A past life aspect of Saint Germain

<wings 1> And while I (St.Germain) have all that noise playing, and you think your life is tough, you have all that noise going, I've got another aspects. It's the original “To be or not to be” aspect, actually, believe it or not. Oh, it wasn't Shakespeare who penned those first words. It was my aspect known as Plato. “To be or not to be.” So philosophical. So full of … stuff. Now, Plato is considered to be really the designer, the implementer of modern western society, even though he goes back a long, long way. He's so conflicted right now. He gets philosophical. You know when I say to you, you can say anything you want except, “I don't know,” it's because I get so sick of Plato. “I don't know. To be or not to be. The world is black. The world is white.” It just drives me nuts as an Ascended Master. You think you've got it tough today, you think you've got problems, but I have all of these past life – and future life – aspects constantly complaining, constantly going through their dilemma.