Jehovah's Witnesses


< DivineHuman 10QA > There are many karmic spiritual groups who come back together lifetime after lifetime. There are the ones who you just mentioned - the Jehovah's Witnesses. If you trace the lineage of its members, they have spent time together in the past, perhaps in another type of spiritual or religious organization. They come back together in these modern times to reunite. What holds them together is perhaps a book or a common believe system. But, what really binds them is old group karma.

Now, they set up many rules and regulations, whether it is Jehovah's Witnesses, or so many of the other very tight, highly focused religions that you have right now. They will try to attract members from the outside, but what they find is that the outsiders come and go. They may join for a short period of time, and then they leave, because they do not carry the same karmic energies as this core group.

There is much to be served by them coming back together. They give each other strength. And, they are working through so many of their karmic situations. So, it is for you to honor all of them. It does not mean you need to accept their belief system, nor do they need to accept yours.

With your family relationship, you were connected with this karmic group in the past. Now, you are releasing yourself from the Old Energies. You do not feel comfortable with the family dynamics involved of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Understand it is not appropriate to change them. But it may be appropriate to change your situation. There will be much guilt associated with this. And, it will be very difficult because there are still strong bonds to the Old family ways.

The Jehovah family bonds are not just from lifetimes on Earth. They are from a group prior to coming to Earth, back before Earth was ever created. This was more of a celestial group called - how to spell - C-I-D-A, Cida, that you were all part of.

Now, you know it is time to leave. It is difficult. It is causing you much frustration and aggravation. But, we say to you, follow your heart. You will know what to do.

We emphasize that so many groups and religions right now have ties from long before they ever came to Earth, including the tribe of Israel that I was a part of. We were a group that knew each other so very well prior to coming to Earth. We brought much karma with us when we came to Earth.

This was intensified during the period of Atlantis, where our group tended to rule Atlantis. We tended to dominate. We were a very elite group. There was a karmic condition and karmic cleansing that the children of Israel, the Jewish tribe, agreed to. This is what you know as World War II.