big bang


< Creator 11 > Your own scientists and physicists are beginning to see the energetic path that you took to get here! They are starting to see the beginnings of the creation of your universe. They are beginning to understand the most basic vibrational tones that were sent out when you came flying through the Wall of Fire. They will continue to look at and ponder these things, but dear friends, sooner or later they will understand this was not a single event - a single big bang. Rather, it was an event that took place when all of you who are Jack came through the Wall of Fire and appeared in the void. It was not a single big bang, it was multiple big bangs that took place when you and all of the others left the Kingdom.

< Wings 5 > The Big Bang, which I still don't understand. That is one of the strangest theories I've ever, ever heard. It's so human. The Big Bang, it's so human because they don't answer the simple question “What caused the Big Bang?” “Well I don't know, but there was a Big Bang.” Until you can at least connect with what's on the other side of that big explosion, don't talk to me about nitrogen and hydrogen and forces and particles and all the rest. I don't want to hear it, because you've got to explain what's on the other side of that. Is there God on the other side of that? There couldn't have been nothing. What is on the other side?

< Emergence 2 > I'm going to add a little bit to what Tobias said. Safe space is a choice. It is an experience. Safe space exists because basically one thing: You're putting your consciousness there. You're putting your awareness there. Therefore, it becomes a safe space. Nothing in all of creation exists, nothing exists until consciousness is present. Your physical universe, it didn't exist until consciousness was there. What the hell do you think the Big Bang was? It was simply – boom! – putting consciousness into nothingness – (snap!) – and suddenly this whole universe exists. That's it.