spiritual blockage / limitation of spirituality / spiritual freedom

preconceived notion or idea of what being spiritual is all about;

< Embodiment 6QA > We want to talk a moment about one other type of blockage, one other thing that could possibly be holding you back. And, this is what we call a "spiritual blockage." You have - so many of you have - a preconceived notion or idea of what being spiritual is all about. You have this because you have spent so many of your lifetimes in spiritual service in the churches and synagogues, in the temples. So many of you have been instrumental in starting the modern religions of today. You have followed a very structured and disciplined path of spirituality. You have kept at it lifetime after lifetime. Yes, you have been attracted into different types of religions. And, many of you have actually in this lifetime chosen to go away from the religions on purpose.

But, there was always the spiritual calling. Because of this type of background for Shaumbra, in general, and for you, there is a limitation of spirituality that you have adapted, that you have brought into your life, confines of how you think spirituality should be. Many of you think of spirituality as being very solemn… and very quiet… and very painful… something that you must suffer through.

< Embodiment 6QA > You have gotten into a pattern - we will use Yeshua for an example. So many have gotten into a pattern of what they think Yeshua was. Most of you know better now. But, the typical human thinks that Yeshua, or Jesus, was a certain way. They have written books about it. And, the books are not accurate. Yeshua was not at all what he was depicted to be. Now, there is a - how to say - an alternative reality of Jesus that has been created through the consciousness of those who think he was a certain way. And, then he appears to be real. And, they follow a Jesus who is judgmental, a Jesus who they have to go through for salvation. They have created this secondary figure, but that is not who the real Yeshua is about.

< Embodiment 6QA > Some of you have very preconceived notions about spirituality… and even how you should feel… and how you should act… and how you should look. And, you try to follow that, and it doesn't work. And, then you get frustrated. You're caught in that.

< Embodiment 6QA > You can get out of the Old ways of thinking about what it means be spiritual. Some of you think being spiritual means that you can read minds, means that you will know things that are going to happen before they do. That will come, but it is not the primary focus. You will be so interconnected into everything as you evolve spiritually that you will have these feelings and thoughts. And, you will sense people. And, you will be able to talk to dogs and animals. And, you will be able to do all of these things. But, it is secondary. It comes as the result of understanding that you are the Creator, that you are God also. It comes as a result of understanding that you can be human and angel all together, just like you can be sitting in this room, or listening to us right now, and be in my cottage.