service / sevice to God


< NewEnergy 8QA > This releasing that you speak of - releasing even the concept of service - is highly honored. And, it is time… for so many of these concepts are Old. Indeed, the whole issue of service, and the past lives you and the others have had, of thinking you had to be in service to God… God does not need service (audience laughter). Other humans may need servicing. But, God does not need service. God does not even ask for that. So, it is good that you released it.

So, you go through a period of - how to say - the void, the emptying of all the Old passions from yourself. And, you feel, as you do now, somewhat disillusioned, somewhat empty. But, as you take the simple breath, don't try to replace it with any new beliefs, any new limitations. Just take the breath, and allow yourself simply to feel life. Don't try to place any judgments on it, or even any actions on it. Don't try to make yourself to be anything. Just allow yourself to be everything. A whole New Energy passion will move in, and you will wonder why you ever asked this question in the first place.