Guy Ballard (Godfré Ray King);
Edna Ballard (Lotus Ray King)

< Embodiment 7QA > I came to the Ballards when I was doing channeling through them back in the 1930s. And, I came to Guy Ballard on a mountain to help prove a point to him, not that I like living in a mountain, or hanging around there. But, he had gotten so stuck in himself. We had agreements from times long before that we were going to work together. But, I wanted to show him how you can create a solid mountain of energy that was almost inescapable. But, if you saw the illusion in it, and you saw how energies were put together, you could eventually get out of it. The channeling that I did through Guy, and eventually through Edna Ballard, was different than what I am doing now because the consciousness is different because this group is definitely different, definitely different.

< Clarity 10 > The dear ones I would like to invite in today are Guy and Edna Ballard, the ones who worked so closely with the St. Germain energy back in the 1930's, who published the "I AM" series of books. They come in to this gathering of Shaumbra right now, because in a sense this is just an extension of the work that has been going on for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years with Shaumbra. The work that was the works of Godfre Ray King, also known as Guy Ballard, are continuing in a more contemporary version right now, but instead of just one writer putting together all of these books, it is a group. It is called Shaumbra.

< Clarity 10 > They come in to observe the next evolution of the "I AM" work. Indeed, they did work with the purple flame, the Violet Flame. Indeed they did, because this was an appropriate tool some 80 years ago of time. It was an appropriate way of helping to get a focus. It was a symbol. It was something that the Ballards and the others could grasp onto. Now, you Shaumbra, don't need those tools any more. You go to the next level - beyond the Violet Flame. But the Violet Flame still exists, indeed. There are many humans who still need to work with these tools, who still need to attach themselves to something like the Violet Flame, but Shaumbra you go far beyond that. You go far beyond in your work.

< Clarity 10 > The Ballards brought in this tremendous "I AM" energy. They were ridiculed for it, they were greatly misunderstood by many people. They were a threat to the churches who saw a million-plus followers of the work. So they were ridiculed for what they did. But, they stayed to their core. They stayed to their truth. They stayed to the "I AM" work, and they come in today very proud to be with this group of Shaumbra, sharing a new time and a new energy. Both Guy and Edna wanting to come back to this Earth soon to take part in this whole evolution of new energy.