sex change


< QuantumLeap 1QA > It all depends on the balance in the energy. There are many who will go through what you call a sex change or transformation process to focus on the physical attributes of that biological being, whether male or female. Many who make the choice are making this choice in what we would consider confusion, sometimes fear and sometimes a very inappropriate ... oh, a type of inappropriate desire. But it is based out of balance rather than truly in balance.

There are others, perhaps yourself here and only you can make that choice, that are basing it because of the true desire for the balance of masculine/feminine. However, we can tell you right now that a sex change operation won't necessarily bring that balance back. The balance happens within, regardless of your biology. You can be in a masculine biology and you can carry a tremendous amount of feminine energy. It's ultimately not about the biological aspects. It's not about being a man or a woman, it's about reintegrating masculine and feminine.

Our advice here is to allow the reintegration of your masculine and feminine to occur through the choice and to occur naturally. They want to return back to each other. You don't have to cut off or add any parts in order for that to happen. You can allow the masculine and feminine to come back together through the breath, through choice and through simply allowing You to marry all of your aspects back together. That being done, when you feel very comfortable that you have allowed the process rather than forced the process, then it is time once again to consider the question of doing any physical operation or work. But right now allow the natural process of integration to work for you.