9 / nine

full and complete

< Teacher 6 > Let's talk now about this year you call 2007. It's a "9" year. Not that you are bound by energies of numerology or astrology or any of these things, but they do have an influence. They do send out a little message. A "9" year. Completion. There are numbers that are... it would be difficult to explain here, but also numbers outside of your immediate third dimensional reality that play in here. Numbers that come together, mathematics that come together right now in this time. So in addition of this being a "9" year, there's many other, what you would call, cosmic mathematics taking place. This is like a type of fabric or a weaving of energy right now that makes it so appropriate to go into your next level.

< Teacher 6 > "Nine" year. Year of the quantum leap. The year when everything speeds up so fast in terms of technology, in terms of energy movement, in terms of even consciousness. Everything speeding up very fast on your Earth. Something has to give. Something has to change. What changes is the very nature of the way energy works. It takes a quantum leap. That ultimately affects consciousness, which ultimately affects creations and ultimately affects inventions, discoveries on Earth. But in this process, particularly when you hit a "9" year and you hit a number of completion, it also causes a type of cleaning house.