solar plexus

the place of black and white / structure / good and bad / fear and control;

< Teacher 9QA > WHITE EAGLE: And beloved one, and all of you who are seeking change, once you are ready to jump off and take that leap, take an intuitive look at your solar plexus, because many of the relationships you have with the world and your thinking connect at your solar plexus, which is the place of black and white and structure and good and bad and fear and control. And unplug those cables that are there and plug them back into your heart where they belong, where they will not control you, they will not bleed you and they will not trip you up on your new steps. So dearest beloved one, we see that there are still some pretty fat cables that are connecting your being and the world through your solar plexus. And all of you have them, but they trip you up mostly when you are ready to take a new step - and you wonder why you weigh so much. (laughter)

< Teacher 9QA > WHITE EAGLE: We'll just say one thing. It depends ... discernment is not a bad thing, is the discernment coming from intuition or is the discernment coming from fear? Discernment is the way you organize what you do and so it is a very effective expression of one's intuition. But if the discernment is coming from the solar plexus, is coming from fear, then it closes down that intuition. So the answer is be discerning and keep creating the future.

< Master 2> Energy washes down your body. They're particularly acute in the top of your head, for some of the rest of you who feel them or going to feel them, sometimes here (pointing to third eye area). Sometimes it actually can manifest in this area (pointing to solar plexus area) but it doesn't always feel tingly; it feels like butterflies. But it's your connection with your Self, with your divine. Breathe it in.