mu / nothingness


< Kharisma 2 > From here, Patrick, there is no more Patrick, unless you want there to be a Patrick. But you're not singular anymore. You're not limited to one expression or one identity. To begin with, you are nothing. You are, as they say in the ancient language, you are "mu". Nothing. You do not exist anymore. You've been crushed and torn out of existence. Nothing left. I could go so far as to say that we're not even going to use the word “mu,” meaning nothingness, because the moment you even say mu, it becomes something. So you are nothingness. From this moment on, you are nothingness.

< Kharisma 2 > But nothingness is like silence. Even in silence it's not quiet. Nothingness is like anything you want to be. No longer attached to just being Patrick. No longer attached to just making a better life for yourself, and certainly never again attached to this thing called enlightenment or spirituality. That was as much of a part of a game for Patrick to fortify and to embellish your old identity as anything. The beauty and the grandness of it is that you did get enlightenment. Ultimately, it came. Ultimately, after all the brutalizing and all the demolishing of the old singularity, you did get it. You become everything in the nothingness. You no longer have to focus on Patrick. You no longer are singular. You are no longer just living or just dead. You become all things. You are no longer masculine or feminine.

< Kharisma 2 > The beauty of this nothingness is that it frees you. Frees you to the true act of consciousness. In other words, dear former Patrick, anything that you choose henceforth, any consciousness that you choose, therefore can act out. You see, before in this very limited state of Patrick, it wasn't an act. It was the only reality. You didn't view yourself as acting. You viewed yourself as just living. But when one finally allows their realization, it's like freeing your consciousness. And at that moment, you can act, you can be anything you want. You can be a magician, a magi. You can be a simpleton. You can be them together at the same time.

< Kharisma 2 > Now that you are free of that, you can act and be anything that you want. It is truly the act of consciousness, awareness, expressed however you want. That, my dear Patrick, is freedom. That, indeed, is freedom. Imagine, for a moment, not being locked into a single definition of yourself. Imagine for a moment no longer being in this great conflict with yourself, but rather free to act, to apply consciousness to anything. Patrick took a deep breath and he said, “So am I enlightened now, dear Master? Am I enlightened?” The Master took a deep breath, smiled and said, “If you choose to be.”