year of 1944


< Embodiment 1 > Sixty years ago on this very day - 60 years ago on a day (* 1944-8-7) that has a 33 number - there was a grand gathering in the greatest chamber of the Order of the Arc. And, at this grand gathering there were representatives from all of the family energies, including those of the Order of To-bi-wah… the Order of Michael… the Order of Sananda… the Order of Raphael… and all of the others gathered on this day. All of you were there in one form or the other. A few of you were already back on Earth in the physical body at a young age indeed. Many of you had not reincarnated yet. And, you attended this grand gathering, this gathering of the Ah-lah-oan, Allatone, as we have said before, meaning creation, meaning "I create, I am."

< Embodiment 1 > And, this was towards what we would call the end of your grand World War. It was in the days where it was quite well known what direction this war would take; for the war, this World War II of yours, was such a time of decision and new direction. But, on this date 60 years ago the direction was known at least on our side. Oh, indeed it could have changed. But, things were so well-established at that point that those in Order of the Arc sent out a call for a whole new legion to reincarnate on Earth, or to join the few that had already come down.