< (Next) 11 > There was this beautiful rock, now called Earth, that was set up as a place of evolvement. Evolvement comes much more gracefully and filled with much more experience when you can get into physical matter on a planet like this. So when the whole planet was seeded … there were angels, groups called Seeders, and they came here without physical body, but they seeded it with light that would bring life. Then there was a group of Watchers who came, and their job was to maintain energetic connections between the Order of the Arc and Earth. The Watchers had a tremendous responsibility: Observe, monitor, help move energies, but do not touch the ladies or the men. Do not touch.

< (Next) 11 > Well, the Watchers, some of them, just couldn't resist. Why? Because angels are sensual beings. Sensual. It doesn't mean just sexy; it means sensual - feeling color, feeling music, (someone touches him) feeling me! Angels love sensuality. So the Watchers couldn't help themselves, well, so they say, and they started to interfere, started to play in the dreams of humans who are now on Earth, and from the dreams were able to do some interesting things.

< (Next) 11 > Eventually created offspring called the Nephilim, and those Nephilim are said to have been the curse of Earth. I don't think that's quite an accurate statement, but they certainly did cause a disruption. So we talked about that in great detail - all this interference. So what I'm saying here is just because a being calls himself an angel doesn't mean that they know any better than you.