Thutmose III


< Returning 7 > When you open up your energies to the nonphysical beings like I, Kuthumi, Saint-Germain, Tobias and many, many others, what a joy it is for both of us to work together. We keep you from trying to get so mental about things, so structured in what you do. We provide you with feeling, and that is what we did together, Marisa. If you remember our days and nights working together, getting you into that feeling energy, that energy allowed you to go back into this lifetime of mine as Thutmose and really feeling into these experiences and then putting them into your energy as well. Being able to recount the story - the individual facts are not so important - but the feeling and the essence.

< Returning 7QA > I would like to tell a short little story. In my lifetime as the Pharaoh, as Tuthmose, and in that lifetime very, very early on when I was quite a young Pharaoh and I was still learning and still trying to figure out how to be a Pharaoh. Now, that's a tough job - it's a very tough job - because everybody expects you to be a god, but nothing within you indicates that you are. Your own humanness does not even believe it, so immediately you have a contradiction going on.

But I was very young in my pharaohing times when suddenly a plague of locusts came over our land, and the locusts also brought in a type of winged insect that had a viral plague associated with it. So the skies were filled to the point of darkness with this invading hoard of locusts and insects, and they started devouring the crops and the land, which were our supply of food. People started getting the plague and dying from these insects that accompanied the locusts.

And my Aunt Hepi, whom I shared the thrown with - yes I called her Hepi, indeed - came to me and said, "Young one, what do you propose we do?" in a challenging kind of way. And I told her I would have to truly go and reflect on it. In the meantime, the priests and the counselors came around, and they suggested that we go into some of the fields and start burning them, for perhaps the smoke and even the heat would drive the locusts away. Others said that we should all go into hiding so the disease plague from these other insects wouldn't kill us all.

And after hearing out my supposed advisors and counselors, and after feeling into what was really going on, I went back to Aunt Hepi and to the others and said, "We will do nothing. Nothing." Now, imagine … imagine the look on their faces. Imagine the point that I was putting myself at by doing nothing, because, you see, the human reaction when there is an energy coming at you is to fight it or to run from it, and I suggested neither.

After a lot of heated debate and after taking a lot of abuse and insults and after being called something less than a god, I finally declared my divine rights and said, "This is how we will do it." And what happened then was quite amazing and propelled me to being one of the greatest Pharaohs of all times. (laughter) When we put out the word that we would do nothing, that we considered this a sign from the gods, that we would not fight what was going on, but rather we would invite what was going on; when we finally got this message across to the people of our kingdom, the energies changed immediately.

What happened next was a very large storm came up in a part of the world where there are not that many large storms. It rained. The wind blew. The Earth shook, so much so that the locusts and the plagued insects were driven away or drowned. And within a very, very short time they were completely gone from our lands. The rains brought health back to the remaining crops and created new crops as well. It caused the river to open up, to supply foods and nutrition and energy for all of us, and I was declared a god. And you can be also.

In this time of chaos on Earth, in this time of energies that seem to be assaulting, in this time where it is so difficult to think that you can take on or take in anything more, now is the time not to resist, but the time to open up. It seems to be a contradiction, but it is the physics of New Energy. And as you open up, as you allow yourself to absolutely feel and absolutely know, it moves you to your next level. And this is where you, too, will be proclaimed gods also.