< NewEnergy 2QA > There is a clearing going on here. It is part of Gaia leaving. It is part of an overall process. We know it is difficult to watch at times. But, it is, in a sense, appropriate here. There are also some ancient energies that were held there. It is time for them to be released or transmuted in order for New Energies to come in. So, it is a process that will take place for quite a number of years. Then you will see a whole new type of energy in that area.

< NewEnergy 11QA > Yellowstone, this area you speak of, has - how to say - already gone through so many changes. And, we do not see that this will become a particularly significant area. It has already allowed much of the purging to take place. And - how to say - there will be more battles there between the humans than there will be between the energies of the ground itself. This will be a very interesting place in these next few years of ownership and rules and - how to say - the infiltration of developments and even energies that would affect the beauty of the land there. So, if anything, it would be more human conflict than it would be Earth conflict.