taking care of others


< Discovery 11 > That's a tough one, taking care of a lot of others. It's called delayed enlightenment. “I'll wait until I got everybody else taken care of.” Well, all you're going to do is attract more needy people in your life with that kind of perception. And you're going to be taking care of a lot of folks and really delaying, procrastinating or whatever, your own freedom. And ultimately that's what enlightenment is – freedom. I refer to the higher self or the golden angel or whatever; it's really just the Free Self, and the human as kind of the little self, the trapped self. And the funny thing is you can be either one just by taking a deep breath and choosing.

< Discovery 11 > But most people won't. They won't take a deep breath. They'll think about it. They'll think, and then they'll want to consider, “Well, let's see. My little human self, my Free Sel- …” They'll get into this mental quagmire and they'll never do it. They'll think they did. But, well, you actually never made a choice. You thought about abundance and you maybe dreamt a little bit of abundance. So you never really made a choice. You thought about it, and you kind of thought how nice it would be, but then you walked out the door of the Mystery School, of the class, whatever it was, and went back to your old ways. So freedom. It comes with making that choice.

< Discovery 11 > It's a hard thing letting other people go. Truly hard and I truly understand. Having them take responsibility for their own lives. And you've been – you, all of you – have been so programmed into having to take care of others and of course look out for everyone else first. It's a very, very old but strong dynamic on this planet. And there's a feeling of guilt when it says, “No. Take care of you. Spend the money on you. Take the time for you. Love you.” And then there's this immediate thought that comes in, “Yeah, I'll do that a little bit more than I've been doing.” It's like, no, you do it fully or forget about it, because otherwise you're going to be miserable. You're going to be trying to take care of others. You're going to be trying to take care of yourself and failing at both. Do it all out.