< NewEnergy 08QA > Indeed… there are always agreements between two or more people, not necessarily of the outcome, not necessarily of the details. But, there are agreements to play in the same sandbox, if you would, to experiment. Now, you carry much of the burden. And, we ask you to look at yourself through the eyes of Spirit - which are the eyes of compassion - and to release this burden you are carrying, because it will simply result in lifetimes of karma, lifetimes of debt. And, it is time to release that.

< NewEnergy 9 > As Cauldre mentioned earlier, it was a fulfillment of an agreement - not a contract - but an agreement between he and I to go back again. You see… you see… Cauldre - who was known back then as my son, as young Tobias - he and I had an agreement that we would go back to this land at the right time to do something with all of Shaumbra, with all of you. We would go back and help to plant the energy, a potential to be available for others. We would go back to gather together with Shaumbra once again. We would go back to some of the holy spots, some of the sacred sites. We would go back to release an energy - two energies actually - that were in the land… literally, in the land.

< NewEnergy 9QA > Indeed, indeed… and they can also hear your voice. So many times - how to say - when there is an agreement between partners - and friends… and lovers… mates… brothers and sisters - that there is work being done, you will see that one of them does leave to come back here. You see… even with young Tobias - Cauldre - and myself… I came back to this side… he stayed. You see… the project continued. But, it needed the balance and the support from our side. The project is not completed. It is simply now… it has another dimensional aspect to it. You still have the partnership and the assistance there at all times. Don't look at this as a negative or disturbing thing. Look at this as adding a whole New Energy to what you are working on.

< NewEnergy 11 > Many of them will be coming back to you in one form or the other in a human body with a different name and a different look to the body, of course. But, they will be reincarnating to be with you so you can be their teacher (new paradigm #3). Some of them have remained here on our side of the veil to assist you and to work with you. It was part of the set-up that you had agreed to. And, if it wasn't agreed to a long time ago, it was something that was agreed to with all of the changes you have made, the progress you have made in your own life.

< NewEnergy 11 > There comes a point of balance even where part of the energies of the ones who have been so close to you in the past lifetimes can serve you better from this side, from our side of the veil. Sometimes there is an agreement between two of you, in particular, that one will come back to our side to work with you in balancing energies, to be a voice that you can listen to because you trust.