crop circle / symbol


< Ascension 2QA > These crop circles that you have… they are indeed powerful symbols, very powerful symbols. And I will tell you here exactly what they are. It is up to you what you want to do with this.

< Ascension 2QA > The symbols that are being written on your land in particular areas (crop circles) are the acknowledgement from the archangels of the highest realms that the work that you are doing on Earth is freeing up the energy of the impasse. As the impasse is freed up, it is responding back to you in thanks. It is giving you a type of coded message. It is a "thank you" card from the other side. To appreciate and to receive what benefits are being written upon your land, simply look at it. You do not even need to be there. You do not even need to know that it is there, for it is coming to you as new energy, as thankful energy. It is not the aliens trying to tell you what to do. It is not in response to a coded message that was sent out in 1974. It is a "thank you" from heaven for the work that you have done. It is, in a sense, a type of greeting card from the archangels, from the Order of the Arc, a "thank you" card going back to Earth.

But it also carries with it a new and enabling energy that is imprinted onto your Earth and into the grids and available to each one of you when you are ready to start using it, when you are ready to start accessing it. It is the new energy of Earth. It is a pat on the back from us, from you that has been held in this impasse from a long, long time ago. Do not give credit to some aliens for writing this. Do not even give credit to the intelligence of your own government to be able to produce this, for they do not even understand. Give credit to yourselves for the work you have done.

< Clarity 10QA > As consciousness shifts and changes, it brings in symbols all over that are more affirmations than anything else. Tobias has talked before about crop circles. These are symbols basically from the Order of the Arc. They are affirmations of the process and the growth of human consciousness. But it is not about worshiping the symbol itself. It is about understanding that it is coming in to acknowledge you and honor you for the work you are doing. There is no need for external symbols. They don't hold any power because it is all ... everything you need is contained within you already.

< Returning 1QA > Crop circles are energies - and I'm going to put it in very simple terms - energies from the Order of the Arc. Basically, it's a type of reflection of human consciousness but also energetic symbols from this Order of the Arc, which is the gathering of the archangels representing all of the spiritual families.

They don't hold power in themselves but yet it is a phenomenal event when they occur. It is a message to humanity. Whether people truly know how to decipher them literally, the energy of the message is still there. It is a symbol about - how to say, trying to think very succinctly - it is a symbol that there has been a significant move forward in consciousness, not just in that part of the world. So many of the crop circles in England had to do with the transformation of the Arthurian energies, which are very, very real, and the crop circles you are seeing now in South Korea - and there are many others around the world that aren't even discovered yet - but is a symbol of a return to a sacred and divine spiritual energy in that region.

It is also having to do with a potential unity between the North and the South again, one of the only places in the world where there is still a wall. But we do understand they're building a wall now between Mexico and the U.S. (laughter), and I, Tobias, and backed up by Saint-Germain, that wall will come down! (more laughter and audience applause)