third eye


< MNEC2006-K > So pick a problem, any one thing you want. It doesn't have to be the biggest, doesn't have to be the most profound. Just pick a problem. Back the trucks in now... Take a deep breath... Hold the problem in your hands. Cup your hands together. Take a look with your third eye at that problem. Oh stop analyzing! Just look. Now take a deep whiff... that smell... and just throw it in the back of the truck now! You can let it go. Let it go or I'm going to take it from you!!

< MNEC2006-A > We're going to ask that the energy of Kuthumi join us on this stage and you will see in your third eye or feel in your heart that they have appropriately dressed themselves for this day.

< Teacher 10 > So it's the realization; it's the breath; and it's the safety - safety being acceptance of you and All That Is. Then it's ready and it can be brought in very simply. Very simply. It can be brought in as simply as touching one finger to your third eye. Any finger you want, whichever. One finger. Now, it's not so special, just a finger or your third eye. You're not truly necessarily just activating, but is the act of realization, "I'm ready for it." It is saying you're ready to bring it in here. You're ready to accept it into your life. You're ready to know it, to bring it in. Then let it be. Let it unfold, let it expand in your life naturally. Don't try to force it, don't have all these expectations. It will come in in the most beautiful and simple and easy way.

< Master 2> Energy washes down your body. They're particularly acute in the top of your head, for some of the rest of you who feel them or going to feel them, sometimes here (pointing to third eye area). Sometimes it actually can manifest in this area (pointing to solar plexus area) but it doesn't always feel tingly; it feels like butterflies. But it's your connection with your Self, with your divine. Breathe it in.

< Master 9 > You've got brilliant insights into the workings of energy. You understand energy cycles and flows, because you've studied it, you have a passion for it and you have, oh, what you would call a third eye awareness of it. You understand how it moves and flows, but you're not doing anything with it except being a grump at times.

< e2012 8 > Close your eyes. Close your eyes and feel the dimensions around. The mind is saying, “Well, but if it can't be seen with the eyes, then it doesn't exist.” Ah! Ah, such a lie. Such a grand lie. So you close your eyes, the creative comes forth. It comes up into the third eye area. It will make a very beautiful connection with the mind, so the mind can start comprehending the multi-stages without trying to control them. At this point, with the eyes closed, energies focused in the third eye region, now the creative is commanding the energies in a loving way. Not like the mind used to command, but the creative is bringing forth these energies. It won't let the mind take control of it. So therefore, you can bring it on.