you, the angel exploreres


< Creator 5 > As you probably already know, this story of Jack and the others who he met in this other land is your story. You the ones who were the angel explorers and adventurers. You were the ones who went to explore all of the kingdom of God in the first circle. You were the ones who were the princes and princesses, the ones who would inherit the throne. You were the ones who were restless and wanted to explore. You went to the very edges and the limits of the kingdom. You were ones who set sail and went beyond the first circle. You ended up in the place that you now call Earth, that is encompassed by a universe that you are helping to create, even as we sit here on this night. You are the ones who are building the new village, creating the new ways, discovering new things that you could not possibly have discovered in your old kingdom. You are the ones who are creating the templates for the second creation. You are the ones who are trying to remember where you came from, what your roots are, what your origins are.

< Creator 5 > The angels on the other side of the veil are the ones who went in search of you when you went on your long journey that one night. We are the ones that the king and the queen asked to go search for you. We are the ones that followed your footsteps through the kingdom of sIAM, to the sands of the ocean. When we came to that place, dear friends, we knew that you had gone out onto the fabled waters, beyond All That Is. And we rejoiced when we got there, for none other that we knew of at the time had ever done that. We rejoiced to know that you cared so deeply and loved Spirit so much that you chose to go on this long journey for something that would serve all of us.