you know how to mix colors to get other colors. But an example of going to a place that's never been gone to, that does not exist and that you didn't actually have to work to create, is like being in a color that you've never perceived before. Neither has anybody else. A color. Not green, not blue, not orange, not black, not white, but yet it's a color.

< WalkOn 6 > There are colors. There are spectrums. There are dimensions that do not exist, even in the mind of God. There are places and spaces that you're going to find yourself in that nobody has ever, ever gone to, and you're going to wonder how it got there. You're going to wonder who created it, how old it is, this place that you suddenly find yourself in; who does it belong to, and you're going to realize nobody's ever been there, ever. That's what you call this creativity and Bon, together. This inspiration, this passion on the backdrop of Bon, the screen where any reality can be created and nobody did it.

< WalkOn 6 > To add even more confusing to it, you're going to be experiencing it simultaneous to what you would call your river rat self. You're going to be experiencing it simultaneous to driving down the street, driving to the grocery store, putting up with traffic, thinking about your kids, what has to be done later in the day, your bills. It's going to be happening simultaneous in the Ineffable Presence. And that's when you take a deep breath and say, “I am so into my Master Sense.” Going timeless, going to places that do not and never have existed is not crazy. It's just part of mastery. The human self is going to scream out. It's going to try to do everything it can to stop you. It's going to go into doubt, the doubt that you've been feeling since the first of the year.