spade & heart


< (Next) 5 > A spade is an upside down heart. Or a heart, rather, is an upside down spade. The heart pointing downwards means the descension into matter, coming into Earth into biological form. The spade - ascension, rising - rising back up. They actually combine together, because you have the experience of coming to Earth and now the experience of going beyond. So you have both.

< freedom 1 > We're entering into that in this Series. In this Series. Freedom – the symbol right here (indicating the symbol on his lectern). Right here. The circle – completion, coming full circle. The spadeascension. Reverse the spade, you have a heart. The spade – ascension. The fleur-de-lis – the integration. Integration of masculine/feminine, light/dark, human/Spirit. It's right here. It's right here.

< Discovery 5 > The amount of responsibility you accepted when you walked in that door as a Master probably isn't fully yet aware within you, but a tremendous amount of responsibility. Good to see so many of the seats still filled. So much so that each and every one who walked back in through that door I would like to gift you with an Adamus Award. It's the symbol of ascension. It's the spade, which is also about ascension. It's the heart as well, depending which way you turn it.