just do it / go for the experience

just trust yourself; just take that leap;
do before doubt/analize; get out of mind;

< QuantumLeap 2 > I'm going to begin by giving you one of my favorite sayings, I call them la-la's: When in doubt, go for the experience. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. "What the hell does he mean by that?" you say. It's quite simple. You are faced with situations everyday in your life - "Should I do it? Should I not ... do it?" The fear tends to come in. You dream or you contemplate potential outcomes, and generally as you know, you tend to be biased towards the most fearful, the most dramatic and the worst possible outcomes, so you don't do anything. You're not sure about the outcome, so you hold back. I learned a long time ago that the most important thing you could do is go for the experience. What do you have to lose anyway - your life? You're going to. Uh, that's humor!

< Returning 7 > But here in this new consciousness, you are being asked to trust yourself, to trust this leap that you're taking into New Energy, which is almost undefinable; to take the leap into New Energy that doesn't work anything like the Old Energy; to take this leap into a different way of experiencing life, experiencing yourself outside of the old illusion. Now there are quite a few Shaumbra who have allowed this to some degree and they will be the first to tell you, "Just do it." Just take that trust. Just take that leap. You have nothing to lose except the illusion of what you had before.

They're amazed, and they would tell you as I am telling you, "It is so infinitely simple, so delightfully easy, that it's hard." Part of the old duality conditioning makes things hard. That's part of your illusion - make it hard to make it real - you see. The New Energy, it is so easy that that old part of you is going to deny that it can be done that way. It's going to resist it because it wants to make it difficult. But remember, you are the sovereign being. You can choose easy. You can choose to take that leap. You can choose to trust yourself.