China / land of the dragon


< Embodiment 6 > You are seeing more global economy, global businesses to help distribute the wealth. You are seeing that happen right now in the "land of the dragon," more and more resources pouring into that right now. Their economy is growing. But, they're also needing more and more of the raw resources of the world… steel… they're going to need more food… they're going to need more tooling… they're going to need more electronics… they're going to need more of everything… a better distribution of energy all over the world, so we don't have the imbalances that have taken place in the past. You are going to see this continue throughout this year.

< Passion2020-1> There are certain governments on the planet, not to mention any – we're not going to go there, nor would we dare – that have a very large movement – technology, financially and everything else – to do mass chip implants on every person. It will be the law. You must have one. And I'm not going to give any names here but – dragon – it's going to happen. It's going to be part of the social reform. It's not in Europe and it's not United States, so don't worry too much about that, but it will be required. And I'm going to say, feeling into it and having traveled there already, in about seven years. Not so very far away. Well, you're already doing it, kind of, to dogs, but it doesn't affect the brain. But, no, the implants are going to be the new thing.