Order of Luceffa


< QuantumLeap 1 > There are so many myths about Lucifer. Let's begin with the name. The name "Lucifer" derives from the Latin - which I will not say - the Latin term meaning "the bearer or the bringer of light." References to Lucifer are almost nonexistent in the Bible. For some of you scholars, if you truly go and count, almost none. But yet the energy of Lucifer, the Devil, the bad guy, the deceiver is so strong in human consciousness right now. It is a symbolic representation of the demon.

< QuantumLeap 1 > One of the families of the Order of the Arc is the Order of Luceffa. It means "of the light, brought into multidimensional aspects." In other words, the light, the wisdom that is now walking upon Earth as you. And this was made out to be evil or negative or fallen. So many of you have fallen into that trap, into that trap of believing that there is this being walking around trying to get your soul, trying to steal your energy. But in its core Lucifer means the Bearer of Light or, in a New Energy way of putting it, the Expansion of Consciousness. It's been an integral part of each and every one of you, and there's nothing to be afraid of.